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Written by on October 4, 2018

I will not sugarcoat this. I am upset. I traversed through the gentrified urban terrain known as New York City’s Time Square with the explicit purpose of seeing the cinematic joy of “Venom.” The movie carried the tagline, “The world has enough superheroes,” theoretically rejecting the typical narrative of the genre. I dressed for the occasion, excitedly. I put on my Venom t-shirt and I pulled out my marvel bag and was ready to roll.

“Venom” is the first movie Sony has produced since announcing the “Sony Marvel Universe” and it is a universal fail if one is sober and of sound mind. I cannot in good conscience allow people to spend their hard earned money on “Venom,” which isn’t even rated R. In fact, the only way this movie may be good is if seen through the eyes of a child or somebody that has never seen Venom in any form. I’d venture to say that anybody of high school age and older will find this movie bad.

For those that don’t know, Venom is a super villain that originated in the pages of the The Amazing Spider-Man (1984). The character is a symbiote that exists in a pseudo-liquefied form, but ultimately requires a host to thrive. In “Venom,” Eddie Brock (played by the tremendous talent Tom Hardy), a guerrilla-style investigative journalist, is the host that the alien organism violently settles into. When, I saw them reveal the whole Venom in the trailer, I knew this was not going to end well, but the movie languishes in ways I had not imagined.

As a lifelong comic reader, I am almost compelled to go back and revisit the pages of Spiderman to see what the hell I was imaginatively ingesting as a youth. Venom seemed like a slam dunk. Tom Hardy is an excellent actor, but even his performance cannot be separated from the clunky, uneven script, goofy-looking CGI and unintentional humorous moments. It is almost like Hardy has his own little career Venom. All jokes aside, at the screening I attended, the people laughed throughout the movie, which actually annoyed me. I took it personal. I am vested!

“Venom” is an embarrassment. I don’t make this statement lightly. Remember, we are still in the year of “Black Panther,” “Deadpool 2,” “Antman And The Wasp,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and an unprecedented era storytelling and synchronicity for comic book-based movies. As hopeful as fans are, they will discover that the movie does nothing to push the genre forward. In fact, it harkens to an era long gone that includes the ill-fated “Daredevil” and “Ghost Rider.” This movie seems to be a maverick, but ultimately falls victim to the same ol, same ol. It is chock full of cliches, dated CGI and a plot that really follows the most rudimentary comic script. Other reviews have compared this to a timewarp of the early 2000’s, but that isn’t fair either. Remember, flicks like “X-Men,” “Blade,” “The Matrix” and others came in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Even “Black Panther,” which had some questionable CGI, was able to overcome with a stellar cast, great plot and action sequences.

The potential for Sony’s Marvel Universe is still great, with Spiderman being the centerpiece. They already have movie slated for Black Cat and Silver Sable. My hope is steadfast, despite this debacle. However, if they are to survive and sustain the movement – in accordance with the real Marvel brand – they will need a more potent poison than “Venom.”

After the movie was over, I was so dejected, I didn’t even go to the T.I. party was was set to attend. Next time, Tip.

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