Janet Jackson Calls Bobby A Liar? Kinda, Sorta. No ratings yet.

Written by on September 8, 2018

Did Bobby Brown smash Janet Jackson or not? The other night, the second half of “The Bobby Brown Story” hit BET and everybody was shocked that Bobby had a sexual relationship with Janet. Remember how dope Janet was around that era? Control was her hit album and she was HOT! And Bobby was no slouch either. But, JJ was a princess of the Jackson Family and Bobby was a lil gangster from Boston. In the movie, their differences eventually caused their relationship to dissipate into nothing. NOT before the bad boy of R&B alleges he had sex with Janet. Now, “source” have supposedly denied these allegations that Bobby asserts. I am already going to say Bobby hit. Now, first of all, Janet has not says NARY a word. Sources are just some people that may or may not be down with Janet (or real for that matter) that are running interference on the TRUTH. Clearly, I was not there, but Viacom is a huge company and their legal department is most assuredly on this. Now, if JJ decides to SUE, that would be a different story. Ain’t nobody suing nothing, because there is too much evidence leaning towards the facts.

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