Lamar Odom Confesses To Being A Sex Addict, Says He Smashed 2000 Women.

Written by on May 16, 2019

Look out Wilt Chamberlain, Lamar Odom‘s looking to break your famous record of the number of women a pro basketball player’s slept with. Luckily for “The Big Dipper,” Lamar’s still about 18 thousand women from achieving that goal as People is reporting he’s “only” bedded some two thousand women. People was blessed us with the exclusive excerpt to LO’s upcoming memoir Darkness To Light in which the NBA Champ with the sweet tooth confesses that he’s a low key sex addict who just can’t seem to get enough of that poontang pie saying, “I have been obsessed with sex for as long as I can remember,” before bluntly stating “I am a sex addict.” To make matters worse, he doesn’t care who served him the goods and ate off the plate of both prostitutes and strippers. The 39-year-old reveals that he has had sex with more than 2,000 women. “There were too many strippers to count,” he writes. “It wasn’t a big deal, but often I would pay them. I never thought less of them.” And yes, this behavior was going on while he was married to Khloe Kardashian and she eventually found out. “I was shocked and embarrassed,” he tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “I wanted to take it back, but you can’t. [I] wanted to hide it. But that sick sin was hard for me to hide … I had a problem.” His sex addiction got him to the point where even porno movies weren’t enough to at least calm his urge for physical contact. “[I] ran out of porn to watch! That’s how you know when you are going a little overboard.” Sheesh! You know how sex crazed you have to be to run out of porn to watch in the digital age? If this was the 80’s or 90’s where VHS and DVDs reigned supreme then that would be somewhat plausible, but in the 2010’s?! We ain’t judging though. Interestingly enough Lamar also blames his addiction to sex for his well documented drug abuse.

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