'Pay me enough & I'll fight Jake Paul!" | Ryan Garcia on his feud with Jake Paul & Luke Campbell No ratings yet.

Written by on November 9, 2020

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Ryan Garcia reveals what it is like to train alongside Canelo Alvarez & he discusses the fight between Jake Paul & Nate Robinson.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Truth Reigns Forever   On   November 9, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Ryan has a little head likened Amir Khan. We have yet to see his chin under heavy hands? I’d suggest him to start chewing tree bark like “mega chin Jack Dempsey” (best chin in history, never stayed down or KOd cold) or to talk to GGG about those mandible exercises Gennady does. This kid, Ryan G, I feel is the best sniper in the little weight divisions right now. That one shot left hook timing under that fellows jab, that was nothing Gervonta, Haney, Teo have! Hands down, Ryan is the best with speed and accuracy amongst these guys. Teo has a little more weight in the hands than Ryan, and I’d say a better chin for now. Ryan better start working that jaw bone and jaw muscles when he’s dealing with harder hitters. This kid is 5’ 10” and potentially may reach super middleweight one day? I like his brash honesty in speaking what he feels! And Haney? That was a disappoint somewhat? He couldn’t put away Gamboa after Gervonta decimated him. But we cannot judge Haney from just that. Some people’s styles play into others style more than it would for another. What I’m saying is Haney has a chance to KO Gervonta or easily win a decision. We just don’t know? Hearns easily put away Duran, Hagler easily put away Hearns in a brawl, but Duran gave Hagler a much harder fight than Hearns. So you see? Some people’s styles are easier for an opponent to deal with than another fighter. Another example: Frazier gives Ali a difficult time because of his slipping style. Frazier won 1 of 3 in the trilogy. Foreman easily put away Frazier twice. But Foreman’s style wasn’t difficult for Ali, so Ali KO’d him. So we cannot judge Haney about his gamboa fight. Like I said: Gervonta’s style just may be perfectly suited for Haney to whoop him? So Gervonta better not be too cocky stepping in with Haney.

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