No Way Is Jim Jones A Snitch!

Written by on October 1, 2019

Jim Jones…a snitch? What in the world has life come to? Jim Jone is one of the most official dudes in the game! He has kept it real! He’s gotten in trouble! Gotten out of trouble! When the smoke clears, Jim is just sturdy – period! But now, the latest intel is trying to say that the Harlem Diplomat is an informant. 

This all started apparently from a story on TMZ, in which THEY say he was listed at Informant 1 in an original article. This is what I have been told it LOOKED like:

Rapper Jim Jones is listed as a federal informant in court documents in the case against Tekashi. In the original court transcripts that were previously released online, the conversation between individual 1 (Jim Jones) is listed as cooperating with federal agents in a conversation with Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones. Which would explain why Jim Jones has been able to have such a lengthy criminal record and avoid prison time in the past, if you recall earlier this year Jim Jones dodged jail time in a drug and gun case.

Criminal informants are used to obtain information which if you listen to the call. Jim Jones was clearly getting information for the Feds from his fellow Nine Trey Blood members about their plans to murder Tekashi.

By the time I got to the article, none of that language was present in the story, which leads me to believe that they gave out some bad info. Now, everybody thinks Jim Jones might be a snitch! No! No! And No! 

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