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Written by on June 3, 2020

los angeles under a curfew again tonight as the city braces for another night of protests nbc news correspondent gaddy schwartz joining me now from la and gotta you have been in la and santa monica covering the it sounds pretty loud there what has it been like so far today [Music] yeah so we’ve moved from santa monica which right now is under a 1pm curfew here in l.a this is near ucla this is [Music] we’ve got more protesters over on this side you can see that building right there just for reference that is the federal building here in los angeles that’s also the headquarters for the fbi field offices here in los angeles i’m going to take you this way real fast too because i want to show you uh this again this this protest has been extremely peaceful from what we’ve seen in fact we’ve heard some of the organizers say that uh that they should disperse at four o’clock however uh people in this community are not taking any chances uh take a look here uh they’re boarding up a lot of these windows they’re boarding up uh some of the storefronts and this isn’t just uh directly uh behind the protest that we’re seeing it’s also going on a little bit closer to ucla so those are storefronts that are about maybe uh a half a mile away this protest is expected to march in fact we’ve been hearing conflicting reports all day we’ve heard the protests have been canceled and then they spontaneously pop back up so we’re not sure exactly how big this protest is going to be but allison let me just take you out here real fast uh give you a shot as to how many people there are right now you’ve got people on that side of the street you’ve got people on that side of the street you’ve got people on this side of the street so it is growing we’ve seen it grow over the last about half an hour or so and we’ll stay with this protest and follow it wherever it goes [Music] certainly the allison uh protest we have heard in our coverage today i know you were showing us folks there boarding up i know there’s going to be a curfew are there other things that officials police are planning to do to try to keep things under control yeah allison tonight a little while ago about uh five minutes ago we actually saw a large convoy of the national guard come through here which is weird because this is that way is ucla i mean this is a college uh a place where there’s a very a college vibe if you will and to see the military rolling through here in humvees and large convoys was a little bit disconcerting for the people that were watching some of them started chanting the national guard is here the military is here but at this point it appears as though they are headed elsewhere possibly taking up positions in front of some other storefronts or some areas where they fear that there may be looting but i will say that what we saw yesterday in santa monica earlier in the day was very similar to this and these types of peaceful protests are happening in los angeles and these are not the people these protesters are not the people that we’ve seen uh go around eluding in fact what we’ve seen is uh online what appears to be somewhat of a concerted effort by some criminal groups for lack of a better word kind of seeing what’s going on seeing the helicopter feeds knowing that there is a heavy police presence in this area and then using that as somewhat of a distraction to pick targets however we haven’t seen a concentrated police presence here so they may have learned from what they saw yesterday in santa monica but again right now this crowd here extremely peaceful and definitely expressing their anger about what happened in minnesota it we hope things stay passionate but peaceful tonight thanks for your reporting stay safe look at this look at this alison just what i was just telling you about it is not something you would expect to see right by ucla absolutely [Music] hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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