Magic Johnson steps down as Lakers’ president of basketball operations..

Written by on April 10, 2019

WELCOME TO SUGAR WATER TV. BREAKING NEWS!!. Tuesday night was meant to be, for the most part, a quiet one in the NBA. Several teams were finishing up the regular season. While there was still some jockeying to be done for playoff positions and draft lottery spots, and a couple sendoffs for league legends Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki, just as many teams were trying to finish up the season, clean out their lockers, and get home. Tuesday night was not a quiet one in the NBA. First you had embattled New Orleans star Anthony Davis showing up to his final game, which he did not play in, wearing a “That’s All Folks!” t-shirt, which while not very kind to NOLA fans, was objectively a funny t-shirt to wear at a time such as that. Then you had Wade and Nowitzki both going off for 30 points, apiece, beautiful buckets pouring in that should have been a celebration. And it was a celebration, it was just one that, in Miami at least, had fans chanting “Paul Pierce sucks!” as Wade played, a petty and hilarious response to Pierce’s claim that he had a better career than Wade. And to cap it all off, the cherry on top, you had Lakers team president Magic Johnson calling an impromptu press conference, then telling the media in attendance that he was quitting the Lakers, then also telling them that he hadn’t yet told his boss this news, then saying he was looking forward to tweeting more. It’s all right there. The NBA is a soap opera, but a really freaking funny one with everyone making jokes throughout it. The Johnson news was by far the best part of all of it. I’ll insert two important caveats here:. I know Lakers fans aren’t happy with the news. There may be more to the story about why Johnson decided to quit. That second one might change the tenor around this news, but in his comments on Tuesday night, his given reasons were basically that he wanted to tweet more and he wasn’t having fun. If that’s all there is to it, that’s hilarious. How perfect? Johnson was dealing with the stress of LeBron James not working out so far in Los Angeles, realizing he needed to probably fire his coach, Luke Walton, and navigate a team rebuild, and Magic realized: Wait, I’m rich. I live a great life. What am I doing?. Then he quit! I need that energy in my life. Life handed Magic Johnson lemons and he handed back the lemons and went back to being a rich, famous, handsome, charismatic, successful businessman who gets to tweet whenever he wants. And yes, Johnson actually listed getting to go back to tweeting as one of the reasons he wanted to step down. Tweeting! And from a guy known for tweets like this:. Johnson Tweeted – The only way San Antonio or Miami don’t win the championship is if neither team makes the finals. It was all perfect. Not since the banana boat incident have I laughed this hard at a night on NBA Twitter. Thank you, Magic Johnson. Thank you, Miami fans choosing to celebrate a legend’s career by chanting that another guy sucks for saying something on a TV show. Thank you, Anthony Davis, for your t-shirt that made me think of a vengeful Porky Pig.

LeBron James and his Lakers teammates decided to party Tuesday night anyway… and TMZ Sports has the footage. LeBron — along with teammates Rajon Rondo, Kyle Kuzma, JaVale McGee and more — hit up Tao Restaurant in Los Angeles where Sheck Wes performed after the Lakers game. Lonzo Ball was also at the party. Of course, the Lakers lost to the Portland Trail Blazers earlier in the evening — ending one of the worst seasons in Lakers history. Before the game, Magic Johnson QUIT as Lakers President of Basketball Operations.

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