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Written by on February 20, 2019

But like when you like those like that I’m doing sang shitter down eat the same food amen it’s a boy lined up melon in I’m fucking hot a new hip-hop beat but a male forgive a Florida man like gift like that be smart I’d be like fits in road everybody jet crabs in the bucket everybody just just like broke tight shit got a job and shit don’t look for being like don’t want to really be a rapper they want to be a rapper I got a lot of old-school music like 90s music like candy rain like you know what I’m saying and if it is in love like nothing shit like that you know the old good man my like me anything but I mean the new Gucci Mane is too cuz he’s showing me like new shit like you ain’t got to be gangster no more you know once you get out of that once you get out of that phase you could just be a rich ass no rich Nick I like that type shit – so gucci mane yo when I got out of jail when I was like 17 I started like actually like taking my recording serious and focusing on my craft I’d be proud of all my see even if it’s up like hey I just like hearing my voice on the microphone but honestly like deep down low key like ain’t nobody know like catching feelings my son catch something that’s my song low-key cuz I did that bitch like a free stuff that was my first like damn I freestyling this whole thing really went on murder on my mind you do radio thats related ray do I never heard on written I everybody just tape my mom would call me and shit like you own a radio damn it’s crazy I made it in jail and while I was making when I slid it to somebody there what I did garbage like if you’re a garbage wrapper or garbage person and you’re in jail or anywhere I’m letting you know if he’s the one person I think of shit fucking out of 80 you’re not a good rapper right now don’t give up though but you suck Rena and I have like all 80 of them people like your son you need on you know yo ass you’re a rapper that’s a heat no nosy so it’s like boom damn I got some 180 people literally every person inside of the jail facility including the staff and include loving me because I made the song so like I notice he it’s like it is it’s different from being an odd cuz like when I’m out I could just freestyle and just make it easily I could just restart in like two three teams straight through and then pick what I want sounds really good like when you like those like then I’m doing saying shitter down even saying food like damn like certain days you know your days was like you come up with a melody and you’re like damn the melody hardener and boom Dean coming with the lyrics like three days later and you just let your brain do what it do oh you’re so right you just keep praying you’re gonna make a hit white you and shit if you pray for so I fast I got a dress I got a dress and then I fast before that thing I’m not trouble damn get as wrong with the fucking what the fuck he just flew me out basically he heard my music in pairs to a dune anytime bro flew me out you know what I’m saying bro telling me that finally once Union I don’t believe it at first and he hit my manager you know what I’m saying no but they flew me out Kanye was instant while I was eating pickles and shit he pulled up behind me and shit yeah we linked the chemistry was just lit from there he heard my music and he fell in love with him he you know I fucked over I understand him so yeah tire still ago you know nothing here you go but it’s like he know like basically like the youth youth is door like the world you know I’m young nigga were you know understand he’d said it like young people the kids like young people like me even younger are definitely like a the world they are the future no time soon that would he took curtains Burton’s cuz he got me some hair from the super mega awesome cool girl and she said my favorite songs curtain birds and I like the song good night it’s just like a different way if you listen to the song closely it’s a new style but like really like my favorite songs like there’s always gonna be those like city girls no heart rolling out in the Robert so I gotta be worth at least on and 50 min somewhere people don’t be in the house I might get a house in a volcano or some shit I freeze the whole volcano I’m gonna do everything but I won’t be that one person that just dude what the fuck is he doing I’m acne Stanga rapping dancing shit what what the fuck guys they do I know him make a video again I’m doing everything bro you know what I’m saying so I was like him how the fuck you know I got a rep just to show Mom for his life see how future still in the game I study future can’t go wrong ain’t had the reading about him a nun that’s 39 I watched him from everything dirty spray one I don’t see that’s waiting back who does that I study all music so it’s like how the fuck can I fail I know they I know what a fucked up it and where they picked it back up it like if you see me if you see me trip on his motherfucking claw right here you gonna trip on that bitch right at me okay knee anything so it’s like that scenario we’re up I seen you true bitch ain’t right I’m just tiptoe right over that bitch keeping me and look perfect


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