Surviving R Kelly Birthday Party

Written by on February 22, 2019

It says r.kelly birthday bash well you got all these kids this must be a daycare Rob do you want to live with Robert who wanna come home with Robert you gotta go get your parents you gotta get your permission slip sign it slips on y’all did you guys like our Kelly super-dee-duper how y’all doing y’all glad y’all could make it yeah that’s cool you know but the hose it look like this was gonna be a groaning sexy party what a girl’s it they got a few girls right right over there I see my girl Brianna she just graduated from the 5th grade oh yeah he they grow so fast I tell you ok what does a little girl what a grown women it I’ll be back yard I gotta go perform y’all sit back and have something to drink oh yeah he is that lemonade Oh piss now usually I don’t do this but uh I’m gonna go ahead and break y’all over the preview and every minute count baby shots of dudududu baby shot baby stock I love baby shot baby swimming he cares no quick baby baby can I open open this now how about open this please son of man what you doing here oh I’m here looking for the next donkey today Oh mommy I’m here because I like kids I mean I mean I like the beef that chuck-e-cheese this not even Chuckie Cheese though I mean fucking I like are killing me it’s hard for me to just not like the man all of a sudden because the rest of the world finally decide to care you know we’ve been dead for like 18 years and all of a sudden people care about the relationship well with the earth that we’re aging then but a number came out fuck that shit I believe I could fly my shit oh I thought she was gonna say you here because you like young girls well I like that too but this got into that okay Robert Kelly bring your pissy ass out here right now we got everything we need to bring you in look here kid you brainwashed by this master so you don’t know what you say officers take a look around and see if we can find him hey kid you smell like piss sorry I think we got him in here he’s in the closet did you say he’s in the closet yes he’s in the closet we’ll get him out of the closet he won’t come out of the closet the closet bring his ass out of the closet I’m not really in the closet okay Robert Kelly you’re pissing me off come on now no yeah I didn’t do nothing wrong but a little bump and grind you’re gonna have to come out sooner or later to eat to drink to piss I’m have a problem pissing here ha ha you don’t know robbers y’all shut up kids y’all y’all gonna get us caught what are y’all waiting for there’s kids in there Kelly though what does that mean Kelly maybe if it was Tyreese but aren’t Kelly or Kelly’s pissy ass no you’re right you’re right let’s go home if I whip out my penis babe you like

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