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Written by on October 29, 2018

Known for his clean content and humor, Justin Roberts, who just turned 16 in August, entered the influencer scene about 18 months ago. In this short time, he has developed an incredible following: over 1.1 million on YouTube and over 1.1 million on Instagram. Enjoying his success with vlogging on YouTube, Justin decided to try his hand at music. 6 Figures is his first release and already this song has accumulated close to 5 million views on YouTube simply by word of mouth alone – no labels, no radio play, no promoters- completely through the YouTube ecosystem. Launched earlier this summer, the song took on a life of its own as Cardi B and other superstars featured Justin’s song in their YouTube and Instagram content. Simply by the weight of those mentions, 6 Figures spread quickly through YouTube, rose through the Spotify charts and is a worldwide hit. In addition, Justin is currently headlining a YouTube series called “Work in Progress” chronicling his rise as a social media phenomenon. This pioneering series has already garnered critical acclaim and is a must-watch show for the next generation.
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