Our First Week on Bad Boys For Life!

Written by on February 19, 2019

Hi we’re here bad boys it’s a photo shoot there’s my team ah just one of them weird things that you do for movies where you shoot photos that are gonna be in photos in the movie and then they put them in like a frame and they’ll even do stuff like put our heads on other stuff let’s go see what Martin’s do it shall we that’s Martin right there just mark that’s my bad boys bad boys for life for life baby that’s how we do day one Jerry Bruckheimer on the phone right now you tell him his wills men tell him get out the cryo chamber and pick up the phone make myself tired doing this stupid singing so it’s the first week of production so I decided to give a vlog camera to the directors and that might have been a bad idea digit honors the assistant director moviemaking is always a cluster this guy is quiet oh hi boss oh sorry previously on scaring Scott for coming live for 2019 getting back the massive retribution that has been on hiatus for a while this is what he doesn’t have a hope in hell and giving it to wheel without a crack about hey but and then if you don’t want to be 4G sent from production sent Jason from production just wanted to give you couldn’t even scare a six-month-old baby it’s just not humanly possible for him all you do is he going with the box in your giving you say it’s from production but first from the production and then ask him another question dinner what about dinner tonight is just about my return the more you talk the worse it gets it’s never hope in hell of working its day four or five or something like that it’s far man you don’t know about days you can’t time to tell me my days are you doing going into my office got my mess that’s my meds I’d do a double dose of Viagra AMM p.m.

So I do viagra in the morning cialis in the evening it’s my blood pressure meds oh and I don’t take my meds with water I take my meds with with food I like how I’ll do that one time we had a puppy and we put the pills in bread so I like that so I started taking my pills I prefer to take my meds what girl but it’s for my blood pressure everybody my family got hypertension much toughest kind of preventive I’m down for now that boys back in the building you know what it is we got behind us shaking the dust off knocking the restaurant what are you a cop or model Mike Lowrey the thing that’s crazy as we still have that chemistry like I was really surprised how we didn’t miss a day that comedic chemistry and the energy is right there this is Chad Chad Oman producer say some of the movies you made again just so we can have a pirate’s one through five Pirates of Caribbean yeah whatever man what advice would you give young producers that are trying to like make their way into production I’m gonna have to think about that yup guys do it just do it all do it that’s cool that was a six-piece production what about dinner tonight I just wanna play / – no no it’s been there I’m gonna get this alligator with his fun is our aesthetic coordinator rut with Jada so we’re shooting a film Juan gums in a month or so ahead of time so we’re at the bad boys production office this is Friday it’s the last day before we go into the weekend and we start shooting officially on Monday I’m feeling good Martin hurt his back he’s trying to pretend like the area’s back so when he shows up Monday and everything’s great he was like oh he’s such a hero I know dope dance Instagram it three years ago and you know Jerry Bruckheimer took a took a long shot on to young black dudes and he put that j-roc Harmon sauce on it and gave us the first bad boys Jerry Bruckheimer it’s not remember what one of the best things Jerry but as always totally calm and his partner Don Simpson we were able to to really capture some magic and you know Martin and I would do a TV show so we were used to having to make it up and happen to go and we’re we’re looking forward to bringing this team and this new family together and hoping that we’re gonna capture some magic one more time around I would tell you I love you man I love you too man only looking at me I said yeah I love you I said eh I just finished it up that was a the screening of bad boys one really exciting I felt like it was like watching it for the first time it was really informative to watch that the comedy was ridiculous about the role I got a pee I didn’t watch the movie hi man see you tomorrow

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