Mase Goes Off On Cam’Ron In Scathing New Diss “The Oracle” No ratings yet.

Written by on November 25, 2017

Mase issues his version of “Ether” and directs the fire directly at Cam’ron, his former homie.

Who out there remembers Murda Mase and Killa Cam? How about Children of the Corn? They go way back…so far back. Now, they are no longer friends. I cannot believe this. But, in “The Oracle” Mase literally bodies Cam’ron on the heels of this Dipset Reunion. I can’t believe it. OK…check it out really fast.

So, I’m not going to quote the song, because there are far too many quotes and you just need to listen to it. I think some of it is going to go over your heads if you don’t know the deep history on the dudes. I will say that Mase goes in on everything from Cam getting shot, alleged “robbing” Juelz, being jealous of Jim’s success and even references Cam leaving Jim at Rucker Park. Lord have mercy – this is vicious, but there is another side.

If Cam’ron decides to respond, you already know he has plenty of things to say back at Mase. But this is really tough. Minister Mase is dead. Wow….Murda is back.

I wonder if Cam regrets releasing Once Upon A Time, that new Dipset song. This is what started this whole mess.

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