Love and Hip Hop Member KICKED OUT of UBER CAR + Soulja Boy Wants to FIGHT AGAIN!

Written by on January 25, 2019

Lovely hip-hop direct representative kicked out of a uber while on Instagram Live Plus Soulja Boy once all period will rappers who have problems with I mean I’m gonna nourish Alexis guy was knocked out of her over last-place nighttime while she was on? Instagram the IG motto was talking to a pal miss visa when she made one insignificant mistake She located her paw on the uber seat and that’s a big no-no The operator ex gotta take her foot off and things get south right after that the uber motorist told Alexis to get another ride But Scott claimed she didn’t have an uber report and that someone from Love& Hip Hop boarded the car and she wasn’t leaving until She got another razz the time was so serious her friend was on live but she was laughing at the motorist because of his response About this who is right and who is wrong in such a situation This guy, bad for wailing, or is the uber driver mistaken for telling her to get another journey in the midst of the nighttime It looks like Soulja Boy has recovered from his near-death event a few days ago in bobbling mudslide we’ve reported on the video now soldiers back to take over 2019 the crank that artist invites all rappers who have problems with him to cast him a sense with their address and he’s drawing up The rapper exactly ceased a new mixtape on my mixtape soothe and a Tv establish on WE tv and titled marriage boot camp flattening the 2019 is my year You know what I’m saying we could catch a fizzle nigga where the fucking y’all wanna do let me know Damn the site then the address nigga and let’s come this shit interrupting bitch-ass nigga let’s get wise on and poppin Any nigga is a problem with my takeover bulletin any nigga got a problem with me damn your address nigga and let’s get onto poppin My nigga cuz 29 c my year nigga and ain’t got have you got a problem with it nigga Damn the motherfucking address the full address nigga I’m in Los Angeles California My nigga let me know where the fuck you wanna meet up coating on my mama and you’re gonna one-on-one fucking – god I make that on “peoples lives” I applied it on my career I threw it on my mind I leant it on my momma I’m putting on “peoples lives” Nigga any rap nigga in video games but let’s talk about this in the comments is anyone certainly gonna pull the pitch young Drake start make sure to come and subscribe and voting time the card at the top title of this video I’m in the news with it I’ll catch you on the next one

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