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Written by on September 13, 2018

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There has been a lot of beef with this new album from Eminem, and everyone has their points of view and a lot of shots being thrown at him as a rapper. It’s time to really dig wide into what’s the hidden set up behind this album and to get some points of views on this album Eminem leaked overnight like, Beyonce did in 2016. Let us really go into this review, and get some bluff points of view from me, and from Rappers Joe Budden, Rory, and Mal another Rapper.  Let us first address about how Joe Budden, the other rappers points of view on this album.


I took a tune in on what Joe Budden said on his podcast about the Eminem album, he was very honest and raw with what he had spoken on the album. “He had mentioned things like he was happy only about the beats, and the concepts on the album”. “Also said by Joe Budden he was happy about the peace, and imagery.” That was the most positive thing he said about the album, but let me be honest with you his other words were rawer, but before I go into more detail on what he said; here’s what Mal and Rory said about the album. Mal had mentioned that “Eminem on his album is still trying to prove he can rap, and he also mentioned “he’s trying to prove something similar to what he mentioned prior to what I said, then he finally mentioned that “His legacy was dependant on his new album”. Then Rory one of the other guest on Joe Budden’s podcast had mentioned, “trying to prove he can rap better than everybody Eminem did prove himself”. As you can see there are different perspectives on how everyone listened to this album.  Now let us go back to what Joe Budden had said, he really threw some serious shade, and fire to this album all at once. Joe had said some really cut to the core things such as “when you sign to shady records you sign with hope. Well, then Joe’s just getting started because that is not the worst thing he said. Not to mention Joe really does go in on the music industry and talks about his music saying he is one of the best rappers in the game, even though he claims he’s retired. One thing he said that really put a lot of artist under the bus was, “these megastars stay in cacoons; saying they were sheltered their whole entire career for a reason. To really process that is a big huge exposure to the music industry and these artists that are mainstream now. Joe Budden is very prideful in who he is as a rapper and an artist. Not to mention he says

“I am better than you addressing Eminem”. Then he says “how can I be mesmerized by someone I am better than referring to Eminem. As Mal had mentioned on the podcast “he said this has been the rockiest point in hip-hop, and from doing my research this is very true. One of my favorite quotes from Joe Budden was “things back in the day I say now are Brilliant”.  This whole entire podcast was a very edge of the seat conversation that I highly suggest you listen too, Joe Budden is really out there on this album, and I haven’t ever seen beef like this before in hip-hop, this one really has me on the edge of my seat.

Well, I personally did not like the album myself, but I have a good reason to why I was not bewildered by what he did on this album. The only songs I did like due to the chorus was greatest, and I liked the ringer because I liked the lyrics the most. Kamikaze the chorus was all right as well, but the song did not dig deep into my spirit like some other songs do. There was shade thrown to other rappers alongside with Joe Budden, including Ja Rule. As I took a listen to the album I personally think Eminem was “trying to be hard like these other rappers, that’s been out the game for a while trying to come back”, but I did like two songs from the album as I mentioned before.

I got some fine points on what my friends thought about the album, a couple of them liked the album. One of my friends Cody really enjoyed the beef on the album, and with Joe Budden as well. I also had spoken to one of my other friends named Curtis about the album he did seem like he enjoyed the album, but he is not an Eminem fan.

So now that you have seen the beef with this album. How Joe Budden himself said Eminem has not really changed the last decade, and how he thought the album was trash. You have also heard Mal said Em is trying to prove he can still rap, and you heard as well Rory mentioned “I think Em proved his self on this album he is the greatest rapper out there. You had also seen how I personally felt about the album, the songs I liked and disliked. Nevertheless, you had also seen what I mentioned about my friends point of view on the album. I highly suggest you listen to the album yourself and see how you feel about it, and one last thing I will also encourage you to go check out what Joe Budden said about Eminem, and his new album, and see what you get out of what he said about Eminem. Now let us see how much more this beef can get evident.




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