Safaree Straigghhhtt Wanted All The Smoke With Joe Budden & Rich Dollaz & Other #LHHReunion Moments

Written by on March 19, 2019

WELCOME TO SUGAR WATER TV…. IN WHAT THE FUCK NEWS!!. Part 1 of the love and hip hop: New York reunion display grew to become cool, but we were all awaiting the part 2 purpose Safari validated up, and he straiiiiggghhhttt wanted all of the smoke. Matters pick up proper now with the Safari taking his seat on the stage along with his fellow solid members, and you may want to tell he is over it. He claims he confirmed up late due to a household emergency, however we actually recognise why he ought to care an awful lot less about the display. As we observed in previews, things get heated very shortly among Joe Budden, Cyn Santana, and Safari with the engaged couple letting the “hunnids” rapper they have been now now not feeling him no longer telling them Erica Mena was in Costa Rica with them. Safari accuses Joe of being faux and only turning up for the digital camera, Cyn steps in to returned her man and calm things down. Joe reassures he’s no longer gonna placed Safaree’s face inside the sand cause he has too plenty to lose in doing so. Eventually, they make up after Cyn and Safari come to an know-how. He then explains that he is handiest protecting his future spouse by now no longer trying to discuss about her with all of us and we surely keep in mind the fact that. However as one fireplace is put out some other one remains raging on when Nina turns around and asks Mr Dollaz whats the hassle among him and Safari. Mr. Dollaz stays feeling a few form of way due to the reality he feels safari turned into lying to him about relationship Erica Mena no depend her being as he describes it “many niggas removed” from him. Safari, on the other hand on one, disses Mr Dollaz pants calling them tight, and that changed into adequate to get the chief of the creep squad out his seat and hop over a desk to attempt to located paws at the Nicki Minaj’s former hype man. Of course, security turned into on hand to make certain that no punches had been thrown and cooler heads prevail, alternatively it’s clean there’ll nonetheless be anxiety amongst the 2 guys. In spite of all of that, Safari had some allies in his fight in Yandy who understood her buddy’s stance on the state of affairs and from Remy who like all and sundry puzzled why all of us is so mad about any individual whom they didn’t even see? Once we get beyond that its time from Mariah Lynn vs. Nya Lee pt. 2. The two reality starlets beef is nonetheless sizzling with lee going a bit too some distance speaking Mariah’s mother after the “cash gun” rapper spoke about Nya Lee’s scars. Once extra handiest phrases had been exchanged, and no fact stars have been harmed in the filming of the display. Any different weird moment took location amongst Jonathan and Sidney Starr. At some stage in the season the 2 bought alongside very well, however all through the reunion show, matters get specifically especially spiced between the 2 with after Starr said the celebrity makeup artist is “messy” (he can be) and he spoke returned through lashing out at her. In response to Starr labeling him, he accused her duping straight guys who nevertheless don’t realize she’s packing down below which grew to become into a bit unfair. Twitter had many thinking on the entire Safari vs. Anybody country of affairs pretty plenty siding with him in addition to the contrary moments on the show. THANK YOU FOR TUNING INTO SUGAR WATER TV. MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN FOR THE LIQUID TRUTH, MONDAY & THURSDAY NIGHT AT 10PM EST & 7PM PST ONLY ON SUGARWATERRADIO.COM

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