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Akilleon (Akil) Edmonds was born November 24th 1983 (Thanksgiving day) in Cleveland, Ohio and alumni of Shaker Heights High class of 2002. He discovered at the age 3 that he wanted to be an entertainer but didn’t realize he had the talent to be a dancer and a songwriter until the age of fourteen. Just becoming a freshman in high school Akilleon join the modern dance class learning a new style of dance, while adding his own cultural style of hip hop dance. He entertained his fellow classmates and peers for years.

Unfortunately due to fact of being a product of his environment. Akilleon run into the Justice system and was put on house arrest for a few months. While detained in the pleasure of his own home, he started to write rhythms while listening to Jazz music and would recite and record his own lyrics. This was the beginning of a star. Years later after living life and learning the lessons that it’s has to offer Doublecup Killa with his child hood friends started a Record label called Ncrowd Entertainment Group LLC. In June of 2013 Ncrowd Entertainment Group Presented Their First debut mixtape compilation with Ncrowd’s own artist NcrowdFetti( Lay Fetti) NcrowdDuck (Duck The Giant ) NcrowdKool( Kool) and himself NcrowdDoublecup (Doublecup Killa ) called “Ncrowd Over Everything” hosted by Cleveland’s Own world Famous D.j Steph Floss. Representing Up the way and the whole city of Cleveland
Doublecup Killa brought a new style of hip-hop to the game called “kickstandmusic”. Continually after the release of their compilation mixtape Doublecup Killa kept dropping new single after single. He also started to do performance at the Soufside underground showcases and Blaze the mic Showcases and various local showcases. After the unsolved murder of his best friend Clarence (LaRon) Scott,Doublecup Killa promised and committed his time to complete his first project “Styrofoam Fever” The Album released in April of 2017 hosted by D.j. Von Tha Truth with hot tracks of this new style available on all major music platforms. Doublecup Killa continues to drop new hits, visuals and has been collaborating with other talented artist around the city of Cleveland. Through performances and music projects DoubleCup Killa is trying to pursue towards the Fortune instead of the fame in the hip hop industry.

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