Killer Mike Explains Why the Hells Angels Have White Gang Privilege

Written by on February 1, 2019

-Our next guest is an activist, Grammy-winning rapper, and half of the hip-hop duo Run The Jewels. He hosts the Netflix show “Trigger Warning with Killer Mike,” which is streaming now. Let’s take a look. -It turned out the majority of these folks weren’t as closed-minded as I feared. If you like Sinatra, you’ll love Jay-Z and Biggie. -Jay-Z. -Oh, Jay-Z. -All right, yeah, Jay-Z and Biggie — -Okay. -If you like Sinatra, Jay-Z and Biggie are your guys. -Yeah, those are your guys. -And I knew right then, I was definitely adding some old folks’ homes to my next tour. But I also realized that there was an opportunity to do more than just line my pockets.

See, the problem in America today — everyone’s in their own little bubble. -Please welcome to the show Killer Mike, everyone! ♪♪ ♪♪ Welcome to the show. -Thank you for having me. -I am so happy to have you. The show is fantastic. -Thank you. -You set out to sort of tackle society’s problems in a very unique — from your perspective. -Yeah. -This was — you were basically rapping at an assisted living center… -I was. -To teach people who maybe had never been introduced to rap before what it actually is. -Yeah. You got to build bridges and not burn them. And the fastest-growing age group is 65 and up. You know? -Yeah. -I’m — I’m figuring, man, those Sinatra fans need somebody to rock with. -Yeah. And did — And it must — I mean, you know, there — What I like about the show is there’s a real warmth to the way you approach it all.

And it strikes me that, more often than not, you’re getting that warmth back. -Yeah. I think that that’s the way the world really works, right? On Twitter, everyone’s a superhero or supervillain and they hate each other and they get to yell at each other and scream. These are the same people who see each other at the grocery store and say, “Excuse me. Could you pass me the milk?” -Yeah. -My — My theory is, the more individual contact you have with people who don’t look like you, who are not of your class and not of your race, sex, or religion, the greater the chances of building friendships and empathy through that and then taking that into the greater world. So what I do — -Mm. – So…

Now, everyone send me $5.99… …to my Cash App. -But you actually did this — you did — you put together a super group. -I did, of people that — of dramatically polarized ideals, right? Everyone — -And this was a band? -This was a real band. This was the real leader of Black — Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta. This was a real nationalist — you know, people would call them a white nationalist. I think he’s just a poor white guy who needs a club to belong to. -Yes. -And I put them together for everyone to throw their perspective on one song. Now, the ultimate — what you — what you hope is, either everyone gets along and builds interpersonal relationships and a grander thing happens. At worst, they’re the worst group ever and everyone hates them, and we’re united by hate.

-Right. Very smart. – Yeah. -So, you figured it out from both sides. -Yeah. -You also talked about how white gangs — there’s white gang privilege. -There is white gang privilege, right? -Explain that real quick. -That means, if — if I’m a Hells Angels member, I have already incorporated myself and I can sell merchandise, right? If I’m a Crip or a Blood, I’m still illegal and I can’t sell Crip and Blood bandanas. -Yeah. -I would I like to invoke some type of white gang/black gang mentorship program where… -Yeah. -…where — But I really did take four brothers — Newny, Yayo, Murdo, and AC. I took these four young men who are members of a street fraternity that we know as the Crips — which started as Community Revolution in Progress, right? And I took these young men and said, “Hey, let’s try to start a legitimate business and legitimize what you’re doing.” One of them already has a legitimate business. The guy Yayo has Cash Crop Clothing that he already sells.

He already has some retail experience, but he hadn’t had the experience of getting a loan and things of that nature. So, the guys decided to start a soda company… -Yeah. -…because soda has killed far more people than any gang. -And — And there you go. It’s Crip Co– Crip-a– -Crip-a-Cola. -Crip-a-Cola. There you go. It takes the edge off it. – Yeah. -Yeah. You — You — A lot of the show is challenging ideas we have… -Yes, yeah. -…for people inside bubbles or just things that — even people outside of bubbles have — although I would argue everybody’s in a bubble.

But… – -…you — were you like this always? Were you like this in school? -I was always curious. I was always rebellious. My oldest friend since kindergarten — he saw the show, laughed hysterically, looked at my pitiful life, and said, “He’s been like this this whole time.” “There’s no changing — no chance of him changing.” You know what I mean? I have always challenged the status quo. I’ve always asked “Why?” and “Why not?” And I always thought that made me special until my 11-year-old did the same thing to me. -Yeah, you got four kids, right? -Yeah. Yeah. -You got four kids. -Yeah. -And so, they’re — they’re turning out to be just like you? -And that’s not a good thing. -Yeah.

Well, now you know what your wife’s like, ’cause you got to live with one of you now. -Exactly. -Yeah. -So, Malik, Aniyah, Pony Boy, Mikey, I love you guys. -That’s great. I’m glad to hear they’re watching. You… You were a supporter — an early supporter of Bernie Sanders in the last election. -Yeah. Still a friend of his. Where do you take him to lunch here? -The OG. This is Busy Bee’s. I was gonna take Bernie to another restaurant, and my wife, in classic Southern black wife speak said, “You ain’t taking that man to no white folks’ restaurant.” “He wants the black vote, you’re gonna take him to a black restaurant.” So we went to Busy Bee’s, which was a restaurant my grandfather used to take me to, and all of Atlanta goes there.

And I think he had baked chicken, I had fried chicken, and we both had cornbread and greens. -You also took him to a barber shop — correct? — but he did not get a haircut. -Well, he rocks — he rocks what we call the classic Bernie ‘fro. -Yeah. -So, you don’t — you don’t — you don’t need the classic Bernie ‘fro cut as much. It’s just comb forward a lot. -Yeah. Also, very exciting — Run The Jewels has a new album coming. -“4.” We’re gonna — -“4”? -Yeah. -What — Can you tell us anything about it? -It’s gonna feel like the most frigid of New York days and you’re walking out of Katz’s with a pastrami sandwich and someone punches you in your face.

-That is… What an incredible review. I can’t wait. – -I can’t wait to listen. -Thank you. -Hey, man, thank you so much for being here. -Thank you, Seth. -Congrats on the show. -I appreciate it. .

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