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Written by on October 18, 2018

So I think you may be wondering who Normani is? Well, let me tell you this she is from fifth Harmony and she’s about to start her solo career. Many people right now do not know who Normani is, but today after you read this blog you will have a better understanding who she is, and how she is the Beyonce of Fifth Harmony, but we will get back to that later.

As I hauled some info off on Empressive tv as I did not too long ago on Cardi B, and Nicky fued. I got some fine points from this source once again about Normani. She was in the group fifth harmony, and they had finally split up after five years. When she was on dancing with the stars she really got some attention from someone named Tunji Balogun. He has connections with Childish Gambino, and the singer her. She had made a song called love lives and that had hit number nice on the billboard top one hundred charts. That is a big compromise right there. She has also gotten heed from Legends like Maria Carey, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce. Nicky also had said “that she is that girl also known as the next superstar in music. Empressive tv said that she is more of a performer similar to Ciara, Jlo. “Normani right now in this stage is in her growing period.  Took a deeper depth into Normani on power 106 Los Angelos, and that was a great interview she had on the station. She went into details on how she met Beyonce, P Diddy, Khalid at Roc approach. “She said when Beyonce said I been dying to meet you the little six-year-old girl in her wanted to just jump, and scream because she has looked up to Beyonce for years especially when she was in Destiny child. One last thing she mentioned was that she has some great things coming up when it comes to her music, and I know we are all going to be ready to listen to it.

What I think of Normani myself, well I am ready to see what she is going to do in music as a solo artist. I had watched her performances with pop royalty, and there was a lot I noticed too how she perform similarly to Beyonce. One thing that is clear to me she does look up to Beyonce performance wise. I remember when she was dancing to bootylicious by Destiny child, and I swear she was just as Beyonce was ten plus years ago when she was in Destiny child. “It is shinning to me that she was the outcast in Fifth Harmony.” I really think she is going to do well in music as a solo artist, and she is just getting started we haven’t seen anything yet. Let alone right now she is working on something with Missy Elliot now, and for everyone knows that Missy Elliot is a hip-hop legend so yes let’s go.

I think we all have a better insight into Normani, and how she is the next Beyonce of Fifth Harmony. That she has legends already noticing her, and know that she is going to outshine herself in a matter of time. You guys already know as mentioned before in this blog that “Normani right now in this stage is in her growing period”.  Her song love lies with Khalid had already hit number nine of the billboard top one hundred chats, and that already is a big deal right there. I guess most of you reading this will not believe it until you see it right? Let us all keep a look out for Normani, and wait for her to crush it in the music industry.

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