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Written by on March 6, 2019

These are personal stories the first one I’m gonna start off with is 50 cent you I’ve met 50 cent are when we were with the black hands black hands I was the head of black hands security for years I worked for Chaz Williams directly I did all his parties I was the doorman for all his parties and when we went to different functions and everything I was the front man make sure you know we was what we was supposed to be we didn’t have to wait in line it was a pretty good situation you know it was Chaz was like back in the 90s he was one of the top promoters also he had a record label but he was one of the top promoters and giving parties I mean like we gave up to parties in Vegas in one night and I’m telling you it was off the chain they was after the Mike Tyson fight one time we did a salt and pepper a party and that was crazy and I got a crazy story about that too but getting back to the 50 cent thing I met 58 black hands he used to be up there you know recording and things like that because black hands was responsible for all his management in the streets as far as when he had parties and everything this is back in a date on fifty-eight did how to rob a industry cat I think that was a song he was going to perform out there in Vegas with us or he was just going to chill so me and him rolled on the plane together so we were headed to Vegas we had stopped in st.

Louis when we stopped in st. Louis I had all my brothers them come to the airport because we had a layover by like I think it was by like two hours so we had a layover and st. Louis oh man 50 you know we was talking we talked about the big and the Tupac situation we talked about you know the industry and everything like that he knew that you know I was one of the top dudes want to top bodyguards in the industry we was talking about you know him in this situation with ja rule in the whole night and yes and because I really you know Chazz was the type of person he really never talked his business to me like that you know other than what we had to do in you know for parties that shit like that but other people sue states used to see me and chasse together all the time used to talk the business you know so a lot of shit I knew is because other people were telling me about you know and but I really didn’t know the situation thoroughly between John and 50 you know and then I heard a fifty part of it on the plane when we was going out to LA in both situations he was telling me that you know you know I I try to play them on a cup of situation when I went up in the studio one time and these cats were are coming at him a huge boxer you know go at them and then job waited until they got you know hectic well 50 was about to do something don’t know that’s my man when he actually in fact told him to come up that he when they came to the studio sex and unless he told him to come there and another time he said that they were I don’t know if it was a parade or there wasn’t some kind of affair and he was with one of the do’s had who I took Jaa chain before and you know Jai try to play him you know and then he come up then digging up the dude who took his chain and then try to play him like he didn’t even normal whatever like that and you know I was like you know that was a situation that was lately a problem but we had he had became a part of black hands and a lot of rappers and everybody wanted to get out of him with what he had wrote but you know 51 the type of dude that first of all it wasn’t too many rappers gonna come up to him and do no hand-to-hand shit with him you understand cuz he was nice with his shit second of all you know on that other thing he mind is using that too so it was a situation where as that you know black Hamzah’s is making sure that you know he was protected you know when he had to go get his money for the shows and why he was doing his shows so at this beginning time we were going to Vegas so we owned the plane and I was telling him about like I said before the 50 cent I was telling 50 about the biggie Tupac shit and we was vibing and everything like I gave him my car my car I used to have he used to say sidewalk fan you know it’s a funny situation I noticed that 50 used that in one of his songs before and what I what I got from it was that he remembered you know what I told him was sidewalk fair means you know and if you could look it up as a person who has the ability and know how to get out of any situation and ending at a time he got the social skills to be any he could be anywhere anything you know what to say he know what to do he know how to get out of anything you know saying he got the sidewalk fair and that was on my card I still had that car today you know as they Saab weifare from st.

Louis to New York and everywhere I got that from a a cartoon back in the day it used to be this look this little cat and they used to be chasing this Mouse and everything like that and he used to be like sambar there is everywhere and uh you know be chasing them all over so long story short we own the plane and everything like that and we get ready to get off the plane so at this given time I was you know I was still a state officer and everything like that and I had credentials to go all around the country I used to take like five guns with me you know anywhere from three to five guns every time I went I break him down put him in a case and at that time they had a different system whereas that all your stuff would go into the captain’s box so they took my guns and everything put it in the captain’s box and when I get ready to lead a plane they bring it directly to me before I go out to the public and everything so they had gave me my guns and everything and then I went into the bathroom and when I went into the bathroom was me Tony Yayo and 50 so you know I say yo what’s up man you good he said yeah I’m good I said you know how to hell on these thing he says she’s he he you think I don’t and I gave him Nina you know Sam he got that and I gave him an extra clipboard and everything like that and we was good so we going parties out there in Vegas so you know anybody who could have one you know hey you you never get you never have too many so then you know I had to or me he had one did not distribute you to the other fellows and there was a party and we was good so the night goes on and everything like that and ja Rule numbers coming to the party so you know chasse told me to go down you know we had we had a little distance from the club to the parking lines they go down and make sure y’all John them get through the barricades and they get ready to come up so then as I you know getting ready to go down there you know a holler at 50 you know at 50 your holiday where you going down something to go down and John them and make sure they you know get in the party and everything like that because I really didn’t know they had a bad situation at this time because they hadn’t exploded like it’d be in the land so now we go down to the park I go down the parking lot and 50 is about a barricade and he just post over the barricade just like I am right now and he lookin cuz John um is in the limousine so I’m like no I’m looking at him so supreme comes out so I say y’all what I pray and you’re Preem had this look in his eye like you know the shoes crazy he was focusing right on 50 he didn’t take his hour 50 so I would you know I looked at frame then I looked at 50 and then I know the tension I was like yo damn fuck is going on yo you coming up to the party he was like now I’m an old man tell old man I’m good man we’re gonna go do this other thing right now we’re not gonna come up that way and so then I know 50 got this thing on him but still premature is more than our 50 and 50 is hunched over like this with it on him and I’m like oh shit what the fuck am I done you understand and preened must have felt that yo 50 was good cuz he got back in that motherfucking limousine man and ain’t drove the fuck off and then I was like yo I was like yo I looked at 50 feet I said what’s that what’s up dawg he was like oh man up I’m good you see you know I’m good to say yeah I admit so we went back up to the Wayne I told Charlie yo that was praying them down and they say they not coming into the party man you don’t say I said what’s up I said yo he was mean muggin his shit out of 50 and you know 50 wasn’t having it cuz you know he got that dang on he said you what I said yeah he got that thing on he said what thing things we got off the plane he they all man yo that shit was crazy so you know you know the shit had you know escalated to something that was like more than that two words that you’ve heard the story about 50 even getting shot and you know I’m not pointing no fingers at nobody but you know 50 was supposed to come out to Cancun cuz I was gonna bodyguard him it can’t cool now at that time you know I had : lock the club called daddy-o’s I was working for a group call in the streets and The Syndicate was running the whole can Koch was doing Memorial Day weekend they’ll give anywhere from 150 to 200 thousand blacks out there from all over the country and then the record labels got a whole study you know and they start coming out they’re bringing their street teens and everything and they were breaking songs in the club break the records in the club and the whole nine yards so you know the day 50 got shot you know I’m running daddy-o’s but I’m trying to call and see if he’s coming out there and I’m not getting in any inning messages back because like you didn’t call too much because it was $10 a minute all everything I love back then those phones in those phone cards you probably get a minute foot you know $10 and I wasn’t talking about Mexican dollars so we going through this hotel and nice be a Memphis out there everybody’s out there at the club and everything so I’m walking through the hotel and it was the Fiesta Americana can can’t cope and 50 manager is in the pool and he says to me he said yo big gene Oh 50 guys shot not like you’re what he said here 50 got shot man I said he got shot I said so what the fuck is you doing in the pool if he’s shot he I he said I don’t know he said but I need to speak to Chaz no I get the fuck up out of here man and I left off the hotel I want to bought another phone call and I start calling his um I start calling his or his number and then I just kept calling been his girl finally picked up and I said yo this big gene I heard 50 got shot and everything that she there yeah it’s a yo he’s in intensive care you okay I good I said I he good so then that later on that night I’m chilling at the Danielle’s I’m fucked up right now you know saying because I was called to hold his kid when he came to Oh can’t come because we’d have been good out there because I had this Puerto Rican kid who used to work for the syndicate out there you know he was Puerto Rican but he was out in Mexico you know he was working for The Syndicate doing a cab he used to bring whatever I needed so I’m like oh shit so he used to have me you know out there with that fo5 and he used to give me a big bag of something for people who wanted it so you know I was actually the manic that does anybody will tell you with daddy-o’s me and big shorty no come on man we could make anywhere from anywhere from 4,000 to 11,000 a night on the door that’s how crazy it was from Wednesday to Monday he understand that’s how crazy it was you know I had to get people to take money home for me because if you got anything over 10,000 they would take it from you understand or you would have to clean it or whatever so we are at daddy-o that night and then this was after the Vegas trip and everything like that and preened come up and then and he went a couple of dudes and then I said yo man you realize shit I said what I said I said he said what I said your man nigga 50 guys shot dawg he said that nigga need to keep his motherfucking mouth closed and I looked and that’s when I first know that there was a serious motherfucking beef it was crazy and stuff cuz I didn’t know anything that was going on between them two like that that it was ever that serious or something like that and then you hear all the fucking stories and all like that but that was my story with 50 I got a couple other ones you know and um I will shut out at a later time

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