The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks 5/5 (1)

Written by on September 27, 2019

A think tank in the UK says too many kids are what’s making planet worse in many black communities for every child actually born three others are aborted more than double the rate among whites some say abortion is the number one killer in the black community african-americans here in this country are the only ethnic group in any place on the globe that’s not replacing themselves this is this is genocide Hillary Clinton received the Margaret Sanger award this is a woman who started an organization called Planned Parenthood and that woman called black people human weeds an organization whose founder believed in eugenics the goal to rid the country of the feeble-minded defectives states in the United States refusing to compensate victims who were forcibly sterilized because they were deemed unfit to reproduce if they could keep certain segments of the population from reproducing that all the world’s problems would disappear and so we have spent the past few weeks calling and emailing politicians in California and the silence has been astonishing welcome to this talk it’s called the science agenda to exterminate blacks this is a fact-based presentation but it is not politically correct in the status quo halls of science and medicine because they don’t want this talked about and they especially don’t want it talked about by a white scientist and I’ll give you a little bit of information about my background soon so you understand I’m wearing where I’m coming from and why I’m taking the steps to go public with this information the truth is there is a concerted organized long-standing effort to eliminate African Americans from the human gene pool not just African Americans by the way but Africans this this is happening right now you are being subjected to it it’s happening through multiple vectors of science medicine and food that I will detail here in this talk and it’s all being done covertly so almost no one is aware of this the entire mainstream media refuses to acknowledge this the scientific community will say that none of this is true and yet if you look at the facts that I’m going to share with you in the history that’s undeniable you will see there is a concerted organized effort to eliminate blacks ie African Americans I’m gonna use those terms interchangeably just for brevity here but there there is an effort to eliminate those people from the human gene pool my background just so you know my name is Mike Adams I’m known as the health Ranger I am a lab science director I founded and built a world-class analytical laboratory from scratch it is ISO accredited it’s recognized around the world for analytical science of heavy metals and food contamination environmental contamination and so on we’ve done volunteer work testing over 600 samples of the u.s.

Water supply and we’ve also volunteered our lab efforts to Native American tribes who have been impacted by the EPA’s poisoning of their rivers so by the way it’s not just blacks that are trying to be eliminated by the status quo it’s also Native Americans and other minority groups that are routinely targeted by not just the EPA but other groups that we’ll talk about here I do want you to know that because I am an outspoken science whistleblower that I am maliciously attacked defamed lied about I am targeted for intimidation tactics they try to silence my words they try to make sure that you can’t hear this talk I’ve been death threaded I’ve been stalked I have to live a lifestyle of extreme secrecy and I’m armed 24/7 including right now and this is what it takes in our world today to tell the truth about science and medicine especially when you are uncovering a mass agenda of genocide and eugenics which is very prevalent through our systems of science and medicine today so I do want all of you to know all of you who are watching if you’re sharing this with friends and colleagues I do want you to know that that I’m putting myself at risk to say these things especially as a credible scientist of a an accredited laboratory facility which has everything to do with the heavy metals poisoning that we’re going to talk about they absolutely don’t want this information getting out so let’s let’s start with something that we can all easily agree upon because it has been in the news everywhere and that is the heavy metals poisoning of the predominantly black communities of Flint Michigan so the no one says that’s a conspiracy theory right the water supply for millions of citizens in that region who again were predominantly black was allowed to be deliberately poisoned with lead a toxic heavy metal that causes bone disorders but more importantly it causes a kind of brain lobotomy it causes loss of cognitive function it reduces IQs it causes heart problems and many other problems this was deliberately allowed to poison the water supply of Flint Michigan knowing that that water supply served minority communities and in fact this was so deliberate and it was so criminal that the the Attorney General of Michigan has so far filed at least 43 criminal charges against predominantly scientists and bureaucrats who ran teams of scientists water quality experts and so on many of whom have been charged with felony crimes now water quality officials in Flint Michigan were tasked with testing the water and making sure that it was you know clean or safe to drink and yet every time they they showed lead in the water they covered it up and they ditch that sample they deleted it from the spreadsheet you know they they replace it with another sample from some other source they committed massive scientific fraud and they did this deliberately to cover up the fact that the African American population of Flint Michigan or Detroit greater Detroit was being systematically poisoned and this was going on this was going on year after year and it could be going on now in other cities across the country what we have found in our testing is that about percent of the municipal water in America is poisoned with heavy metals we’ve published those numbers at Natural Science Journal dot-org in a science paper that shows you the actual data it turns out that those areas that are most affected by these toxic heavy metals tend to be those with a predominantly larger population of african-americans so it’s the minority communities that are being impacted more so than let’s say you know rich white communities getting back to the Flint Michigan situation we know that they knew about this and they failed to tell people they covered it up and they allowed it to continue they deliberately allowed millions of children and adults senior citizens who were predominantly black to be poisoned with this toxic heavy metal would that have happened in a rich California white community I doubt it I doubt it in 2007 Chicago convened a breast cancer task force to try to figure out why so many black men and women were dying of cancer for black women it’s mostly breast cancer for black men it’s mostly prostate cancer and across the cancer industry every doctor will tell you that cancers are known to be far more severe in african-american patients then most say Caucasian patients but they don’t understand why and I’ll tell you why it’s a very simple reason has everything to do with melanin in the skin if you have darker skin pigmentation because your ancestors came from a region closer to the equator where sun exposure is more intense and so the melanin in the skin is designed to block UV radiation it’s a built-in sunscreen it’s actually a feature you know black skin is a is a feature it’s a survival mechanism of those whose ancestors lived near the equator but it blocks vitamin D production at the same time you see because the ancestors all of our ancestors were outdoors people they spent their time outdoors I didn’t live in offices and work indoors all day long so they had too much Sun and so the dark skin pigmentation blocked the excessive Sun and it protected them from UV radiation well today we all live indoors don’t wait for the most part indoor lifestyles office jobs even people who work in hospitals are working indoors and when black people work indoors or live indoors they become sunlight deficient especially because of the melanin in their skin so now that that same feature of their skin that blocked excessive Sun radiation in let’s say Africa now in New Jersey or New York it’s it’s a detriment because it’s causing African American populations to become deficient in vitamin D and this is what’s happening in Chicago and Detroit and especially the more northern latitudes of northern United States Canada and so on black men in the UK have very high rates of prostate cancer and when they get diagnosed with prostate cancer the prognosis is less positive than let’s say a white person with prostate cancer the cancers are more aggressive they’re more deadly the answer is lack of vitamin D and yet in 2007 this Chicago breast cancer taskforce convened I think over a hundred doctors and nurses to try to have a powwow a team effort to try to figure out why as cancer worse in black people in Chicago and wouldn’t you know it after spending days or even weeks on this project they couldn’t come up with the truth the truth that people with dark skin or sunlight deficient their vitamin D deficient and that’s why the cancer is more aggressive because vitamin D halts cancer and vitamin D can be purchased for a nickel a day every black person in Chicago in Detroit New York in the UK could prevent cancer about four out of five cancers by the way with nothing but vitamin D and yet the cancer industry won’t tell them that so here’s a case where you have a disease that is disproportionately more aggressive in blacks versus whites white people they absorb sunlight more efficiently when they’re outdoors so they need less time in the Sun to generate the same amount of vitamin D as a black person who needs more time in the Sun and yet nobody is telling African Americans this simple truth nobody this information is being denied the black community in America and it’s just again a very small part of the overall vector that I’m going to be continuing to reveal here that is an effort to exterminate blacks now let’s talk about the abortion industry I’m not going to download politics on you about whether you think abortion should be legal or illegal or illegal in the third trimester and legal and the other two or whatever that’s your deal that’s another day another topic my point is that abortion ends a life and it ends certainly a potential life and I say abortion ends a living and living human baby now abortion centers are deliberately set up where predominantly black communities abortion messaging and abortion marketing is more aggressive toward black communities than it is white communities or non black communities the Planned Parenthood / abortion industry needs a steady supply of black women getting pregnant and wanting to terminate those pregnancies in order for them to be able to harvest tissue and organs from partial birth abortions which are almost all black babies now a partial birth abortion in case you’re not familiar with this is when there’s a baby that could be born and could be brought into this world is capable of breathing and living it’s conscious it has it has memory as it has sensory complexity it has consciousness it has feelings and it’s partially born let’s say just the head is born and then at that moment the abortion center murders that baby and then they harvest the organs they will harvest the brainstem they will harvest the lungs they will harvest the kidneys they will harvest the heart and they you know what they do with those tissues well we’re told they use them for medical research it turns out most of those tissues are sold to vaccine manufacturers and they use those tissues to grow biomass for vaccines that are then injected into other children and this is openly admitted by the vaccine industry and the CDC and on my website natural news we’ve covered we have shown screenshots of the ingredients lists of these vaccines such as chicken pox vaccines varicella uses human fetal tissue and that human fetal tissue comes predominantly from black babies so it’s not just that the abortion centers are set up in predominantly black communities to reduce the population numbers of black children and future black adults but it’s also that those black children are having their organs harvested in order to make vaccines that are injected into other babies there there is a kind of racial medical cannibalism that is taking place in America today and it combines the evil of the Planned Parenthood abortion industry and the vaccine industry combines all that with an overlay of eugenics and genocide and by the way if you don’t think that abortion is tied to a history of eugenics and genocide you need to read the history of Margaret Sanger one of the key founders of Planned Parenthood who called black people human weeds and she said that it’s better to kill black babies in the womb so that they don’t become adults and I’m paraphrasing I don’t know the exact quote but it’s something along those lines she saw abortion as a key vector of exterminating the black population in our world and that goal is being carried out today and by the way she was so effective with this narrative and with this obscene twisted logic of genocide that the Nazis borrowed her narrative and her mindset and said that sounds like a good idea let’s apply it to the Jews so Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich their holocaust against the Jews was modeled after the Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger eugenics genocide model that continues today in America there is a Holocaust in America today and it’s a holocaust that specifically targets black Americans and yet there is virtually no outcry now in case you’re having difficulty believing any of this let’s go to the news let’s go to what’s being widely reported about medical experiments targeting African babies all right and you can find the article and the sources for this on natural officials of Pfizer a major drug company and vaccine manufacturer are under arrest in Nigeria and I’m gonna read you a little bit here and I apologize for the pronunciation here but judge Shehu a tegu in the city of Cano said that the Nigerian Pfizer head magazi Eddowes Ian and senior company officials from Pfizer Laurie ballet and Segundo guro failed to appear in court and compliance with a court order that’s seeking a two point six billion dollar fine from Pfizer charging that the company illegally tested an experimental antibiotic known as trove and on children in Cano during a meningitis outbreak in 1996 so you see they use disease to test new drugs and by the way you’ll find out they it’s it’s the industry is spreading the disease in order to push the vaccines and they always use Africans for their experiments it’s it’s across the board well I’ll give you more examples this illegal experiment on African children led to the deaths of 11 children and dozens of other children experienced severe harm now that shouldn’t surprise anyone because it rings true with the history of the Tuskegee syphilis experiments those experiments conducted in the United States with the approval of US health authorities and government authorities was begun in 1932 and there were over 600 volunteers who were exploited by the medical system these are black men predominantly they were exploited by the system they were told they were going to receive phenomenal care that they were going to get extra money that they were going to be treated well instead they were denied treatment so that the medical establishment again these are scientists so that they could observe the progression of this disease as black men suffered and died and this wasn’t in Africa this was on US soil this was in the 1930s and this is one where they got caught because there have been dozens of other examples of this kind of medical experimentation in the United States which usually targets black people black prisoners in particular and we could talk about the prison industry and and how it’s a business that’s another topic but once they get people into that prison system they then use them for medical experiments and they have done so routinely throughout American history and if you think that the American government has gone out of its way to to protect blacks in America you need to go back and read reread your history the FBI wrote a letter encouraging Martin Luther King jr.

To commit suicide the FBI ran a violent race on on black civil rights groups throughout the 1960s and 70s and to this day the FBI runs domestic terrorism operations that they call sting operations where the FBI sets up the plan the FBI gets the fake bombs the FBI it acquires the vehicle whatever the agenda calls for they’ll go after you and in science and medicine they’re going after you right now so let’s continue let me give you more evidence because I want you to judge this on the evidence now and just a quick side note you notice how the recent Ebola outbreak well a couple years ago happened in Africa now I don’t have proof of this but there are many in the industry of the immunization industry vaccine industry holistic medicine industries who believe that those those strains of Ebola were weaponized and were allowed to escape in certain African nations in order to assess the epidemiological impact and to test new drugs and also as a false flag to push more funding for Ebola vaccines in the United States and that that nurse that was brought to Texas was allowed to come in and was allowed to spread Ebola to another person in Texas which is what happened so that they could call for more vaccines they create a panic they create the outbreak and then they push billions of dollars of funding for more vaccines in Africa there are groups that provide vaccines to young African women and these vaccines are often disguised as tetanus shots and this is done usually in conjunction with UNICEF the global the global group UNICEF and also Kiwanis International which is supposed to be you know a community group across the United States and elsewhere they have a project that they’ve used to give tetanus vaccines to black women in Africa the name of this project and I kid you not I’m not making this up the name of the project is the eliminate project the eliminate project what are they eliminating turns out that various Catholic mission groups that are Pro vaccine and that have been administering these vaccines to young women across Africa sent some of these vaccines to laboratories for analysis of their composition and there they were shocked to find that a very high percentage of these vaccines are being laced with covert sterilization chemicals this is a fact this is openly admitted this in fact they blew the whistle on this they went public with it the US media didn’t report this but outside the US this is widely widely reported in fact we’ve covered it on natural news the Catholic Bishops in Kenya they actually urged the Kenyan Ministry of Health to a block vaccines from UNICEF and the World Health Organization because the World Health Organization approves of these covert sterilization vaccines isn’t that interesting now where are these vaccines given are they given in Boulder Colorado which is predominantly white no no such covert sterilization chemicals in Boulder Colorado all right are these vaccines found in Salt Lake City Utah are they trying to eliminate Mormons no no such covert sterilization chemicals in Salt Lake City Utah where they found they found the vaccines given to young women in Mexico Nicaragua the Philippines and Africa so the covert sterilization chemicals just happened to show up in countries with either black people or brown people and these vaccines are all approved by the World Health Organization and other such groups that operate at the global level isn’t that interesting do you think that’s coincidence because I challenge you if you think that’s coincidence you’re not connecting the dots a few years ago in the United States a top scientist for the CDC Centers for Disease Control the vaccine pushing group in the government top scientist named dr.

William Thompson went public through a legal firm posted an admission of guilt said that he and his colleagues while working at the CDC had taken part in a massive scientific fraud a cover-up where they found a 340 percent higher risk of autism in young african-american boys under the age of three who were given these vaccines versus non black children a 340 percent increased risk of autism now those of you who are watching this if you’re part of the black community you know autism is an epidemic across black communities in America today right you know that how many young and they’re mostly boys aren’t they mostly boys how many young black boys have had their brains permanently damaged by the vaccine industry with the knowledge of the CDC the knowledge that they are harming disproportionately black children but not so many white children now there are white children who are autistic but the numbers for black children are disproportionately much higher 340 percent higher now the CDC knew about this they had this this information they knew the results and they chose to cover it up and one of their scientists went public with it blew the whistle now the entire mainstream media in America NPR Washington Post New York Times CNN everybody they all covered it up they all blacklisted the news they decided not to report this altogether which shows you by the way that there they have no journalism they are fake news they don’t do real investigations they chose not to cover this actually I happen to know they were ordered not to cover this the CDC issues orders to the media by the way they order the media when to spread panic about outbreaks they order the media when to not say something about dangers of vaccines the CDC is a criminal operation and just as a quick side note a Democrat Robert F Kennedy jr.

Has now called for the extradition of a CDC vaccine science fraud artist who fled the country with millions of dollars in taxpayer money and is has been hiding out in Europe and his name is Paul Thorson and he worked with the CDC to fabricate fake vaccine safety studies and he’s a fugitive from justice the CDC is a criminal organization so they covered this up knowing that it damaged black babies 340 percent more than white babies are you still telling me this is all coincidence really what causes the damage in black children turns out that there are genetic differences between babies who come from predominantly African ancestry versus those of more European ancestry and that those genetic differences offer various expressions of predisposition to clearing mercury from your body and so many of these black babies they can’t clear mercury out as quickly as the white babies and when they’re all injected with mercury which is what happens because thimerosal is a mercury preservative still used in vaccines given to pregnant women in America and given the children in America the white babies can clear out the mercury very quickly and this suffer little or no damage most of the time the black babies the mercury continues to circulate in their bodies and brains for days or weeks sometimes months and they can be permanently harmed and brain damaged and they can be made autistic and it is happening every day in America and the vaccine industry went to Congress several years ago and got absolute legal immunity granted to their entire industry for any vaccine listed on the childhood immunization schedule so if you’re a black mother a black father your child perfectly healthy normal has a great future and that child let’s say the two years old you take them in to get vaccinated because the doctor told you the VAX vaccinate your children right you get that child vaccinated sometimes 48 hours later boom that child’s brain damage for life autistic for life and you can’t sue the manufacturer for their faulty product because Congress conspired with the vaccine companies to grant them all legal immunity you can’t even take your case to court the US Supreme Court already ruled on that you can’t take your case to a regular court you have to go to a secret vaccine court run by the vaccine industry that denies almost all claims and even then by the way even though they deny almost all claims the vaccine court has paid out over three billion dollars to victims of vaccine damage that were proven to have been damaged by vaccines if the truth about this came out and if if families of autistic children especially in the black community we’re able to really take their cases to court and seek justice through the legal system it would bankrupt the entire pharmaceutical industry which is what should happen by the way the vaccine industry specifically allows damage to happen to black babies and that’s if they survive abortion you know it you know how hard it is to be conceived as a as a black child and make it through gestation and and be born alive and not be murdered and then to make it through the vaccines and then to make it through the psychiatric medicine and everything else it’s it’s it’s it’s incredibly difficult just to survive and that is on purpose because the science and medical establishments are working deliberately to exterminate black people from this planet to wipe you out from human civilization they’re doing it it’s happening right now now continuing with the vaccine agenda to exterminate blacks from the world you need to know something about polio and polio vaccines there are two ways you can get polio one is to catch it from a wild circulating polio virus second way is to get it from a polio vaccine it’s a well known phenomenon it’s called vaccine induced polio now when they inject children with polio or they do nasal vaccines or other forms of vaccines not all the vaccines are fully attenuated which means weakened they’re not all fully weakened some of them have live viruses so sometimes when they’re giving vaccines to children in large numbers some small percentage of those children are going to be infected with with the disease with polio it’s called vaccine induced polio now recently 355 children were vaccinated in Syria Middle Eastern country right 355 children 30 55,000 children vaccinated against polio why were they vaccinated because there was a polio outbreak what caused the polio outbreak polio vaccine this was a vaccine induced polio outbreak that was then treated with more vaccines now 355,000 children were then injected if one out of a thousand children it catches polio from a polio vaccine then didn’t they just create 355 more children with polio yes they did and that will be reported as an outbreak and someone will call for the World Health Organization or UNICEF to come in and vaccinate you know a million children whatever it takes you see the vaccines are the continuation of the disease that they claim to stop now if you understand epidemiology statistics science and medicine it is true that in a population let’s say you have a million children and let’s say polio is endemic let’s say half the children in the country have polio in that case because the infection rate is so high a polio vaccine can drastically bring down that infection rate and save far more lives than it would terminate because because the rate of infection is so high but that same vaccine when the rate of infection is very low if you give that vaccine to large numbers of children hundreds of thousands or millions you will create more disease than you halt the same vaccine it all has to do with how many children are currently infected versus versus how many you’re in you’re actually vaccinating if you vaccinate a lot of children who are not infected you’re gonna cause infections you’re gonna cause outbreaks and this is what is used in Africa this is this is what is used across the world to keep the disease process going so they can keep manufacturing vaccines which are remember made from aborted black babies we’re talking human fetal cell tissue they take it from the babies they take it from the abortions Planned Parenthood sells it to these companies and they put it in large vats and they inoculate it with viral strains and they grow and fester a large amount of biomass of disease material and then they homogenized that with tissue homogenizers they filter that they put it into vaccine vials with other ingredients that are toxic like aluminum or squalene or mercury and then they inject that into other kids we are living in a world people wake up and understand this we’re living in a world where they are murdering and grinding up black babies to feed them to other babies this is like the matrix they are this is medical cannibalism it’s actually happening every day many of these vaccines are made from human fetal tissue that’s harvested from aborted black babies and you know what a lot of doctors don’t even know it a lot of the pharmacists don’t even know it because they’ve never read the ingredients of a vaccine they don’t even know all you got to do is go to the CDC read the ingredients FDA website it’s all right there it’s huh it’s all out in the open but no one no one wants to believe it because it’s too horrifying it’s too evil a recent study funded by the CDC literally run the CDC using CDC money and CDC scientists found that vaccines cause spontaneous abortions so they’re pushing back scenes on the pregnant women right you’ve heard that recently all pregnant women are encouraged to go out and get multiple vaccines which never was taught in medicine until the last twenty years before that doctors were told no no no you never you never vaccinate a pregnant woman that could harm a child you know the unborn baby now they’re like oh you’re pregnant get get shot up with vaccines take antidepressant drugs take chemotherapy just poison the crap out of your body don’t worry it doesn’t affect the baby but it does because these medical Liars are Jenna Seidel homicidal maniacs they’re deceiving you they’re lying to you they know that vaccines cause spontaneous abortions it’s just been admitted by the CDC now we’ve covered this study on natural and want you to go there I want you to read it and I want you to we link directly to the journal and I think the journal is vaccines by the way where this study was published you can read it yourself it’s not a conspiracy theory it’s openly admitted by the CDC vaccines cause spontaneous abortions one more population control mechanism oh by the way speaking of population control let me give you a couple of websites before I get to the last and most shocking point in all of this we’ve got three websites that you can check out where you can learn more about this every day okay depopulation news genocide dot news and eugenics dot news these are all dot news domains but again depopulation genocide and eugenics all dot news go there there’s gonna be some overlap of articles there but your eyes will be opened you will come to see the truth about what’s actually happening and if you are black or african-american and you’re listening to this you need to know the truth about how you are being targeted for extermination you and your children and your grandchildren and your parents you are all being targeted for extermination now extent we are all being targeted in different ways because there is a depopulation agenda that wants to reduce the entire global population to about 1 billion people but it seems from observing the way they’re doing this they they sure do want to get rid of black people first and they’re actively doing it it’s happening right now it’s right under your nose most people have no clue that it’s going on and you’ve got black lives matter out there marching for social justice completely oblivious to everything I’ve just said where’s black lives matter talking about the abortion industry or the vaccine industry or the psychiatric medication of young black kids or the autism epidemic or the use of black children for medical experiments black lives matter doesn’t touch any of those things it might bash some heads at some speech that they don’t like maybe take down a couple of Nazis or some white supremacist you know bash some white hoods out there they might they might have a little bit of success at that but guess what you’re still being exterminated because it’s in the food it’s in the medicine the scientific community is working to exterminate you hey your enemy is not even the Nazis and the white supremacist it’s the scientists it’s the pharmacology evildoers it’s it’s it’s the drug companies it’s the vaccine companies it’s the abortion providers that’s who’s killing you all right in 1969 New York Times ran an article authored by gladwyn Hill that’s his name Gladwin hill he’s the author you can look this up the article is entitled a sterility drug in food is hinted the article cited a scientist named Paul Ehrlich who’s a depopulation advocate as well as the key the chief science advisor for then President Richard Nixon and his name the science advisor is let’s see Lee dr.

Lee do bridge and he said quote listen this quote very carefully he said quote population control should be the prime task of every government here’s how they were going to accomplish this this is all in the New York Times in 1969 I’ve reprinted the article in natural if you want to see this you can read it for yourself you can convince yourself I’m not making this up this is all on the record ok he said quote the addition of a temporary sterilant to staple foods or to the water supply would be the way to achieve mandatory infertility did you catch that in 1969 they called for secretly inserting sterilization chemicals into the food supply and the water supply to depopulate the planet is not a conspiracy theory it’s in the new york times 1969 same year we landed a man on the moon right advanced technology what do they want to do with it they want to exterminate blacks with it now notice they called for adding this covert sterilization chemical to the food supply and the water supply well what has happened since then lead poisoning in Flint Michigan it’s a damaging chemical in the water supply isn’t it so right out of the playbook from 1969 this is part of the plan and that’s just one time they got caught what about the tetanus vaccines in Africa that were found to be contaminated with a sterilization chemical same thing they were going to hide it in the food and the water now they’re putting in the vaccines it’s all it’s all consistent oh and by the way that chemical that they found in the vaccines it’s called beta BCG beta BCG let me describe this to you alright beta BCG causes the female body to have an immune system response that builds antibodies that destroy her own fetus if she gets pregnant do you realize that through this chemical that they secretly insert into the vaccines they can cause a black woman’s body to turn against itself and to murder its own baby in absolute violation of natural law and biblical principles and medical morality and everything else and they were putting this sterilization chemical into these vaccines without the informed consent of the women who are being sterilized this is evil medicine this is evil science this is genocide in the name of vaccines for public safety right that’s what they tell you oh this is all for public safety while they’re making an African woman’s body murder her own baby before it can be born and they don’t tell her about it that’s medicine that’s public safety that’s a Holocaust it’s a holocaust against blacks across our planet now you see you see why why I have to speak this truth you see why it wasn’t it Edmund Burke who said all that’s necessary for for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing right I’m not gonna stand here and be silent I’m not gonna stand here and be intimidated those people out there you know they can they can slander and they can defame me all they want all day and night call me anything fake news lies fake accusations the truth is that you people are genocide ‘el maniacs trying to kill black babies that turn black women against their own babies you’re trying to turn a woman’s womb into a murder system through the use of covert sterilization chemicals that is a scientific and medical fact and that’s why I’m standing here today to speak this truth to put it on the record so that no one can hide from this fact that this genocide is taking place right now today it’s not 1932 Tuskegee Experiment anymore it’s more advanced now it’s not just one vector killing black people it’s five or six different vectors it’s in the food it’s in the vaccines it’s in the medicine it’s in the psychiatric drugs oh and let’s get to the food because this is the final chapter of this that will absolutely shock you now your your hopefully aware of genetic engineering of the food supply right there called GMOs or genetically modified organisms this is a advanced science technique to alter the DNA of food crops in order to build in certain traits and physical properties or even chemical properties that the scientists want to put into the food now we will explain to you how your food is now being weaponized as an extermination vector to eliminate black lives all right now I’m a food scientist I’m the author of food forensics it achieved the number one best-selling science book on I’m the co-author of science papers that have been published in mainstream science journals I’m not just a casual layperson when it comes to food science I run a mass spec laboratory that’s ISO accredited validated audited inspected passed many many tests our data can be used in a court of law anywhere around the world we do food analysis we can search for complex molecules such as pesticides or elements such as mercury or cadmium so I run the lab I am the lab science director I know a thing or two about food science now what they have invented when I say they I’m talking about the genetic engineers not only have they found a way to put these genetically engineered traits into food crops they’ve now found a way to cause food crops to grow RNA fragments that can be specifically targeted like bio weapons to interfere with physiological processes of targeted species that might eat the food now this technology is called RNA interference technology it’s relatively new compared to GMOs relatively new it’s being touted now as a technology to eliminate the use of pesticides because what they’re saying is they can cause a corn crop to grow RNA fragments that will kill the insects that eat the corn without having to use pesticides like toxic chemicals that overload the insect nervous system and kill it from a nervous system breakdown and so on this RNA interference technology is a pesticide technology but it doesn’t rely on pesticide chemicals it relies on RNA fragments in the food now what’s disturbing about this is that this technology can be fine-tuned to target a specific race of humans who eat the food I want you to follow me very carefully on this because most people have never heard of this before they’ve never heard of this technology they don’t know it can be targeted by race food crops can be engineered right now based on existing technology to cause infertility in black people alone that technology is a reality it’s actually it’s widely covered out there in the mainstream media in the science media RNA interference technology widely covered and they openly talk about how it can be used to target specific physiological processes of certain insect species they can interfere with DNA repair or protein synthesis in insects they can interfere with fertility or reproduction they can interfere with mobility a nervous system interaction with the musculoskeletal system or depending on what animal we’re talking about other systems endoskeleton systems I ask you does that technology exist the answer is yes it absolutely exists right now are they using that technology I asked you do a little bit of research look at the plummeting sperm production in black men sperm production is plummeting in black men sperm production is precisely the kind of physiological process that can be targeted by RNA interference technology now is that proof that the food crops are being engineered to cause sperm production to plummet and blackman no it’s not proof but when you connect the dots of all the other things that are being done covertly this becomes something very likely in the realm of possibility it would take a lot of advanced testing to find this out and guess who controls the funding guess who controls nearly all the science funding in America today the federal government the same government that allows the CDC to cover up the truth about vaccines and black children the same government that funds Planned Parenthood abortions of black babies the same government that covers up the EPA induced contamination of waterways affecting Native Americans and other populations including the Flint Michigan predominantly black population this government same government that runs the FBI that one Martin Luther King jr.

To commit suicide this is the same government the government is at war with you if you’re if you’re black and you’re watching this the government is at war with you and they want you to exterminate it and they control the science funding which means there will never be money for any genetic science of the food supply to uncover this truth if it were there it would be covered up like everything else has been covered up this entire time just like the Tuskegee experiments covered things up in 1930s nothing has changed except the technology is more advanced the covert technology is more covert the number of vectors through which they can kill you and cause you to have no children cause you to have spontaneous abortions the number of vectors is increasing you are being targeted and like I said earlier to some extent we’re all being targeted but black people are being targeted more than anyone else so what do we do with all this information what do we do and you did take to the streets and bash heads no doesn’t it doesn’t get anywhere the problem is the consolidation of power in the institutions of science and medicine the problem is that science has been taken over by globalist agendas and depopulation agendas and government funding the problem is that we don’t have a decentralization of science the problem is if you will allow me to even invoke this terminology problem is that we are all slaves to science tyranny as it is being operated today we’re all slaves we’re living under a science dictatorship that refuses to tell us the truth and yet targets our brothers and sisters our children our grandchildren with extermination agendas through medicine through food like everything we’ve talked about that’s the problem we need independent science we need decentralization we need more labs like my lab that I operate independently we don’t take any government money that’s why I can tell you this truth do you think if I were on the payroll of some big corporation that use government money do you think I could stand here and tell you this truth no way not a chance then we yank your funding so fast cover it up sweep it under the rug I can only stand here today because I have no financial ties to the system that’s murdering all of you nor will I ever have financial ties to that system I refuse to take money from satanic forces I refuse to take money from murderous regimes and that’s what that’s what the United States government is today it is a murderous regime and it has been that way under President Obama President Bush you know it’s beyond any single president has nothing to do with Trump it’s the bureaucracy that the momentum of genocide that is endemic in the culture of the CDC and the culture of the FDA and the culture of the EPA that is beyond the reach of any one candidate or any one politician and it it has persisted for generations and it continues to persist and it will continue to target you and murder you and cause you disease and cause you brain damage and cause your children autism until the day comes that we that people decide to stand up and take back our Liberty from this murderous regime that commits murder and genocide in the name of science and medicine and that is what we must do I don’t think it’s a goal that can be achieved through violence and I don’t call for violence because that is being afflicted against us in far too many ways it must start with awareness and so the only thing I ask of you watching this listening to this even if you don’t believe every chapter of the talk here maybe you find some of them hard to believe so far only thing I ask of you is share this information share this video share this talk have a public viewing in a church maybe you’ve got a black church somewhere invite your congregation to watch this if you dare if you want to know the truth about this from up from a scientist an independent scientist who sees what’s happening and refuses to be silent and refuses to be a to be exploited by the evil that exists in our world the murderous evil in the name of science stealing life away from black families and black mothers and pursuing a goal of global extermination through medicine and science it’s it’s we cannot stand for it we must change our future together and we’re not going to do that by the way by fighting with each other over skin color or race do not let the system divide us because the system is actually murdering us but they’re trying to keep us distracted in the meantime they want black and white to fight against each other in the streets don’t they you better believe they do they want you to not trust each other because they are the murderers data system they’re murdering us all to one extent or another but they want us to be too busy bashing each other over the head with with baseball bats to pay attention to the real murder that’s taking place on the bigger scale the global scale of murder and genocide don’t allow yourself to be distracted do not fall into the depths of racial hate for any inning anyone don’t don’t hate someone because of their skin color or their their background and religion sexual orientation anything understand that it’s we the people versus the system of murder and genocide that the the scientific dictatorship that has in one way or another targeted us all so we the people must stand together unified regardless of our race unified with the the knowledge and awareness that we have a right to live and we have the right to have families and we have the right to know the truth and until that truth is acknowledged we cannot be free you can you can break physical chains from old slave plantation days and you can have physical freedom but now we have a new kind of enslavement we are all chemical slaves to the covert sterilization we are we are victims of these systems we all of us black and white all of us so spread the word share this video have the courage to tell the truth and I will continue to do so as well because because I answer to a higher power and I know that that one day I’m going to be judged for my actions for what I from what I said or what I didn’t say if I covered something up which I refused to do we are going to be judged and I refuse to go through this life knowing this dark secret and not not sounding the alarm to those who need to know it the most that’s all that matters to me that’s why I’m doing this so I thank you for for listening and watching I thank you for your time share this message far and wide and continue to watch natural where I will bring you more on this topic and similar topics in the years ahead I will continue to fight for humanity with every breath to my last day I will fight for humanity and that means black people and everyone everybody else we are not separate we are not at war with each other we are the establishment isn’t war with us regardless of our color so understand that truth and thank you for your time take care

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