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Written by on January 31, 2018

Robert Meek Mill” Williams’ legal situation continues to play out in courtrooms and in the public. The Philadelphia rapper’s attorney, Jordan Siev, sat down with The Angie Martinez Show to share his client’s side of the ongoing story involving Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley.

“We think Judge Brinkley has taken an unusual interest in [Meek’s] career and has stepped over the line from acting solely as a judge should act and injecting herself in his professional career in ways that are not appropriate,” said Siev.

The lawyer once again suggested that Brinkley took issue with Meek being associated with Roc Nation instead of his former manager Charlie Mack. Siev then read sections of court transcripts he maintains backs up his claim.

Brinkley was quoted saying in 2012:

The other manager, we didn’t have no problems, scheduling, and we don’t have no problem understanding that he was going to come back here in six months. He understood all of that. I don’t know how or when you all [current management] got involved, but he didn’t have none of these problems. He didn’t have no problems with the other manager, so you all let him down this time.

In 2013, Brinkley was quoted saying:

Charlie Mack was the person that came up in here during the trial. He came during the trial. He came and provided this Court with a contract saying that he was going to be working under contract with [Meek]… It was when the defendant got new management that apparently there became some miscommunication about travel. And I said that before, and I’m saying it again, everyone has to be on the same page.

Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis was quoted saying:

Your Honor, [Meek’s] not supposed to be around anyone who is under supervision and be around known felons. Your honor made an exception back in the day with the management to Mr. Mack. That was the only exception you made. So we litigated this a long time ago.

Siev went on to share more examples of ADA DeSantis and Meek’s probation officer referring to Mack in open court. The attorney also pointed out that Judge Brinkley did not push back against public officials implying for years that Meek Mill should change management.

“If you put yourself in Meek’s position, he’s fighting for his liberty. He hears these statements. What’s the only logical conclusion? Put yourself in his shoes. The only logical conclusion to draw from that is this is what the judge, the district attorney, and the probation officer want,” stated Siev.

Meek Mill’s legal team is requesting Brinkley recuse herself from the case. They are also appealing the Wins & Losses album creator’s 2-4 year sentence in state prison for probation violation.

They already pulled the transcripts The judge never referenced Meek’s career. The transcripts did show it was Meeks probation officer the Judge actually said the opposite, she said it wasn’t up to her to decide whom Mill hired.and stated “I don’t want the record to suggest who your management is or not,”

@Kush Gang: where are the transcripts at?


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