Man Confess Killing Meek Mill Friend Chiko On Instagram Live ….

Written by on January 31, 2019

So time you checking in you feel I want everybody to know you know Sam before I start this my prayers go out to Chico one in his family my prayers also go out to Tommy prayers go out to meet meal zowie dollar you feel me at the end of the day it’s a lot going on in the streets one ounces so I gotta give it to him I want to introduce myself I’m time music an independent artist for one no I’m not trying to gain clout only reason why that was tagged in Meek Mill and Zoe because I’ve been doing my research and I just found out what type of dude this was so at the end of the day this is how it all went down it started Wednesday I hit my partner C up about maybe six o’clock I’m like what’s going on man I’m like brother so when you it he like dang well he likes what I’ve been calling you all day he likes should I’ve been at the crib I’m at my baby mama house pull up okay so I pull up on him you feel me once I pull up I go upstairs I go you know I’m saying his name um announcer don’t you fill me with going we are kicking it I see Chico laying on the couch I see Chico right beside my blessed see money so see money right did you feel him saying and then it’s me see money and his baby mama so I doubt Chico up I doubt my blessed see up you feel me and I’m speaking so at the end of the day I’m like okay cool so he like then he and like even bring on blunts I’m like nah bro he like we shit I can go get some so I he like shit okay bit and I said she saw one son first oh he like shit right here yeah I was like he like jump ring me back he likes bring back a snicker or whatever so about seven minutes later I came back now we all in the room you feel you niggas rollin up watching Love & Hip Hop ticking shit you feel I’m saying first and foremost I never knew chica 1 let’s get this understood I never knew who this dude was never sync them a day in my life you feel him saying never knew so at the end of the day you know I’m saying I’m like am I my brother he my boy see was somebody gay he like bro you know we’ve been smoking on the gabbro this shit got down called Sahana I like oh hey yo what up you feel me slowly rocking song I’m telling I’m like we’re gonna brush that shit I’m gonna play my singing let me know if you fought with it you feeling and that’s when tickle took his phone now and he had his phone in his hand now I didn’t even know that he zoomed in on me or none of that you feel me I didn’t even know that he was talking towards me I was so much sin soon until my phone I didn’t know I I didn’t understand what we’re going on you film cuz if anybody know me everybody who know me ty gonna keep that shit real talk about his music and his money you feel me I ain’t know no bullshit you feel him saying so at the end of the day you know that’s when I seen it he posted up and she was like dang bro post you up behind him to tag you he said look how many fathers you will sound like I said oh damn but you must be got down you know like you might be known to some shit so he was like hey yeah he likes shit so or he told C he like shit I’m just vibing with Holmes you feel him saying he cool you feel me let me let me see how Holmes ain’t kickin so at the end of the day you feel me at the end of the day Chico get a phone call she go get a phone call on his phone you feel me it’s a FaceTime so he facetiming okay so he show see now I see like okay she at the end the day it was him mama you feel here mommy and daddy whatever you feel me so she was like he was waving like hey whatever like that now when Chico took the phone back you feel me Chico took the phone back and slid the phone in his pocket Chico then stood up and said it’s bad boo doo in the air when she goes said bad food in the El Chico just start shooting he shot see first he shot seeing the stomach and he shot him in the leg you feel me then he hit me both times you feel me I got full of holes in me and if y’all think I’m lying I’m gonna show you that’s a bullet hole right there that bullets still in my leg you feel me I got a bullet hole in my soul right he’ll you filming a bullet stealing up I got hit right here on my side you feel me he hit me right here my chest don’t post had to put a tube in me you think I had a collapsed lung and everything I think I shot on my back you feel I even got one of my back I got hit both times you feeling old times I got hit now let me ask you one question and what give it time if you just in the room you fit me and all of a sudden a nigga jump out but no man say bad butoh in the air and just start shooting you feel it on st.

At the end of the day I know what the fuck was going on you feel him saying and it was like the bullets you feel me I didn’t even feel like I hate I don’t know as I was on the ground leakin Chico den was walking over there towards me when Chico was walking towards me I was playing like I was dead for real when and Chico he had the gun but it was no more bullets in the gun now just think about it we got hit with a 380 so it was only six bullets you feel so he hit c2 and he hit me folk you feel me so at the end of day like I’m dumb about to die you feel them saying what can you do what can you do am I supposed to sit here and let this man kill me you feel me oh I got to protect myself you feel him saying so at the end of the day this is what happened so a man my man my boy honcho man what the fuck going on man hey when I’m done with this shit man I’m on my youth feeling whoever want to talk to me free to talk but I gotta get yourself and y’all got to give me a minute cuz you know I’m saying like I dem that can’t breathe right you said me folk ain’t you know saying like my lungs ain’t all the way right I got a collapsed lung and everything I got a working on my breathing I can’t even walk straight you feel me I got a crush I’ve been in the hospital I was in a hospital for eight days I wasn’t CIU for three days you feel me so at the end of the day once Chico start walking towards me you feel me that’s when I took my strap out my pocket I had a 380 you feel me I took my strap out and I was cutting it back and when she Co saw me that’s when I shot him boom you feel me when I shot Chico you feel me he did you like this and then I had got her like fuck then I got up and I shot again boom that’s when she goes started running when Chico ran to the dough I did shot at the dope boom so then when she co open the dough he was straddling the try to get out the dough when Chico got out the dough you feel me I ran out like Chico he was he was like running down the steps and I’m like at the top you’re not shot again boom so Chico ran somewhere he went into the dark you feel me I ran to my car you feel me I got in my car started my shit up pulled out drove all the way up to the front entrance of apartment Flagg it was a lady coming through the gate idem their flag I’m like look please man I’ve been shot to death I said I’m thinking about to die I said call the police you feel them Santa they call I’m up here breathing you feel me touch my back I’m leaking blood you fear me I’m damn near palpitating I’m trying to breathe you feel them saying I’m trying to breathe you fear me like this shit fucked up like wrong place wrong time type shit now everybody pointing fingers thinking that we robbed this man for his Rolex for his joy let me tell y’all something man look man the man chick only have not owned one piece of jewelry over there and it was told you fellas hand by the detective that the same night that Chico died his family flew all the way up here and they went to my blastema my house and got all his jewelry you feel me so see mama had all his jewelry man they got all his jewelry we ain’t robbed him you fit me I’m not no robber you fit me don’t do none of that I’m a real nigga you fit me and I kicked my shit anybody know me know I keep it on honey you know where this man so G product bringing up addition that Garrett’s news lunch lingo trap me I’ll cuddle later fucker moaning issue oh let’s be sure our man goddamn things makes it go hmm talk nice mama anyway maybe out here fooling for though mine pretty sad shit mine blip pow boom boom boom boom boom people trust so what y’all just preed an intro beloved it’s the homeboy the rapper Mon who goes by the name of time music on what is jacking that he was the one that shot and killed meat mills affiliate who goes by the name of Chico Chico was shot dead while he was in an apartment with two other affiliates which they got into a little conflict and what the dunkin donut cops is saying you know all three of them had their motherfucking Tooley and it was like a shootout and you know to end up getting shot and Chico end up getting clipped r.i.p to the homeboy dressed up woman peace boom easy BiH boom in heaven so the end day a lot of people saying homeless cloud chasing homeboy is on a cloud run but who would make fun of the dead who would jack that the drill a homeboy if they didn’t do the drilling like I said America is different but if this was Jamaica or another third-world country even if he did it or not a he Jack that he did it he will got a one-way trip to the big house without no investigation while the real driller is out she of doing road things that makes you go hmm this is what LG product man y’all know them all from his lingo fool therefore I don’t mind boom boom boom



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