Tory Lanez shows his recording process [Lets fans choose the beat and title

Written by on February 1, 2019

Alright guys so let’s start this off like this we’re gonna make this song together okay I’m gonna keep trying to do this shit like you know when I get in the studio with y’all so we can just keep on making music together and like you know we can build like a bunch of catalogues of like music that we’ve made together so alright so boom let’s pick a beat let’s pick a beat first everybody here can hear and shit right everyone alright cool boom alright let’s get some never parked on the courts are you crazy only park next to Starbucks I want you the cops park next to the koi side finish it up that’d be school but I think we should go through should always go through a couple options by the way I never heard these beats uno shout out the uno season out there because he delivers the packs of beats you know from producers that we have or producers that are not fully umbrella or whatever the case is but still have great music and great sounding beats and shit so I like to always go in for the beats like I like to hear beats that I don’t know you know I’m saying like I don’t like for the beats to be like some kind of like shit that I’ve been like meditating on cuz then I can’t really it’s not like fresh ideas like the best ideas come fresh like nigga like from the top nigga like you can’t even be you know I’m saying like you can’t even be like entertaining it with too much thought like even when I hear beat I only child let’s do it for a small amount of time and I go directly inside the booth because that’s the best inspiration you feel me like it’s just everything that’s creative is gonna come out of you right then and there sometimes you waste all that creative shit on a piece of paper and you don’t even end up writing any lines after you gonna spit up all that creative shit fill me so boom so alright let’s pick another beat let’s keep going through let’s go through like five beats and then we’ll pick the best one so like that was number one y’all keep that in mind and then we’ll keep going first of all shout out to the fact that we’re at 5,000 people it’s fucking late that beats crazy though right everybody just y’all like that one that one’s crazy right rich the kid said that’s it without rich right I’ll jump on my baby the car just my baby Jabbar like to more beef go to another like go to a different folder play like 2-3 more beats and then let’s choose out of those ones which beats that we feel is like the the better one come on you guys I really don’t give a fuck what beat we choose like I want you guys to be as creative as I want like don’t feel like yo that has to sound like the dance or like that like I realize the best shit comes out of shit that like you don’t even expect it really going you just go on it and it just ends up being some shit you know I’m saying like sometimes you try so hard to stick to this sound and then you find yourself in this like whole of like only music that’s like that and that’s like bad for your creative like you should always just like call whatever the fuck you want to go on beach town the cravings finalized like if you like a majestic kind of feel kind of crazy hug it’s a de crazy put a fire mochi if you think this shit is hot lalala boom I think at this point is between us I know that other guitar joint was crazy this one’s crazy which one do you I think it should be between there was this one in that one I know that there was most fire ones so I’m gonna play one and I’m played two and then like if y’all think one is the one then one is the one if y’all say – is it is the one then two is the one okay play number one it was the one with the one with the guitar you feel me both of them Africa took both of them are kind of acoustic I’m in I’m in love with the acoustic sound right now I love it they’re both acoustic let’s let’s listen there was this one press 1 if it’s this one and impressed to lose the other one let me see them right now is my tattoos man this is Sudama one that you just heard is one is Tony why no you were too high so it is let’s go alright guys what the fuck should we call this shit what are we gonna call this shit Instagram I need y’all help y’all are my family we make records together y’all are like artists too y’all gotta come with some creative shit maybe like what I try to do is like the first word that comes to my mind is like well I try to make the the the music off of so like what do you guys think we should what should we call it what do you give me a good name to call it somebody and I’m gonna pin whatever the name is so that we know that that’s the song that we’re working on snicker said tone tiger keep it going no no no ideas black I’m just fuckin with you I like to laugh at shit regardless the good topics which I think over here on the twitch yeah and I had to come back to the twitch family real quick and I’m saying maybe it’s like there’s a small camera right here and the big one over here so I gotta make sure that we enter whatever which I think I need I need I need some names illusion is good name somebody said flawless somebody said slime somebody said lost cause memories chuckling pain somebody said over here and neglect someone said poison that’s a good one that’s a good one somebody said what what do you want intentions intentions is a hard one to time away is a hard that is hard time away so far is pretty hard dog so someone’s got to come with something harder than that somebody said haze that’s it going haze is hard Angola secluded secluded is kind of hard to motions motions is kind of fired timeless I so between these so far that guy oh shout out to the fact we touched 6,000 it’s lit keep telling your friends let’s keep going up so I got there was what what was it was it a Hayes Hayes there was Hayes there was intentions there was time away it was time away there was Hayes there was intentions so far which I think hey turn this be off turn this beat up I can’t hear it this long to skull fuck me up time away I’m pinning his comment all right are you sure that is time away somebody just said oh no I’m buggin again I had to go back down secluded the clues gonna haunt you all right all right Tommy wait is the one then all right time wait all right cool fuck oh damn turning over got my damn back hurting this shit man are you ready John now we’re moving numbers dog six that was no allowed you turn that light off bring you guys in closer bring me the way the magic goes down ya know something like that where it’s like cakes to us why in the dark oh my something words like layered like that yeah exactly but this shouldn’t if I not be that’s it pussy clap its maybe way Danny’s handled by the fun away you think it’s better if I say I’m thinking about cutting the eyes and designer shades push I say and design the friends friends needs more sense right I can’t see them this part now I think it sounds better with shades of friends the same frames same frame I’m right here back bitches let’s roast some wheat up I was trying to play this game with myself like if the if if the bunt is done by the time and the song didn’t like for what I’m working on is not done is popping and what I’m working on is not done then it’s like a super dub like I like the blunt beat me I can’t let I can’t let the blunt beat me up God put like a little time like I played time games with myself it helps me to get this bad this shit quick it helps me just anyways let’s hear this you let’s see how to shoot sounds hey run assha play the top I like to spend my twenties my little fucker base metal bro another long cuz we runnin things Hey you saw me on top fuck let’s keep going what’s the call all right let’s get into some fun shit playing on the beat let me unpin this shit huh so what herb right so funny all right so boom I need something to call this one you know some some person named so far he’s coming at twice in these sessions dog the kids coming with some shit you’ll play that beat I need I need I need a name come on guys help me with a name twitch help me with a name fucking fucking oh you know what I’m gonna do – I’m gonna give you all a sneak peek of one song from the chicks today I’m the nicest nigga of all time I’m the nicest nigga to ever touch the Smash Bros controllers don’t ever even look my direction when it comes to that game fucking I so my gangsta so fucking think we’re late should be late you got the beat ready John no there’s no way to keep this light up to keep the light on I can’t turn that light the light bulb on in it yeah I don’t think so but actually blowing my they put the room on dirt I say we blow in my shit you know what you’re gonna have to do that the other one off yeah what time is it right now at I’m gonna give you guys the preview of the chicks team and we gave you guys a preview of shit ten fucking 20 nigga not 10 25 at I’m giving y’all niggas of fucking preview money go two chicks tape I don’t care if it’s one time okay if it’s five niggas in this bitch the five niggas gonna get there pretty sure my nigger at nigger preview the chicks I don’t put that in my shit pin wash it all ten machine all right sorry sorry you switch Pharrell oh Gordon

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