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Written by on May 29, 2018

The rumors are running wild. Nicki Minaj has a new “boy” and she has the rumor mill on fire! First of all check out what she said on Twitter.

Now, this really didn’t get anybody all “randy” at all. Who wants to “see” Nicki with another male being? Just get a woman so men and fantasize. I’m kidding. But, this boy of hers sure is wrought with THIRST! He’s trying to put a baby in Nicki and isn’t shy about it. Clearly, he isn’t a broke boy. I wonder if it like Miles from “Black-ish”? LOL! Anyway, he can’t be broke, because Nicki made it clear that he’s gotta put a ring on it before she get allow him to impregnate her. Why is this so casual? Why is this public? I’m confused. Anyway, Nicki recently cancelled an appearance on “Ellen” due to doctor’s orders. Well, what could that mean? PREGNANCY (according to rumors)!!! I Can’t help, but think has to do with creating a new narrative. Everybody does it. Cardi didn’t try to do it – it just happened and she rolled with it. Nicki’s album is going to be called Queen. That fact literally has nothing to do with the rest of this write-up and is quite nonsensical. And yet – it needs to be said.

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