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Written by on June 3, 2020

Hey good evening children come on in
boss nigga back in the building dedicated to the dumb shit how are you
how are you all right Friday night the biracial racist race baiter
I think that’s what I call myself back in 2002 and 2003 wasn’t it
the biracial racist race baiter all right I’m on I’m on some bullshit
tonight feeling good I had to recharge my battery earlier and
I’m excited to be here tonight I’m very excited I’m gonna talk to you about some
bullshit it’s Friday night we handle the bullshit
on Friday as most people do was I’m sipping my cocktail yeah Snoop Dogg
snoop do up d-o-double-g Calvin Brodus put the government name out there
earlier oh I got the paperwork hold on a second
County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department 1998 Calvin Broadus interview
we come up with receipts give me a minute because you know I like to give
props where props who do we gonna put some huh we’re gonna put some props um
I’m sorry somebody just x-men interrupting me put some props where
props are due god damn mob James salute big nigger Reggie right Junior I think I
met him back in the days Alex Alonzo tgc crew can someone tell me what that
stands for tgc crew they’re on a YouTube platform called digital soapbox Network
yeah that’s why I got the paperwork from you no I want to thank them they
probably old niggas like me I’m 55 if you new to the show born in 64 I’m as
old as dust but um let me just ramble for a second because you know snoop and
I have just a little history it’s nothing personal I’m not even sure if we
ever met I think we met in 1999 when I was hosting the beat suite with buck
wild when MTV I’m not a lot of that shit is a blur from back
in the days I was drinking heavy back then and I’m just not sure and somewhere
around 2015 or was it 14 I forget he was doing some dumb shit up on the Instagram
as he does and I started clapping at that bitch nigga oh he’s a bitch nigga
he says clapping back at me so we went back and forth but that’s all it is just
back and forth because you know I think he does too much now I have to get some
ages here tonight hang on a sec let me just pull one of these windows down
because I just my whole reason for even coming at Snoop is because he’s a man of
a certain age and he’s taking shots at Takashi now to cost his a piece of shit
this we know snitching on people and a person like snoop who’s supposed to be
in a great place in his life he’s a father he’s probably even got kids older
than Takashi I forget exactly all his details I don’t gonna give a fuck but um
it’s just it bothers me to see an older person taking shots at the younger
generation that’s something I try not to do you know this you know I try and
avoid all sorts of tension with younger people because they’re younger they have
to grow they make mistakes and it’s not that deep to Miep anyway so he’s taking
shots at Takashi up on Instagram talking about snitch stands for Matt you know I
only put a pardon me I’m sloppy tonight sorry nigga I just want to come home or
something some type of crazy shit and I wanted to get at him two days ago and
salute to the homie 702 POW and five other people you sent me some videos
which I was not even up to speed on beautiful videos oh let me thank him
again Maude James Reggie Wright junior Alex Alonzo the tgc
crew Reggie Wright junior if I’m saying this
correctly he used to be not just the head of security at death row records
once upon a time but he was also Suge Knight’s business partner he did a lot
with contracts payin niggas signing checks
he’s been going apeshit and ten toes down on snoop snoop Dogg as well so
so now they have given me a window back in and I’m gonna take it so here we are
tonight talking about Snoop is Snoop Dogg a former snitch again I’ve got the
paperwork that I pulled off of their website I’m gonna let Ronnie read this
to you she’s calling and shortly uh mo fax will not be available tonight so I
make it someone else I took co-host or maybe I’m sorry you know what then are
y’all fair give me a second guys since some all over the place like bird shit
tonight let me send Dana attacks Dana with the data maybe Dana can call in and
we can talk about other Patriots releasing Antonio Brown yeah that fuck
niggas out of here yeah doing too much I want to talk about him and other fuckin
niggas like him who can’t seem to UM to stop all the dumb shit with regards to
you know screenshots and just doing a whole lot up on social media the New
England Patriots gave him another chance and he fucked it up if you ask me he
fucked him yes there’s another female that has come forward with regards to
some type of you know sexual misconduct claims but if you asked me what made the
Patriots say getting the fuck out of here’s something with the doctor’s
office he was in the doctor’s office farting and and he was laughing I
couldn’t watch that stupid ass video and then the doctor was acting like he
didn’t approve of it and then a Antonio Brown puts out the tweets again to show
that the doctor was cool with I mean just just bozo shit anyway it will come
to that shortly as well and I think Ronnie’s gonna be on the line with me
early hang on a second huh there you are Ronnie let me bring him in now slow my
dumb ass down hey boss shit Ronnie are you there on a Friday night hey Thor how
are you I’m good I’m good I’m just a little extra charged thank you for being
available we spoke earlier there’s a lot going on so if I’m you know moving too
fast to slummy to slow down we have a lot of names to put on the table but I
want to focus on Snoop Dogg and the the paperwork that I got from the TG
see crew their website with their YouTube channel pardon me
the Sheriff’s Department an interview with Snoop Dogg
yes 1998 yes and he gave up some pretty good information I’m actually looking at
the same paperwork from the LA Sheriff’s Department and you know he the entire
situation happened as a result of him running from a group of people who were
about to put hands on him well hang on a second because someone did punch him in
the face according to the report and I want you to read this verbatim just
start from the top he was punched in his face he ran and and and toward the end
make sure that you highlight the part where he he’s totally sheriff or
sheriff’s deputy that Suge Knight is when they killed Tupac please from the
top okay so this obviously is written bias and you know official
correspondence this is written by the actual department so I’m going to start
reading it now and they start off by referring to him as a gangster rap
artist so it’s a gangster rap artist Calvin Broadus and Delmar Arnaud were
arrested by deputies Ron stay between and Jem Pharrell for possession of less
than one for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana during an incident at
the Universal amphitheater the deputies were working under a private entity
contract providing uniformed deputies outside the backstage area of the
amphitheater they were assigned to monitor and assist with the universal
security officers Manning the metal detectors used to screen anyone entering
through the artists entrance yes did you point out this was 1998 Ronnie yes 1998
may 1st May 1st continue yes 1998 the incident began when fortifies male
African Americans approached mr. Broaddus that Snoop Dogg he approached
them as employees of Death Row Records a company he had just broken away from one
of them struck him the feast with his fists mr. Broaddus
mr. Arnaud and a third man priest Brooks immediately ran out of the backstage
area outside to where they knew the deputies were posted hold on stop right
there so so snoop got yapped in his shit and you ran hold ass bang yeah according
to any ran he pulled yeah I’m kind of picturing member Jim Jones running the
Rutger hang hang on because topo was calling shots slow that shit down now
hang on a second um and again I want to put some respect respect on Reggie right
Junior’s name because I watched three videos of him earlier today and he broke
down that particular incident where a snoop got punched in his in his face and
Snoop was on another video you know in the studio telling people that he was
the guy that punched somebody so clearly the report that snoop gave to the police
is the actual document the factual document okay please yeah because this
is his version of event so this is what he told the officers happened to him he
said he got punched on his face okay so back to the report they ran outside to
where they knew the deputies were posted as the three men approached the depth
the two deputies mr. Arnaud yelled out he’s got a gun
DEP the deputies immediately patted all three men for weapons and discovered
that both Brodus and Arnaud had a baggie of marijuana in their pocket Jesus now
you said the guy named Arnaud who was with Snoop he’s the one that told the
deputies they got a gun yes yes yes okay continue please yes
detect deputies say Bateen requested assistance when he noticed that
approximately 60 males had exited the backstage area and were approaching them
in varying degrees of hostility approximately 20 deputies assigned to
boot the universal substation and the unis that reserve company responded
along with 12 Universal Studio armed security officers and off-duty police
officers and 30 uniformed American Protective Service officers responded as
well because they quickly restored so that they quickly restored warrant order
response units from the West Hollywood station arrived also and stood by while
the concert crowd exited there were no further incidents directly related to
the concert and no one was injured mr. Broaddus was extremely cooperative
during the incident and in fact hang on stop stop right there mr. Broaddus aka
Snoop Dogg aka Todd aka snoop lion Snoop depent he was extremely what cooperative
you said mr. Broaddus was extremely cooperative during the incident and in
fact said that he was thankful that the deputies had been there as he felt that
the assault was intended as an act of intimidation he told me that he felt
that he was in grave danger as a result of leaving Death Row Records and signing
with a new label No Limit okay hang on a sec Ivana you stay right there Daniel
with the data I see you sit tight I’m coming you shortly folks the phone lines
are open cash app in super chat if you can’t get through on the phone lines and
again I want to thank these guys for pulling the trigger on this they’ve been
doing this for a while especially uh Reggie right jr. so it just it allows me
to you know to take a couple of shots at Snoop and it doesn’t seem personal I
don’t just like the guy but again I have problems with older people always taking
shots at the younger generation let them make the fucking mistakes that they’re
making snoop is not a goddamn killer never been a pimp
off and on again weed smoke I I just I remember so much about this guy in fact
if I can also just say this hang on a sec Ronnie you know just so
that some of you newer viewers will know that it’s not personal you know ice
arrived with the West during the whole East Coast West Coast beef I worked for
verbs and records I was a national director in 1990 up until late 1991 I
even lived in LA for about six months um and I just loved the production of dr.
Dre I guess it was because I was raised on Parliament Funkadelic and I just I
appreciate it more you know musical driven hip hop as
opposed to the New York stuff so anyway so we’re asking the question tonight is
Snoop Dogg a former snitch and can you be a former snitch can you be
rehabilitated from being a snitch what is the difference between a snitch
and a rat oh there’s a difference let me go to super Chet in cash a blade
gleaming straight blade says star the same way that you always say there’s no
such thing as a former pimp there’s no such thing as a former snitch you might
be right sir you might be right hello good evening hallo says star
Takashi is a fucking victim they knew him less than a year these niggas are
getting what they deserve all of them he isn’t snitching he’s
telling his story Wow taping for the little Mexican early are
you okay I’ll let you say your piece if you send in cash EPS super Chet I
appreciate that gem star good evening gem star says star
why do I get the feeling that you have Ronnie on disguising all of this nigga
shit in her caucasian voice just to throw your audience for a loop Ronnie
gem star says you have a caucasian voice but both of your parents are
african-american yes and both of their parents are african-american okay okay
we don’t all sound the same Jim sorry Thank You gemst Orpheus oops okay hang
on a second let me bring in a call or two I want to see if we can flush this
out area code six one zero good evening dog a former snitch six one zero hello
ah don’t mind me beginning I’m just listeners salut
okay will you come from sir I met a silly okay okay so you have no opinion
with regards to snoop is your Foreman in Jersey
is he a real nigga you know gangbanger gang gang back from back in the days I
mean on some real shit rap music was about an image it’s about an image right
real you think about it you know you lose your image you lose your paper so
you know you can’t blame a nigga like bathroom for trying to by trying to down
Takashi using co-sign a rat you lose your bread you lose the ability to sort
like this whole Takashi shit Takashi could still get up on the
Internet they just single this shit like that right but this torn bag is about
you film because the images is defeated so with Snoop he probably finished he
can’t come out and admit no shit like that are you born and raised in Philly
seven how old you born or raised me I’m 23 23 okay so you’re given a pass to
Snoop Dogg who could quite possibly be you know pump faking perpetrating the
fraud and all that all that extra shit you give him a pass listen I’m I’m
giving anybody your past who’s chasing a bag I at the end of the day if this
niggas snoop philly niggas talking real different now sorry sir respectfully are
you familiar with the hilltop hustlers i mean a lot of the foundation for rappers
in philly came out of the hilltop hustlers he are you serious
you’re giving the fuck sure to pass like that yeah hey listen anybody who’s
chasing a day I’ll give him the pad let’s get him out of here an exam Barris
me to Philly so there you code 708 hang on a second I’m silly 708 good evening
Snoop Dogg I see a former snitch 708 good evening good evening sir how are
you hi sir I just want
to really just let you know that you need weed sponsors for the show man
mostly your fucking audio no sir no sir yeah no excuse me
YouTube is not playing that game that you have sir YouTube’s not playing their
game I don’t want that type of I’m working on a cable television show I’m
not a weed head I’m not a burnout but I appreciate you calling yeah I’ll talk
about Snoop Dogg or what fuck no man I’m calling some other day I have a good one
hey man yeah I’m so high man I think a banning all sorts of vaping oils
nationwide Ronnie different flavors or something like that they have banned the
vape juice in oh honey can you hold on a second four one three hold a second will
you say money Oh they’ve banned it in one state and they’re trying to ban it
they’re considering banning it in New York the administration is also
considering a countrywide ban many people are calling it an overreaction
because of the amount of injuries it’s you know it’s very unsafe or 1/3 good
evening are you there four one three how you doing tonight
how are you sir what’s poppin would you not better are you doing Ronnie
all right yourself how are you I’m on oh my just one jump right into it office if
new dog is a snitch there’s no dog as a snitch then how to forgive anybody give
em up there anybody can get in when they come to
this this is shit like I don’t understand where everybody went wrong
with all of this snitchin stuff like it’s windy since when is it okay to tell
on somebody when you and on the crime on a second we’re talking about a totally
different generation and I’m not trying to you know say that what’s going on
right now did not develop a manifest from a place where we
generation was failed but I’m going back going back to Calvin Broadus who is
talking real breezy now on YouTube he’s an old nigga he’s an old washed silly
nigga and if you ask me I mean it was never a gangbanger you know and I know
that sounds harsh coming from me you know because I’m an older guy I’m 55 but
we’re talking about him now just doing the most up on motherfucking Instagram
and you got these guys who are official let’s not get it fucked up mob James
Reggie Wright junior and Alex groans oh they’re same snitch liar
um okay um well I don’t know of any rappers who was like real in the street
okay I don’t know of it okay so if he if he was telling this because he wasn’t
real in the street and we’ll get the train in that role like all these other
dudes okay so I wouldn’t put it back then I mean shit
why wouldn’t mean maybe the TEL to get that in but here’s the problem here’s
the problem since you know I always talk about the old judge older generation
trying to lead the newer generation you can’t try and change the narrative of
truth and and try to romanticize things and live right Reggie right junior
pardon me has outright said that Snoop is lying he was there but anybody would
know he would know I watched the videos today he was talking about when they
gave us new peelers to leave to go sign to No Limit snoop lion talking about
Master P he gave him a million to make that record fuck death row so if you ask
me Snoop is doing the same shit that Karras
one has been doing over the years with regards to Afrika Bambaataa Afrika
Bambaataa never unified no fucking gangs he was a rapper yeah a rapper if you go
look you go talk to those oh jeez up in the Bronx they’ll laugh at you talk
about Afrika Bambaataa unified their gangs in and he brought
peace bullshit okay um well I’m wondering who would protect this me
because for him to be a yeah I don’t know you tell me Jim Jones
you talk about capo get set what are you talking about Carlos I
think when is that when they come to that ass he’s gonna tell just like all
these other niggas and they even will talk about rat this rat you gonna be the
same maybe enough they may tell about you listen all I know is well sir if you
asked me Harlem is the home of snitches Alpo Nicky Barnes and all those ho ass
niggers I don’t cosign awesome Jersey born raised you feel me thank you for
the call me thank you oh yes sir okay salute all right hey Ronnie can we go
back to you before we take more calls and Dana sit tight I’m coming to you
Dana there’s a part within this paperwork again that I got from Reggie
right Junior and the digital soap box network where Snoop Dogg says that Suge
Knight killed Tupac do you know what I’m talking I can read that it’s really tiny
much of it yeah I was just getting to that next
okay so it says it goes on to say mr. Broaddus also said that he felt mr.
Arnaud and are not by the way is that Dillinger she said that he felt mr.
Arnaud was in danger as he is still under contract to death row records
during the discussion I said that I know who killed Tupac Shakur mr. Broaddus
responded by saying that it was the man sitting next to Tupac I asked if he met
you I asked if he meant Suge Knight he replied affirmative Lee
mr. Broaddus also said that he was upset that his bodyguard disappeared and did
not assist him Wow okay folks we have paperwork and I’m gonna try and post the
paperwork in the link up under the comments after after this show so you
can download it yourself or you can just go to oh it is a digital soap box
Network all right so I’m gonna bring you some more calls running or what else is
it that we need to put on the table right now because you know a lot of
these rappers you know they may come from the street at one point but once
they make that transition to becoming an entertainer you know shit changes yeah
you spoke about a little C’s earlier Fat Joe other people you know even earth
gaudy and Ja Rule’s still insist they have paperwork on 50 cent you know that
I saw that training order against them yeah so and then you know we don’t have
any paperwork but we do have we’re you know test T I did get on the stand and
regards to his friend that was killed in a shootout so he did identify the guys
that were involved that’s sort of like a situation where I can understand but
when it comes to the situation where he was pretty much caught with an arsenal I
just don’t understand how you walk away from that not to a few years of time you
know they found drums they’ve all kinds of drugs just assault weapons just you
know and you know he was able to escape from that then you had little seeds who
took the stand the little Kim is just now forgiving him for for that so it’s
definitely something you know snitching is a part of the culture but my problem
with Snoop Dogg is that it’s hypocritical for him to go on the attack
and you know talk about Takashi and your name is in paperwork
yeah really bothers me hang on a second area code three one three good evening
we’re talking about snoop d-o-double-g this is a former snitch three one three grieving are you there look here yeah
look here okay I have to wrap it have the rep in the same industry snitch okay
I don’t know I see no paperwork bad but so I just showed you the paperwork you
can go to our digital soap box now what can see the paperwork I’m not sitting
here I will check it out I’m a check I’m gonna check it out and get giddy back
feed baby okay excuse you the fuck up out of here fuck you calling me for area
code three four seven evening 347 are you up to speed on mob James Reggie
Wright junior and Alex Alonzo three four seven cleaning yeah yeah it was gunstar
oh hey how are you sir yeah I was hearing about that you’re stupid and
snitch okay that’s a fact cos you said he’s going down this Hall
of Fame but this is crazy never ever none like this home anybody
so your phone sounds like shitty you know some type of puerto rican bluetooth
audio sounds like shit can you get off of it
if I hang up on you come on mum yes I mag you tonight I’m holding Aggie
yeah you remember me stars come I feel nothing but I oh yeah man
you might be a snitch I don’t know you good good at fishing over in there but
there’s a lot of stitches in there in the street okay
telling you just hose this whole shit is crazy because the car he took the tape
this man the guy’s telling on everybody so his own mom everybody this is crazy
but su yeah I think I think there’s Ben Ben Ben
they don’t think that about sniffing all these other people though I don’t know
why I don’t bring them up well serve the GGC crew is going to Enzo’s down I’m
promoting them all night big one Adam brand knows videos we’ve been in yes
female I’ve seen that mob gene body out of this morning I’ve seen that shit
that’s just crazy this thing’s just going on our whole bunch of people not
just food hey buddy yeah yeah this is crazy man all that was
going on now everybody’s gonna have to later anyway thanks get him out of here
I don’t know what’s going on well fuck you calling me for I look for somebody
who knows what’s going on uh hang on a second blade leaning straight blade
sends in a super chat score this niggas six nine is telling on more people than
then Joe Valachi did are you proud of your son man fuck six nine I said that
yesterday no fuck about him like that and and I’m
tired of his baby’s mother to was just you know just always eating on the
camera disgusting mortal 46 good evening uh star 50 is clowning 6 9 – but 50 was
a snitch as well okay eight one three boss says Reggie got caught disturbing
major opioids across coasts by the feds and still free
Ronnie was adopted by some African booty scratcher Ronnie I don’t know Reggie uh
right Junior’s full background I know that at one point they were trying to
say that he has something to do with Tupac’s murder allegedly do you know
anything about his background and how old he is can you find out Bob James
looks like a nigga who beat me on some coke back in 87 down on watch blade
carrot blade star you were ahead of your time with the start snitching campaign I
just found out that lefty Rosenthal from casino was snitching for years yeah
guerrillas oglivie googles Oh says snoop would have been this 69 of his
generation if we had social media hashtag snoop rat you know for those of
you who remember his snoop dog when he had had that court case him and those
guys and I forget the details he was praying yeah I remember the
picture you know begging Jesus to get him out of it
did he tell its what area code nine Tory good evening 908 talking about Snoop
Dogg was your former snitch 908 they was going on star steal in the second hey
we’ll set me how you it was going on yeah Ronnie definitely laid out some
good points regarding uh Snoop Dogg basically snitching regarding uh pretty
much the death of Tupac the reason why I made a good point that
if you watch one of the interviews he did on glad you mean he basically stated
that he came and shook had a fall out a long fall out and basically explained
out you know they all the baby got along with each other like a couple years
later but there’s actual article shit can’t remember the website which they
should actually states and in Rolling Stones where he believes that uh the dog
is a rat if I find that also said a stupid ever even had a fight it’s all
bullshit and what you’re talking about if I can just try and zona know this you
know somewhere around 2006 I think I think they made up but you know even
then snoopers was talking that Oh crazy shit talking about you know his dogs is
about to jump on snoopeh name was about to get to the action you know as if he’s
a motherfucker who’d been bussing guns you know fuck boy ship oh go ahead yeah
I mean I don’t think he was I don’t really believe he was truly about that
life because you know when he explains that story of when image to apartments
in New York and nas was surrounded him it was I think o Central Park
like he’ll eat enough to explain that story correctly he doesn’t want to tell
people I think Reggie Reggie you said his name earlier Reggie White jr.
explained the story will want more details yes on black gpo what up the old
nigga Chronicles enjoy some that stuff because you know
again I’m 55 some of that shit I don’t want to remember I I don’t want to
remember no bum ass niggas and sloppy bitches from the 80s you know just we
had our time don’t fuckin meet you out to me on Facebook but you know they’re
giving details like even last word Theo please I mean like I said the season of
snitching I mean look at ki fede so on black babies don’t know the one thing
that resonated with me in that interview is when he got a phone call from Diddy
and did he ask them was it us regarding Tupac’s
desk I chose to do was just Nicki okay you know good to talk to you man all
right yes sir have a good one okay why did you
find out how old Reggie Wright Jr is it looks familiar
I’m looking for a specific age but I do believe he’s in his late 40s early 50s
out give me a couple more seconds and see if we can find out how old mob
James’s I think it looks familiar that looks a long time he looks a little
younger but you know just these guys are putting some work in folks this is where
I’m pointing to for my source tonight the paperwork it’s nobody LG do double J
you know talent and clapping it to Kashi silly fuck nigga I think this is Dana
here dan is that you Dan with the data 973 yes can you hear me how many I can
say how’s it going hey how’s your channel coming let’s promote your
channel first before we do anything Daniel Daniel YouTube let’s go yes
everybody please subscribe to the road and on you to have three thousand subs
as of this month so that’s a good a nice mouth song yes still growing and so
subscribe to the road ain’t on YouTube and I go live Tuesday 7:00 p.m. okay
okay before we talk about Snoop Dogg being a possible rat or a snitch the
Patriots have released Antonio Brown you are a sports person yes anything you
want to say about this so any inside formation
you may have yes oh I love football and so I’ve been following Antonio Brunel
and so he was released today about a patriot and rightfully so but he’s doing
too much so it was a writer by the name of Robert Clem Coe of sports illustrator
and he pinned to expose detailing how is a dozen individuals talking about
Antonio Brown past like former client coaches and saying how he ripped them
off or degrading them and one woman during our article accused him of sexual
misconduct so a few days after the story broke the woman revealed to Clemente Co
that she receives a series of text messages from Antonio Brown so basically
in her lawyer saying is you know it’s basically you know threatening or
harassing you know no text messages and and and so with that I guess the
Patriots was like listen you know this is just too much a traditionally blast
black ass to fuck up at her now if I can just jump in here for a second
supposedly some of the text messages that Antonio Brown was sending to this
female he included pictures of someone’s kids someone’s family a home addresses
something like that yes no maybe yeah it’s always a group chat to where he was
telling people in a chat investigate her and he indicated a picture of her
children inside of his inside of this group chat and he specifically said to
her arm is really sad you will make bullshit story to the world basically
calling her broke is she’s doing it for money no okay okay hold on a second Dana
number nine wants to call in as well and talk about some of these topics Ronnie
anything you want to join with regards to the Patriots releasing Antonio Brown
we can shift from Snoop Dogg’s punk ass for a minute Ronnie I think it’s
gonna be interesting to see whether or not any team picks him up because you
know at this point it’s almost like he’s alive liability you don’t know what he’s
gonna do next or who’s gonna come from his past and say hey he’s done XYZ to me
or you know whether or not these claims that have surfaced against him have any
merit which I don’t believe the first one does it doesn’t matter it’s the
optics it’s every time they they turn around you’re up to you know your name
is in the headlines with some some new allegation so and certainly the way that
he acted you know with the Raiders and calling the coach out of requests
publicly requesting his release he you know recording phone calls any team you know which actually violated the
wiretapping laws in California but I don’t I don’t really see any team
picking him up Wow Dana do you think Antonio Brown is finished in the NFL
well he’s definitely finished this season I don’t know if he’s if he does
not beat both those cases he’s completely finished from the NFL so if
he does beat the case he will be picked up next year but he’s losing out on
money because the Patriots are not required to pay him none of the money
unless he filed grievances who wants to go to water and also 90 dropped him as
an endorsement and he lost an endorsement from 90 so hang on a second
there was supposed to have been nine million dollars Garin to some type of
signing bonus he didn’t get that yes that was that was a bonus but they had
that clause that image clause so if you bring any negative attention to the club
they do not have to pay you unless they pay it out of goodwill or you follow
grievances so they’re not obligated to pay him anything
they paid on for week two and week three and that’s it
okay okay all right hang on a second I’m going to superjet firestarter good
evening sir he said store I’m snitching on you fuck nigga I was one of the guys
at the par in New Jersey where you were raised when
you pulled your father’s gun on the basketball court we said we sitting your
dumb ass down oh thank you man what was that 1979 I can’t play basketball some
nigga stuffed my shot you know the story in the shit just
yeah yo it fucked me at Mets right well I’m got my father’s gun I said ah hell
no I can’t take that scarecrow and the field did I say that right sent to the
super chat 69 and Trey Way is at war ain’t no rules in war 69 put hits out
but shoddy bum ass couldn’t deliver the feds could hashtag stuck behind the
eight ball all right thank you so much hey Gemini – hey sugar what’s poppin
hang on a second she says loving this show story you look extra bright tonight
salute thank you darling I like I like you your glasses and your uh your whole
makeup there Wow are you single what’s poppin are you in Atlanta thank you for your cash app you are
appreciated hold a sec guys scroller Frank leaving he says snitch
means sorry niggas I’m tryin to come home Aloha yet that’s what Snoop Dogg
had up on his fucking IG page snitch means sorry niggas I’m tryin to come
home and again I’m trying not to make this personal because we’ve never really
had a conversation we’ve never hung out I just think he’s too old to be doing
all this dumb shit you know one minute he’s white boy Todd then he’s Snoop lion
and he snooped a pimp give me some of his other names Danis new book do you
know some of his other names snoop teriyaki
oh no lion no client I said that yeah oh you did yeah doctor snoop carpenters
Snoopy dis a fucking dog father the dog father
there you go yes hey father he used to okay all right
okay so Dana um what else with Antonio Brown released from the Patriots uh he’s
trying to get a new team uh he released a statement he released a statement via
social media he said thank you for the opportunity appreciate at PAX now live
it oh now he chooses to be quiet yeah I saw that I saw that that wasn’t
really a statement that was just thanking the Patriots and then Tom Brady
put three little hearts you know just I watched his ship and I’m talking about
has he released a statement saying I’m you know I’m sorry yadda yadda I’m gonna
get past this no that shit no no nothing defiant black man okay
I don’t you you you have a pending case with the first victim why are you saying
anything with text why are you reaching out to these people that’s accusing like
how dumb can you be I don’t think it’s a pending case I
think it’s a lawsuit but but not it’s not illegal I’m sorry it’s not a um the
police are not to my knowledge they’re not looking for him just a lawsuit
yes yeah you know I definitely like a pending lawsuit case yeah the police are
not involved but we still what are you talking about it yeah area code for to
for good evening Snoop Dogg you see a form of snitch four to four no yes look
there’s a businessman life look best listen like the big homies Ben told me
about was house no get down let’s go down the silver at you got them from
ready yeah all the February that you got from Reggie like I’ve seen that pepper
working he was telling for showing that paperwork but the thing with Snoop is
that don’t nobody highlighted because you got so much money and status it’s
like I guess not gonna come some Godfather type shit so it’s like kind of
like what some West Coast JV type shit yeah we talked about it you know you got
deal sorry because especially if you want to entertainment bill you know the
meaning so ain’t nobody gonna put light on it except for niggas ispotter look
yeah I suppose despite a local a couple of months ago he was he was going still
going hard at niggas now hang on a second do you know the background of
Reggie White Junior mob James and Alex Alonso they they got a a podcast is
popular and what does tgc crews stand for do you know the stand for I know the
whole background the whole like the whole Martha hosted from that area from
Louis Park company so I know the whole background of that honest answer Reggie
writing all of that shit man he got much to say by help is he’s a police officer
at the end of the day you know that move but is he a former cop I thought he was
a former security chief for death row his father is a former cop right okay no
you look I was trying to be a cop too so yeah hang on a second so what does tgc
crew stand for what does that stand for you say Katie
be cool t GC crew that’s the name of their Sheldon podcast oh come on is that
the gangster Chronicles is that what that stands for
yeah they made it with each other but it ain’t nothing really industry
significance is going to men I mean sitting there we just tell him inaudible
i-i’m sorry no you know I’m a big fan did you see the homey way no with Adam
22 that was just posted today way knows my nigga for real for real lover man
yeah academic you know my thing even you know shit about a pop star I think he or academics is a good guy and and I and I
liked nadeska but listen man I thank you for the call man salute thank you somebody sent me a link thank you the homey way no from everyday struggle
and folks when I say everyday trash I’m not talking about when we know was there
way no it was a big fucking help a great guy great businessman great personality
great aura you know he used to come in for those who give a shit in the
mornings and sometimes I would say to him I still on the lake and he would say
well like am i Salaam great human being you know I don’t know the guy Adam 22
he’s and don’t tell them but they spelled my name wrong on that no jumper
interview they spelled the STAAR are in a second Dana any thoughts on snoop
d-o-double-g den are you a fan of snoop dogg’s
he’s been called the snitch Dana yeah I’m not really a fan of his a party like
maybe one or two songs but that actor that was that big casing he did the saw
myrtle at the case that they gave me it’s that case that they were furniture
right say that again I was doing something else what the the case that
you’re talking about he did a song after he was on found not guilty the song
called murder was the case that they gave me it was around that time right
I’m following you leader and no but I’m just but what I’m when I’m hearing when
I’m noticing what a lot of these rappers that you know had run-ins with the law
whether TR sue for whoever none of them never went to jail before they were
rappers even though there was someone in the street so that says a lot if you
don’t have a history of doing time it’s for a reason you are more likely to tell
because you don’t want to go to jail that’s thing I used to say I don’t want
to go but I’m not scared to go nobody’s scared to come that’s funny running
mouth okay okay so the murder case was in 1993 and it
looks like this incident was 1998 yeah the murder case as you say was much
early but but Snoop talking to the police
giving them a statement that came years later yes okay so well I wonder if he
snitched on our murder case hmm well he was acquitted he took it to trial yeah
and he was acquitted okay okay he was acquitted as well so yeah I don’t but
I’m just saying but with that years later you know talking who knows but all
right so I’m ahead a couple years ahead I’m thinking on the very first month I
didn’t know about this second incident that happened okay all right so why did
you find anybody’s age mob James Reggie White jr. Alex Alonso well Reggie White
jr. I found an interview where he talked about being a member of the great Street
Crips and the peter’ll mafia back early 80s so I could speculate as
to his age but he’s not the type of person that has a Wikipedia page so it’s
gonna be pretty hard you know other than guesstimating okay hang on a second I’m
looking in the live chat my beautiful troll babies anybody know how old mob
James is I saw him up on a Vlad TV a few times
no okay all right ladies can we switch gears for a minute we’ll come back to
Snoop Dogg and Antonio Brown Ronnie there’s some new controversy going on
with hmm and some young girl’s hair that appears to be not combed and and once
again at H&M I don’t even know what HM stands for they are at the center of
controversy can you bring us up to speed on this I saw the story I was kind of
turned off and I said this looks like some new fashion chic bullshit
Ronnie yeah well as you just said you know they are no stranger to controversy
if you recall they came under fire back in January 2018 for an ad that featured
a black boy and a sweatshirt that made reference to monkeys so now once again
they find themselves a new coolest monkey in the jungle to be yeah coolest monkey in the jungle right
so now they’re you know they’re in a little bit of controversy for another ad
that features a young black girl now if you’re one of the few people who hasn’t
seen the adding question there are several shots that feature the girl and
what some would describe as you know her hair in a natural state so I’ve seen
both sides of the argument play out on online ad nauseam you have some people
who feel that H&M used those images to mock and clown the girl and they say
that you know there should have been a hairstylist
on site to change their hair but on the other side of the argument are the
people that feel that there’s nothing wrong with the images because it
captures her hair in its natural state and so to those people anyone who is
complaining about her hair is actually making an attack on her that reinforces
Eurocentric standards of beauty okay do you know you have to speed on this door
now yes or a clip of it on can you pull it up because I think this is important
enough hold it up I’m looking at it yeah I don’t I don’t see nothing wrong
because the other little girls here are a mess however this little black girl
they could have found another nephew had a black girl to display because she do
have damaged edges they just should have had another nappy headed black girl but
all the other girls here on that’s two of different backgrounds so I don’t
think I’m the wrong with this I didn’t make it black people raised baby and we
need to stop you are Pro black you stand up for the black man even though you
know you you’ve admitting gay porn you’re saying this is acceptable yeah I
just look if that was my child I want to say okay you’ll be use her but let me
take the ponytail to make out so little afro or nappy afro as you
look a hot mess but again all the other girls here I learned that so no I select
before their rates every speeding with this wealthy nothing wrong but she do
need her hair done she need a hair treatment Ronnie I don’t have any
biological daughters that I know of or that I’m claiming but you know and your
thoughts on this story AJ and what is H and M stand for ladies that I forget
this is a huge clothing chain well you know like Dana I I think I took it upon
myself to look further into this and I have to agree with her all of the
children and the ad are featuring similar hairstyles and by similar
hairstyles I mean it’s not styled at all there’s no semblance of professional
hair care and any of the pictures for any of the kids they’re rocking sort of
like just out of bed messy hair hairstyle so it looks like that wasn’t
look they were going for with everyone now while I don’t personally go for the
messy bedhead look I think it’s important for people to make a
distinction from a company trying to mock a child from a company that simply
just went with a questionable art direction for their ad campaign like
Dana said I don’t think this is like the a blatant case of racism that you know
some people are making it out to be but you know that it doesn’t look bad it the
hair looks unkept it looks damaged and I think I think
they missed the mark with this ad campaign and you know what let me just
add that instead of making it a racial thing it should have been me to movement
they should I mean it a feminist thing because I think as a woman
why are you advertising thin it’s okay for girls that have messy here you know
like that’s the new thing like ginger does not matter with this whole you know
non gender conformity thing and to me that’s that’s how I took it so because I
have a problem when you walk outside the house
your hair is not done but now you are saying it’s okay for little girls it’s
okay for you not to do your hair to go outside so to mean job you’re promoting
a negative stereotype of femininity they should have went with their angle I
don’t have any biological daughters but I think this is a disgrace I’m sorry I
think that this is you know trying to adapt to Eurocentric a culture and/or
behavior where it does not need to spill over into the upbringing of I’ll just
say african-american children everything that is acceptable in the in the you
know white world is not necessarily beneficial to to black or brown children
and I’ve got a nice I’m not gonna put too much of her business out there but
you know she grew up on Martha’s Vineyard Island and her father and I
took issue with the fact sometimes that she was dressing the same way that some
of the little white kids on the islands were dressing and they were dressing
very down with dirty jeans dirty sneakers and shit like that and even
though I myself was raised in Scotch Plains New Jersey my father one that
allowed me to come in the house looking like a fucking you know just a vagabond
I’ll just say that but I don’t like it I’ll just say that if that means
anything I don’t like it at all that your little black girls running around
with their hair just not combed at all under the umbrella of white acceptance
that’s all I’ll say give you last week right that’s a really that’s a really
old-school term use vagabond another one is ragamuffins and you know
there’s nothing wrong with wearing there’s nothing wrong with wearing your
hair and in its natural state but there is a difference between natural and
unkept now as someone who doesn’t use chemicals in my hair I consider myself
natural but I also would not roll out of bed and walk out the house without
sending to my hair natural hair doesn’t have to mean messy you know the styles
that I was trying to be the most beautiful are what is considered natural
have and a twist single leads to its goddess
braid there’s nothing messy or undone or unkept about those styles so you know
she could wear her natural her natural hair I’m not suggesting they should have
you know permed her hair or straightened it but they could have done her hair
they could have done all of the children’s hair what is the point of
adjust at this school look and you have on brand new clothes usually when you
get home from school your clothes are going to look a little you know Haggard
so and host famous for saying cleanliness is next to godliness why
people have black people and I’ll even go as far I’ll even go as far as to say
you know young white kids find it cool to have lice and other things of that
nature have lice and fucking yeast infections is just like that I’m going
someplace else part of me anybody want the last word let’s move on from this
I’m gonna get back to I just want us new dogs bitches I can’t sing or not the
little black girl but there’s the Indian girl the Asian girl so and you know
girls of color so why just the black girl because her he is more King here
again to me this looks like you you’re trying to conform young girls of BC and
it’s okay to be unkept and that’s wrong I’m not I’m not focusing on that nappy
headed black girl you know and it’s not the ramen that be here so go cuz all the
hairs were nappy but yeah she’s not the only one of color so black people need
to stop Waters erasing all the time all right hang on a second and let me go to
super chat full blast radio good evening sir sends in a donation star a snoop
lion is going to be mad at you again he’s good he’s not gonna threaten you
this time he’s gonna get the trannys in in the ATL to run down on you hashtag
chucko chucko cha cha cha cha cha cha okay thank you sir
blade blade says respect to Reggie right for keeping it real and saying that back
when he was a cop if nick has made him chase them the
billy club was coming out yeah yeah I applied to be a cop four times they said
get the fuck out of here we gave you a gun that’s that’s enough sugar G hey
darlin sugar G says let’s focus on why Ronnie’s statement about the first
allegation is boss chick a victim blame her too
what is this yeah cuz I don’t believe the bitches either what what is she
saying she’s saying am I you know what Dave Chappelle referred to himself and
he said I’m what you call a victim blame her he said what were those little boys
wearing well you know anybody looking at this allegation with common sense it’s
you know the police have looked at it was common sense too and they’re not
biting on it because it doesn’t make any sense so this man sexually assaulted you
and you continue to be around him alone you went to a club with him you you were
in his house if you’re in videos on snapchat whatever you know practically
on his lap but this is the man who sexually assaulted you and he
masturbated you had no idea he was masturbating and he ejaculated on your
bed your back and then you still continue to be around him and ask him
for money no not buying it this was an attempt to
come up okay okay and I read firestarters hanging this okay he’s
talking about me and okay back you got that one PA Iowa store checkout PA Lowa
shadi what does that rap goes all the way up to the president now and like all
the bodyguards or ex cops it’s fucked up game game and connected a lot so this is
written horribly I knew it again hey Spence scroller store checkout PA Lowa
shoddy rap goes all the way up to the president now
and like all the bodyguards are ex-cop so what does he mean a rap goes up to
the president what President he’s talking about Thank You being donation
hang on a sec okay 702 POW was poppin homie okay he’s one of the guys that
sent me the link earlier of mob James & Company the gangster Chronicles point me
all right 702 palaces store how the fuck can I forget Spyder Lok double down on
snoop snoop Crippin recently on Adam 22 last week I know it’s late and you live
already but this is too essential as he questions Snoop snoops Crippen as well
and if I see this Dana Ronnie despite a little going into ona
Snoop Dogg no I did not see that Dan finish up with Yuma take more calls
please promote your channel before you go and anything else that you want to
mention please Dana yeah well hmmm stands for Hennis and
Moritz there’s a suite and company and founded in 1947 but uh and you can
subscribe to my youtube channel the real thing and I’ll be going live again 7:00
p.m. I’m also going to upload a video with Ronnie on it let you know now
Ronnie many clips so she yeah she made some really good point
so but yeah so look out for that alright I’ll be looking take your dinner alright
alright Dana with the data on the check-in they bring some other phone
calls and hang on a second guys every two to one five I’m sorry nine one seven
four nine one seven first evening nine one seven Snoop Dogg is your former
snitch nine one seven stop yes stop no doubt about it he’s a
former snitch mr. so is on pip and he is so his tape
so his puffy a lot of these guys are and 6:9 listen I would never mess with him
again but this kid was kidnapped he was facing 70 years
weren’t they even talking about body in this kid right before he got busted so
yeah I wouldn’t mess with him for it I can’t what he’s doing as you hear the
latest from 6-9 who else’s baby dropped come on he’s talking now that Claude and
Ray didn’t die in that fire in prison that they were at a baseball game the
products watching thank you / oh wow I think it’s that one okay okay listen
star especially I mean unfortunately this generation is probably going to
accept them back after some time but Snoop snitch so did tests on all these
other guys they continue to do it and it’s so no like you know amazement that
snoop taping all these other guys they’re the ones that are put into like
you know Hollywood movies now not even independent little reticle movies
they’re in today you know the studio pictures now the ones are you know 100
million dollar budgets and everything somewhere along the line you know I’m
not gonna want to depend but a lot of these people call it Illuminati or
whatever right those guys cause a different line they got the money behind
them the players behind them whether a soul souls and I like you no joke no
joke all them guys will talk this and that something’s different with those
guys now they got the bread they did what they did and you know that’s just
the way it is when I hang on a second because you’ve already said that you
understand what Takashi is doing and can I ask how will you okay
but you’re 46 and you’re understanding how a guy is now flipping like a
flapjack on Sunday morning on his team your understanding of that yes oh yeah I
said I understand what he’s doing I didn’t say I’m understanding of it and I
agree with it or I’m down with it cuz I started you know truth be told I had a
situation like that listen started five days before 9/11 I
got a 1-2-3 I got caught up in something with five other dudes five of the black
dudes by the way and they were you know long story short we were in the cordon
everything let’s make a long story long how did you get out of this situation
how’d you get out who actually was – we did – shit they all they all got a one
two three so did I but beef right before that let me explain to you why I wasn’t
one two three we were all in there I had I was the only one that can afford a
lawyer I had one of the mornings I was not no James Dean back then you know I
had Barry Scheck I’m gonna wait through that at the DNA evidence in the old
education but the judge came in and said there’s no fuckin three guys to complete
two guys go to child he said you guys better get on the same page and either
you guys take a plea or you guys are off on the trial now I was thinking about
trial I had the lawyer but the judge also said if you guys want a child
your sentence is 12 to 17 and I’m giving you every last ounce of time I can give
you max so and now I might you start I knew I was into doing it but when you’re
looking down the barrel of a 12 to 17 or you can take a 1-2-3 you cooperated sir
go ahead you took a deal yes good deal never mind
that we she you you were not on trial who with three black guys together you
had you had your own lawyer you’ve already said that you took a deal
although but I didn’t use it because I didn’t use it because it was either
everyone takes the same plea or everyone wants to try he wasn’t having no
separate issue arose a package deal so so the black guys who couldn’t afford
lawyers and your lawyer that you could afford
you said nah I’m gonna side with these with these fucking black losers
and I’m gonna take the same deal same deal just because I’m a good guy right
there yes another dude because I couldn’t give a
fuck about those right pictures but the thing was when you’re looking at 12 to
17 sorry I – buddy go under coverage that were in court that lot I understand
once I seen actually go down to 200 cards that they won’t even no one else
see when they were testifying I said you know this shit is rigged and I listened
but start now we all got to 1 2 3 every single one of them that actually
did this shit they were out after one I had to do a full three all right
you know I no idea sir just like just like everyone said when we were in there
black white it didn’t matter they were like unfortunately you the nigger in
here and you’re like I come on Thank You Man well you don’t have a great night
thank you sir yeah I don’t know it sounds crazy Bonnie what do you think
crazy sound all the suspects we can’t verify anything though hang on a sec let
me go – uh – good evening – David he said star salute to you I was denied
also with the police department yeah told me get the fuck out of here we’re
not giving you a badge give you a gun not a badge shukuchi hey dawn she says
star let’s get this straight I’m not a Czech boss nigger that
nickname comes comes from John Hopkins shorty after certain purchases
okay so sir your name is sugar G there fuck okay thank you sir
blade blade sends in a super jet says respect to cousin Dominic for clapping
back at Stars half moly ass I’m for conning his aunt into leaving her house
to him strident calling her she’s out right
left me the fucking house Cape May New Jersey I can’t even talk about that
because he’s still salty Dominic can’t speak about but thank you me I
thank you for your cash yep all right Ronnie before I bring in more calls
let’s go back to Snoop Dogg for a second and what is it that you think with
regards to why he claps that you know the younger generation it just bothers
me him taking shots at Takashi six nine is it no big deal to you or is he just
like you know a hip-hop icon he’s a funny guy hahaha well what’s your
perception Snoop Dogg I think he does I think a lot of his antics are rooted and
cloud chasing you know what is the purpose of you jumping on the bandwagon
and clowning Takashi’s for telling and you were essentially telling you know I
feel like a lot of the people that he takes shut shots at are people who
aren’t gonna take shots back you know Takashi were out he would certainly go
back at snoop and you see a lot of people who are taking shots at Takashi
now that didn’t have anything to say when he was out so to me that’s just
like crowd chasing however you felt about him you felt about him when he
wasn’t here it’s not just this the fact that he’s on the stand so you know he
knew has a lot of viral videos he goes at the president he puts on the Aunt
Jemima headscarf and I hate that it really bothers me are you saying yeah I
mean it’s you know he’s become a caricature I’m not sure but I think a
lot of them he put out was his gospel album we haven’t really heard him much
you know in terms of music so clowning on Instagram seems to be really all he
has these days other than the show with Martha Stewart I don’t know if that’s
still running new episodes okay hold on a sec mr. flowers sends in a super chat
mr. terrain direct because I can Williams would like to take you out for
drinks do you accept I’m in Atlanta man I I don’t know where
Derek is nice guy but I’m not trying to get in the middle of all that with there
what happened with he and I’m Hassan Campbell Thank You Man for your superjet
I miss me super chats hang on a second don’t think so all right let’s go to
every code 7:07 good evening 7:07 Snoop Dogg is here former snitch 707 yep
john-boy check that nigga Antonio Brown oh let’s go man you know you got to remember and yo
Brown came out as a second rounder okay and he play for I believe a Division two
which was the Michigan right okay so he went ahead and showed his faith but you
got to remember when Pittsburgh got rid of him it was he got rid of us they get
they got rid of him to the Oakland Raiders whispers is always perceived as
a Siberian football right because when you look at it ended careers a lot of
like the Jerry Rice’s are the monsters who were sent to the Raiders was fit for
that reasoning behind because of this it’s great so he got the opportunity to
come out of that situation to get the opportunity to go to the New England
pages which he was almost there but for my understanding he did get guaranteed
money heard the bleacher report which included the one known you guarantee
base salary and it had that signing bonus for whatever it was but I think
and I thought that was nine million if I’m not mistaken to sign books
okay good oh you will you’re correct nine million signing bonus paid in two
installments in incentives that Brown will not be able to beat obviously now
right but I personally want to see the nigga handcuffed in a coarse jumpsuit
and I want him out of here and I won’t he have to go because enough
is enough with these prima donna motherfuckers coming out of the NFL and
they got to be made an example of there’s no more room for the Michael
Irving and these new michael irvin 2.0 okay okay without the
cocaine cuz it is not allegedly but now the NFL is going to go ahead and not
only put them in the on a pedestal is to make them out of an example because his
mistake was calling the GM a cracker and he went ahead upon the information on
Twitter so the GM when it turned allegedly put the broad who went ahead
and made the allegation because they didn’t come out anywhere the Raiders
knew that and they were pretending like they were surprised because that’s why
they brought him in it was the risk and they thought it was just another
situation it’s a handless second John blaze with everything you’ve just said
do you think that he’s out of here think his NFL days over me I was really
bothered by him him recording the coach conversation and then posting it I was
bothered by that and I was well and the nigga got to go for this simple fact he
is his NFL and your question is is it over it is over start and my nigga I’m
gonna tell you what Wow his career is over because now the New England
Patriots are the Siberia of football there’s no longer the race so when there
is a person who is on a last leg there’s still a four individual team which is
the Browns the Raiders analysis New England the wings were boy hit as more
as rehab now the example is the example of also think of also think of went
there but hittin work their face in the mouth so you see a lot of the players
who are now want the particular team where they’re given a second chance but
then if the fall outcome if it’s either with Peter with dogs or it’s with
whatever it is dealing with domestic violence the NFL got no a very well shit and and and and then go hold up with
your time but like I said Ronnie like I said star the nigga gotta go you got me
in handcuffs and you got to go period thank you thank you thank you
alright alright John blaze on the chicken shed didn’t want some in
handcuffs what the fuck tranny chaser good evening sends in a super jet star I
got a master splinter on the line he ain’t do nothing but takes a
one-two-three lies he snitched and stole and star where the trannys at no idea
hey speaking of trannies running have you spoke to Stacey Gloor as of late do
you know her schedule 2 : about certain things uh yes
so I did follow up with her to thank her for coming on and having a discussion
with us and she said that she is open to having further discussions in the future
so ok ok wait some more calls in area code 702
good evening 702 you there good evening I’m gonna tell you why Snoop Dogg is
snitch 6 9 if not miss 9 is a snitch of course train 20 way put me on death row
and keep the DEA no damn snitch let’s go so Snoop Dogg in la la la is spear point
blank you got paperwork home if you talking to the police on paperwork
bitch Snoop Dogg Smith they got to be on paperwork y’all saw it
number 2 6 line they knew the boys the young men go for Brooklyn who’s not a
gang member he got money put him or to put him in trade they know he’s not a
gang member so bottom pointed to all excuse and all
the other bullshit think what they felt until you knew he wasn’t bout that life
there’s the police come you gonna see if you all know that you know that in the
end of course he feeling post was what did you know he told on everybody cuz
I’m Sicilian you know that and so PPP if you’re his homeboy
y’all went on a mission together and if you was able to speak back from the dead
and he has opportunity to get off scot-free
what you gonna tell PVD to do good point tell them we go through I mean that’s
like a big nothing nobody start come on hang on a second okay so you’re
from LA and you know snoop you know the paperwork shows and he was
you know talking and cooperating what we got punch yeah he got punched so now
does this affect his credibility or does he have too much money now doesn’t it
there’s no peb fuck you money you know not you niggas is on that don’t silly
gang shit fuck out of here right right I’m a former gang member I’m gonna tell
you like this I know I lived in Long Beach for many many years – okay I know
that Snoop Dogg is as a teenager he was in his music he was a hang around it
wasn’t official gangbangers but anyway but no cause it’s not gonna be in a you
know there’s not gonna be no where we gonna get touched you got too much money
and all the tools that he brought up in Long Beach like crazy and although you
know that’s a money you know they still get money with that doing nothing they
gonna do them they’re gonna use them you don’t have no respect the respect was
back there now you might get a stupid a stupid
youngster or something it’s my clipper but Snoop Dogg I believe he’s too smart
to bring his stuff out in the open like that who would the guys about maybe four
years ago they said they made some videos and they said snoop can’t come
back to Long Beach anymore you know I’m talking about yeah yeah oh they don’t
know him over there he claimed he got family over there and all that but like
I said each trying things like the football league got so basically he’s in
limbo Toys for Tots giving out turkeys in the hood you know
shit like that yeah he just even limbo he might get somebody like like me
backing up 39 I think I’m the last generations of silent gang members like
somebody like me I want to try to clip him others are storing whazzup you know
if I started storing him or do something and get some money apart but I
appreciate the honesty so it’s just like that so this might be it
I don’t everybody mad at him they know we don’t know if I’m exploring
give me Millions I know I think there’s more people actually supporting him that
then mad at him I think a lot of people are kicking up dust you know of just
social media but you know I think he’s gonna be okay and he’s gonna come out
and the music oh yeah I don’t see why he can’t put out music you know I’ve been
saying ever since you know 50 cent expose Rick Ross as a former CEO that
authenticity really matter and music anymore so you
know this guy was rapping about movin weight but he’s the same guy who was
really locking down cell block eight so you know that doesn’t matter the fact
that he was a part of law enforcement why should it matter that Takashi took
the fan you know extreme is nobody nobody cares
where’s all the real niggas that yes I mean at least I don’t understand this is
like living in the parallel universe Thank You Cole so thank you salute thank
you alright yeah let me go to superjet a personal observation says has anyone
noticed that black women get real lazy with their hair and hygiene when they
date white men and had the nerve to feel like they’re leveling up did you hear
that Ronnie any comments yeah I mean I have heard that argument made before
that some women straighten their hair or try to conform to your eccentric
standards of beauty and and ironically the white men actually prefer black
women with their natural hair state so I have heard that I’ve never pulled a
group of white men so I don’t know how true that is but I will say that when I
see interracial relationships with where the woman is black and the man is white
her hair is usually in the natural state have you yourself running dated on the
other side or is that too much of a personal question uh yeah no I’ve not no
no okay hey also Ronnie Elvis the chef Rosenberg wants to know what’s your
cache as you kept on your banner you’re not promoting you care chef
yeah I’m not I’m not promoting it okay Thank You Elvis the chef Rosenberg but I phone lines and guys if you joined this
show late here I’m referencing paperwork that were I found by three credible
gentlemen I think that the TG c stands for the gangster Chronicles Ronnie can
you confirm that that’s the name of the show on a digital soapbox network on
YouTube so be sure okay sure I’ll look into that let’s go to
every code every killed six one two gleaming six one two are you there how
are they reading I was explaining nine and since we’re talking about snitches
in 69 and nonsuit dogs they made a really good point on about a murder case
it’s still called way back in the day I was a kid I’m 40 and I’m in the streets
everybody was trying was like really amazed that even beat that cuz you know
back in the 90s it wasn’t really commonplace for like a so called
you know dude in the streets and the lifestyle to really get off on that
murder like no matter how much money you had cuz even back there there was a lot
of rappers and you can ask for it you know I’m saying that was catching
cases like regular people and going down yes although it’s been quite a few
things with the soup man I mean it will give me wrong I can say again one
entertainer and I do believe you know what then I said you know authenticity
you know doesn’t matter I guess in hip-hop and
that’s it I would say that’s the problem is but it’s almost a good thing I think
it’s almost time that just like really shut down the whole thug life thing and
I fixed the cost you six nine is like the last third you know I think and
since she’s a clown it really exposed like today in 2008 singer growth you
really own that third ships clown shit it’s old hat Oh Bob James I was watching
one of his interviews and I mean you don’t watch later’ TV like that but that
was a really wanted to know what’s it all worth it as far as death row you
know that’s everything that went along with it can you turn the radio down in
your police cruiser sir it’s kind of beating back oh yeah turned all of it
sorry about that sir do you sing step better do you yeah I’m up James saying
you know everybody who was involved and put in all that work they either dead or
right back when they started over Hasbro just bought death row records you know I
mean not to go conspiracy theory in here but man this is it’s almost like yeah I
can believe snoop was kind of awesome little Kenya and ancient shit I believe
16 even even two custom six now I was I mean he’s doing it right now
I never trusted I will never trust a rapper with rainbow hair I said that
from John I’m 40 years old you know I’m saying I never never have a devil wheels
you did what I was saying how many years have you been in the job officer I’m the furthest days from the police
sir sir sir come on that’s we’re talking that real shit tonight how many years
have you been on the job it actually bro I’m uh I’m a convict you convict yeah by
the time I’m annoying that you end a cover I got you okay no I know the
trouble by a better cover but you know they’re speaking of it it’s nothing like
that but I just think this is a California for the
like saying man I think this all it was all a joke anyway I mean dick by Tupac
was a ballerina okay can we not start this in Tupac but thank you for your
call thank you salute okay all right talk to me
um hey Ronnie I’m looking at Vlad TV duck I’m not that we have time to do all
this shit tonight and maybe tomorrow or Sunday Takashi six nine court audio
how’d they get the audio out of the courtroom if it wasn’t you know allowed
to be sent out you have your laptop in front of you and that’s I want you to
listen to this but there yeah I think people are oh and by the way that the
TDC is the gangster Chronicles but I think people are sneaking audio
recording devices and to the court because they’re not allowed you’re not
allowed to be recording you’re not even allowed to have your phone on during the
federal court proceedings so I think people are you know recording on the
down-low 8 4 3 & 4 3 there maybe April 3 yes star I’m Pat Matthews in the
building hey will tell me how you chime in on these topics you got a food a few
fluent about mr. Kashi I wish miracle with person Takashi yeah
let’s go to well two countries an old topic right now right now we’re talking
about Snoop Dogg there’s paperwork that I just I just saw that clearly shows him
you know giving a statement to police back in 1998 I’m asking the question
yeah yes and I always thought it was weird
house just dive in to the pop culture side of music like it’s kind of like
what the back door it’s like everybody was fighting up front and talking about
you know hip-hop that bottle shit pop still alive and Snoop went out the back
door he went around with Wiz Khalifa out the
back door and he does adopted this whole new identity of I’m not against they
anymore I used to be I’m just cool uncle snoop
learn about the TV show he started taking pictures with the headscarf all
and all that shit on social media it’s like he was trying to clean himself up
and he what he literally whitewashed himself that’s what he did
nobody did and that’s what levy bitch bitch okay okay have you seen the
paperwork I just saw it on Twitter I just saw it okay and uh yeah I just
solidified it yes this is Mitch but he acts like this Mitch if you really took
the name dog away from him and the whole legacy he acts like a typical corny dude
on the street was a snitch okay I agree I agree yeah I’m glad you’re saying it
because you me saying it makes me sound like I’m just you know I’ll get better
you know I just he’s a fucking weirdo last word all right yeah all the a B
thing yeah ago and I said be careful when you put things on paper because
I’ve heard you say before started I tell my friends stop putting when you’re mad
at a female stop putting things on paper it did his dumb ass with an included her
in the group text there’s this group text thing with dudes I’ve been told my
homeboys stop they don’t include me in group text messages you have something
to say to me we can meet up we could talk Mostafa you know paper it’s cost
the people my teen it comes with a lot of things yeah I definitely know Jess
thanks for coming ok all right I was checking the NY Post calm was
there something else we mentioned her earlier on e behind the scenes I’m
Kenneth I remember I’m doing a blank here are you there yeah I’m here I’m
researching well we talked about the agent talked about the H&M situation and
I’m looking on V lied at this court testimony and someone was actually able
to get some footage out really two days ago I think I saw that with Takashi it
was kind of blurry yeah uh-huh and he looked like a scared little kid the way
he was just sitting in his chair leaning towards the judge
he was leaning so close to the microphone at one point the prosecution
said can you back up off the mic please right right yes I’m several points they
had to tell him to get back on target because she was just you know at one
point he was talking about the coat that he had on and you know the prosecutors
like okay let’s let’s get back to what happened every code-nine 170 there no.17 go to area code five six – hey five six
– good evening are you there five six – what up hey what up stars Jay
from New York man what’s up bro let’s go what’s happening there now I’m getting
tight now I’m getting upset because people is on here talking shit about
some new China go at that man’s integrity knock it off now stop fronting
on snoop y’all stop it come on and nigga been the crib we be reppin this crib
chief over 25 plus years now I got wasted in the damn that turns it me the
core is is it come on man bullshit 48 49 years old young niggas are calling is
clipping that girl call is creeping in the question now Wow yeah yeah what the
fuck because what is News doing right now is
he tripping right now know what he’s doing right now what he’s doing right
now is making light and poking fun at someone for doing the same thing that he
did so it’s a little Hitler negative I I respectfully disagree with you know I
was actually just a project because a simple factory yes Takashi Takashi
wasn’t see Takashi was starting a lot of shit the problem with the Kashi is this
Kiko Hirst motherfucking cool to be in the doing
that shit so CUDA B is in jail because of some shit Takashi got him to do but
how’s it different that’s very very different you know what I’m saying and
yes the Kashi’s old G’s or whatever you want to call them sure yeah
don’t make it they was all slop they was all sloppy but name one positive thing
Takashi was no matter it’s not a matter of if he handed out turkeys or sponsored
a Pop Warner team let me ask you this question if you say to a cop that
somebody killed somebody else would you consider that snitching it’s really just
a repeat that okay so if someone tells a cop about a murder of someone else is
that niching if someone tells a cop about a murder of course yeah who’s
giving this omission is a cop it’s a cop the one that’s what snoop did Jay hang
on a second that’s what we’re talking about that’s what snoop did yeah running
and that’s essentially what you did so you just answered the question it is
essentially the same thing I think maybe you like snoop as an artist has nothing
to do with that no no no no no no I have to stop you what I’m I don’t mean in
that way that’s not no no what I’m saying is let’s not sit up here and now
all of a sudden here we are trying to tear down some new to distract us from
what the fuck Takashi this game will deal with Snoop let the coffee stand is
spilling his fucking guts hang on Jay we’re talking about two
separate things you know we spent the last two days but possibly three days
talking about Takashi now with Shyne time on an old nigga it most certainly
can be shine time on ol nigga and we got some paperwork have you seen the
paperwork Jay have you seen the paper okay I have nothing the paperwork but in
this but in this day and age star I’ll pose walking around December means
walking around what the fuck is we worrying about snoop now for Alpo did
his time I’m realistic he did his time he snitched did his time and again the
gangsters ain’t do shit and the gangsters ain’t do shit
and what was bothering me is is this why I get matters because niggas talk – is
on the phone star they talk – and on the end into the
young lady as nothing is not towards you your I don’t want you to think that I’m
getting at you because I’m really not I respect you but where pisses me off is
that you same niggas that get on this phone and they talk that shit star yes
new bitch bitch I’m in LA I’m here I’m here when snoop
come the motherfucking wrong Beach Boulevard when snoop coming Atlantic
Avenue in Long Beach anywhere not emoji maybe one autograph insignia cheese and
star they smiling and how do I know cuz I see him I’ll be out here and I see it
and its new jumping the spoon event he drop right in the front of him and then
it’s yeah that bitch ass nigga bitch ass come back because what’s up big homie
that’s what I’m some big homie wholesome calling into question whether I’m not
calling the question whether or not Jane Jane okay I’m not calling that into question
I’m calling into question all the niggas talking shit now when you see him when
he put out a fuckin book see do something else yo bitch ass is gonna be
out there asking for autograph as they should but right now we talk about some
paperwork and we talking about a nigga I got a seat I have to find out I got it
allowed I have to find out about it’s paperwork all you have to do is just go
to digital soapbox network is right there Jim listen I thank you for the
call man thing you want to say about me get a paycheck stay with me Patriots
releasing Antonio Brown you and I speak sports from time to time um yo if you
got time star I want you to look up the Montes Burfict hit on Antonio Brown and
you look at that hit can you just tell me what it is I don’t give a fuck
abandoned when you’re brewing he got it he got it I’m saying this broke what I’m
saying is he got hit by this dude named vodka is perfect in the head and I swear
to god I’m a Pittsburgh that ain’t never been the same
he did some wrong it’s not a less than that
because when jr. 6a y’all is up telling itself you know what I’m saying
when when Jamar Fletcher kills his motherfucking girl in himself for these
head injuries then it’s like oh shit we went when Aaron Hernandez hanged himself
and does all this crazy wild shit we find out later that a CTE I believe
Antonio Brown has CTE issues bro truly believe it okay cuz the nigger had
purple you got a purple mohawk and a blonde motherfucking mustache so much
you know I really don’t like a lot of attention yeah last question before you
go get hold a second if you give a shit Jalen Rose interview and Vlad Chi be
calm you know who you know he put coke I’m sorry he put Larry Bird over Kobe
Bryant number five let’s catch that one yeah of course he’s gonna do that cuz I
see grab dinner Larry Bird is right of course so make sure you caught it of
course good token you man Thank You Jay man seizure okay all right
Jay on the chicken he’s a day one guys for those who know the history of the
show um a few more calls what time is it let
me go to a CUDA be all shokudo be says you can talk hot on the internet boy
that’s that goofy shit we ain’t into that boy black van pull up to your mom
pull up to your mama crib boy let me thank you for the other subject Mac says
star I’m a law enforcement officer and honestly everybody snitches on the
blacks oh I only fault the blacks for being too accepting of other races Wow very well said if he is indeed law
enforcement he might be trolling yeah I only fault the blacks for being too
accepting of other races thoughts on that run you know well my personal
opinion is that you know everyone is predisposed to snitching
everybody will snitch people snitch on themselves every day
across the country and municipal courts they won’t even take a traffic ticket to
trial so they tell on themselves they get into a plea agreement and you know
they pay a lesser amount and so I think we’re all predisposed to snitching hang
on a second power bottom sends power bottom sends in a super chat darling
star why are you blocking my number question mark do you want me to email
Ronnie our vacation pictures together question mark thank you power bottom
whoever the fuck you are a jrx says didn’t snoop get caught
fucking that Powell thought on her phone camera question mark she said that snoop
after while playing his gospel album he’s a clown I what is Ivan no knowledge
about what is that right and he something about Powell Snoop Dogg Oh Selena was her name I think she was
cloud chasing can you google Selena Powell I think that’s who were there
talking about oh yeah she I think she there was a viral clip she was on Adam
22 and she said that she was messing with new yeah she was also on academics
and she’s done a lot of it made her rounds real sloppy chick let me bring in
someone sent in a Kashyap and folks you can join the conversation if you like
via cash app or PayPal the link is right up under the video okay let’s bring in
area code 908 is this an awesome low missing your name 800 you know I was
just listening I’m good man I called it before this listen to the whole
conversation about a 69 and everybody and Snoop Dogg I mean the keeper really
really real snow burr the real do but at the same time being real is being that
you would snitch for your livelihood I mean smooth the only thing was people
got issue with Snoop is you posting and call them a rat
back home and all this other stuff but like you did the same thing it’s now 50
cent when he actually said 50 cent was pretty cautious with his words because
I’m from when I hear for these 50 cent does have paperwork as well so he was
real cautious with his words and describing how how how six miles out he
said he can feel he understands how we felt about people around you being cool
with you trying to trying to trying to set you up and stuff like that so he
understands that we all understand it’s just a clown show of Instagram you know
I mean I think people get wrapped up in that because you want to be the rapper
you want to be the troller do you want to be the gangster and now look you
snitch so I think that’s what the big deal well hang on a second respect are
you african-american West Indian has manically you sir
oh I consider myself african-american I was born in America my parents are
African okay okay all right so now it’s not that we go so far back – Takashi
because Internet tonight I’m focusing on a Snoop with them do you think that
there was a level of insensitivity on the part of Takashi because everybody
else was black you know Adi he’s fuckin black guys they should be grateful I got
them some fucking money and you know I don’t give a shit about them because in
reality they’re just fucking black guys and I’m gonna tell on them hang on hang
on whereas if and I don’t know if we’ve actually discussed this yet if they were
Mexican would would Takashi have been so eager to snitch if the Trailway team
were Mexican do you think Takashi would be stitching well don’t do it don’t do
it black man don’t do it that ratchet nasty you know that ratchet nasty baby
mama biz and I don’t mean no I don’t wish no violence upon her back but if
those boys tray way were Mexican she would have had
never even made it to Vlad TV I’ll give you the last word sex well no III agree
with you I think I personally think from what I hear it also I don’t know if you
guys reported that but he was actually played the audio of a lot of this stuff
that you know was being said so I think just that animosity overall like that I
was gonna super violate me yeah I’ll just do is I’ve been with at the end of
the day yeah he’s been getting extorted and stuff like that even a thing with
hard it was just it was just wild crazy how they just ran down on him like he
just seemed like a whole bitch and there’s just like you were just a
pitchman situation but that’s all I got Thank You Man thank you
hang on a second Ronnie hold on I forgot to read a super chat folks if you spend
the scroll of goddamn it I slowed down the show hold on oh shit who is this mr.
flowers star our trainees still attacking you in your eye gdm I don’t
know if they’re attacking me but yeah I assume everybody who hits me via
Instagram in my DMS I assume that they are a chick with the tool so I always
address them as yes sir hey homie or hey my nigga never do I approach anyone even
if it’s a picture of a cute female you know saying hey baby sexy no because
people play games with the fucking screenshots and you know Photoshop but
thank you for your superjet mr. flowers so I have to get to you
okay I’m sorry and sugar G says here is some more of my lottery and a cognac
money this is the social media era everyone is a snitch okay thank you okay
I read this one from a personal observation all right hold on a second
I’m coming back to cash that bear with me guys area code four one five it’s
just four one five good evening are you there four and five
where’s poppy starting oh man they’re calling out to Bay hey what’s up man hey
yo what’s going on boss sitting here talking man when it comes to you know
when it comes to all this finish it at the end of the day man like I
been thinking about this line more and more since jay-z said it but it’s the
truth you know they killed X but let simmerman live the streets is dead
like at the end of the day man the streets it’s like what what are the
streets minute always top but this moral polish but like at the end of the day
like if the streets and the codes and the morals were all real then you know
they would have never let somebody like Takashi in they would have never allowed
snoop to continue that like throw up this blue flag like this shit is a joke
man like I said a like and like I thought and like I started thinking
about this even more in like you know hip hop’s fascination with like Scarface
and like you know all these like does movies where everybody ends up dead or
snitching or in jail like sigh man you know it’s a joke man it’s a joke
you know I’m saying like a dinner date like why not celebrate somebody like
jay-z who got out lipstick made a billion dollars made real money to me
that that’s the hardest shit out there he’s the hardest one out of the entire
hip-hop culture make sense unless you go saying yeah yeah I mean like dinner day
like all this shit we’re talking about these all these dudes are clown the
entire organization got caught up because they let some dude that made
some songs and brought them a little money like you know though the streets
are suppose if the street supposed to be what the streets are about they should
be about a code of moral ethics values and like you know they they turned a
blind eye to it because of money you know they they killed you know Natasha
to ties what is whatever XXX Akashi on and like you know Zimmerman got yeah you
know I’m saying like like this entire thing is a game roses joke it’s
fraudulent like I’m saying I don’t know I think you would talk about extant
asean not takashi right yeah yeah question
yeah do you think so basically what you’re saying is they’re not really real
because they allow someone introduced I hang on Nicki you let her answer the
question that’s the question Todd yes so you basically said that there
they’re not really incredible because they allowed someone without credibility
and to their organization but then you give us the quote from jay-z
about the streets being dead but he is someone who has allowed a known DEA
informant and to his organization so that’s a little bit of irony
who Segan in what way what way was she allowed into his organization um she’s
like a very high-ranking member of the the rock nation she’s a very high what
did she do specifically what should you give us that name again money I didn’t
hear you what’s your name Desiree Perez doesn’t report I mean it’s
been following his career for all these years you would know who that is because
she’s very closely associated with him I’m asking you what does she do
specifically you mean like when she gets to work in the morning I don’t know what
her day-to-day schedule tomorrow Ronnie chieng Ronnie you’re smart woman you’re
saying that she’s she’s she’s done what she’s done what has she done she was a
DEA informant this is all public information that you can look up
yourself but I’m telling you that it is you snitch on Jay no she didn’t but a
snitch is a snitch or are you saying that they’re a different level of absurd
percent of different levels of smishing if somebody’s okay well cooperating with
the DEA is definitely probably up there cheering once again did she snitch on
his organization I mean that’s a straw man question no absolutely not
okay she didn’t snitch on his organization so how can you say that she
he maybe she was snitching so that she could keep the heat away from that
organization grasping at straws are we no I’m asking
a question I’m asking too it sounds like you’re making a
justification for her having snitched all I’m saying is if she didn’t finish
on that organization is she snitched to take heat away from the situation maybe
that’s you know that’s looked at as morals and codes to the streets well the
fact that you’re trying to come up with some explanation for something that you
just found out about there’s a lot about her I asked a question I asked a
question I mean come on what would well I’m asking a question well hang on a
second Nick are you up to speed on the paperwork that has been produced with
regards to a Snoop Dogg and do you find snoop to his talking to the panel take
any it ash I don’t take half to be acceptable to be serious whatsoever I
don’t take this I don’t take this industry I like as truthful or as
anything whatsoever man everybody everybody’s in it for themselves but you
know if you if it’s okay if you dismiss if dismissive of it I’m just asking you
a question does it affect you in any way shape or form or do you care that you
know I’ve never been I’ve never come on good I don’t want to do you even care
about the paperwork that I just came across with regards to snoop dogg what
whether you dismiss it or not personally he’s an entertainer he’s an entertainer
that’s on the you that shows a Martha Stewart like what are we talking about
right now like I’m saying like guy who’s very influential with the babies
misleading the babies that that’s that’s my position I’ll give you a last word
though Nick go ahead hmm woman I had no issue that’s my last
word with a little kid with the nappy hair man I rock a nappy 2001 Kobe afro
fuck like you know let them live man what what we want her hair straightened
on there so that we can you know I think it’s more telling that people complain
about her hair being that because then if her
air was straitened everybody would say that like oh we’re trying to have the
Eurocentric standards on us fuck out of here man let the little kid live all the
kids had to shut I’m with it Thank You Man be okay okay no man Nikola check-in
all right a few more calls you hold on a second um King Jaffe Joff sends in a
cash on star DMX beanie sigel to criminal rappers that never ratted okay
were they in positions with where they could have ratted no beanie sigel what’s
your trial for murder I figured I jump in murder yeah just I don’t study a
whole this old shit it’s like some of this stuff I just I’ve forgotten it I
don’t fucking watch these videos these interviews it’s like a lot of horrible
memories from the fucking past oh is this a Horatio good evening sister
where do we get the download for the paperwork on snoop
right here so you send in a cache yep and I send it to you duh few more calls
Ronnie I’m gonna wrap this stuff I’m trying to go to Lake Lanier early in the
morning area code 562 good evening are you there five six – Snoop Dogg yo what
up for Miss niche you know maybe put up hey man first off you had a guy calling
earlier that kind of said the same thing but I was thinking as well I know a lot
of people in the beach that especially a lot of oh jeez that think the same way
that they don’t really respect him I remember you were talking about a guy
where they made a video the guy you were talking about his name was philosophy
philosophy Dean he’s a he’s an actual real gang member there on the beach and
so a lot of people don’t respect him but like to do this he got a lot of money
you know snoopers been around he did his thing you know if he has official is
some might lead you to believe it but you know he gets a lot of respect there
he puts in a lot of work for the young guys so he does his thing out there it’s
no disrespect but I wanted to get to talk to you about a bead on there
because a bee that do this that dude is nuts
that dudes absolutely crazy you messed up to deal with the Patriots now you up
out of there I know the other guys said that the Patriots aside beer they are
not Siberia the Patriots only take you in if they can use you if they think
you’re talented enough to where you can be some type of some type of you know
you can be productive with them that’s when they’ll keep you other than that
they can you ask up out of there so they moved on from him and he going on and
you gonna have to do whatever but his career is not over the dozen guys in NFL
that have done yeah there’s guys done where Donte Stallworth killed a man he
was drunk high blue straight through a sapphire
it killed a man that are great people that are still in the NFL you got Ray Lewis killed somebody and then going to
win a Super Bowl Superboy yeah I’m telling you there’s
dudes that have done worse things that you know are still in the league so a B
time is not over there he can I think even this year I think a team will
probably claim him especially if this all gets cleared up but it’s not next
year if you couldn’t clear to go he’s gonna be on somebody’s football
field catching them footballs and talking all that nonsense they keep you
talking alright I appreciate coal man thank you so much okay all right
hang on a second why let me go to cash at wait a minute Darryl Darryl sends in
a cash at that says Ronnie eats junior whoppers in the dark how about some type
of joke I don’t know about what is it I I don’t know but it in general I don’t
eat whoppers I think they’re disgusting I think he said junior whopper yeah it’s
the same non meat we don’t know what that is a few more calls here it’s go to
area code seven one eight hey good evening 17 are
you there pick it up pick it up seven eight seven eight okay moving slow
scootch ad there let’s go to every code four zero eight good evening for Zuri
hello hello hey girl from before away hey John good evening how are you
talking about Snoop Dogg former snitch yes no maybe yeah this is my take on
snoop so I think this new you know he came up in the 90s okay his come up was
like the gangster rap era so I think he was somebody that um he made his come up
you know because when he was coming up the the gimmick of the day was like
being a gangster right quoting quotes so I think he might have been somebody who
was kind of peripherally involved sort of with the streets you know he grew up
Long Beach or whatever he might have had some cousins or some family members who
were involved and really about that life but he was probably just kind of more of
a spectator and I think he probably he was one of those artists from back then
who’s just hooking him and with it and that was like his meal ticket that was
has come up and so not just with him but a lot of people around his age those
artists who came up from that era who are now like in their 40s and 50s they
kind of you know they kind of still want to cultivate that that same image that
that they had back then because that was like their uh like that was their bread
and butter and then they feel like if they don’t keep that image going of like
oh I’m a gangster and you know the code of the streets and all that and
snitching then did they feel like they might I don’t know they might look they
might lose some of that uh that credibility that they might have
that they felt that they had from back then okay yeah I have no problem I have
no problem with how he came up I’m just talking about now you know according to
Wikipedia Snoop is 47 years of age he’s too old to be clapping little niggas man
like new kids into this but I’m sure he’s got
a son that’s either close to close to Takashi’s age or older if somebody were
to say something about one of his kids on social media he’d call the fucking
cops right you know right right exactly exactly yeah exactly no it’s definitely
some corny shit but I just think he’s all nigga doing too much if you ask me
Oh nigga do too much yeah I agree I agree I definitely agree thank you mate
oh thank you yeah I think thank you for taking my call I’m going okay let’s do
one more call Ronnie area code seven six five good evening near the last call for
the evening seven six five you know hey I’m gonna make this short and sweet I’m
a punk ass honky from the state in the end I’m gonna make it short and sweet
for you all right all right every celebrity’s got the dirt just like
everybody in the world got their own dirt
all right so snitching there just won’t happen it’s going to happen anywhere you
go okay all right do I agree with it no but for the right reasons maybe if it
was someone’s life you know snitching snitching to save someone’s life or you
know to credit someone’s life or to save your own life we hood and then I’ll back
out a hundred percent but I’m more wanted to talk about agent in Antonio
Brown is at all possible come on all right so look man even before all the
head injuries do with cock you asshole not gonna lie damn bit of football well
we’ll go down to the legend of The Legend of a wide receiver damn good a
football knows he’s one of the top five best right now wide receivers would you
the top my best right I mean yeah yeah I’d say top I’d say top ten
okay I mean I’d give me I’d give him a solid six okay give him a solid 6 or 7
py Hilton was that way better we gonna go there I’m from Indiana those but
along those lines he’ll definitely find another team it’s gonna take a while
especially with his attitude and it progress I mean he’s gonna find a team
but it’s probably gonna be the Jets hang on i.t he’s gonna be something like the
Jets you know some shit ball last team’s gonna pick them up thinking that they’re
gonna you know make it come up and it ain’t gonna be worth shit you know what
I mean but I don’t keep in loop with everything I just wanted to call and
holler at you say what’s up I’m a new new subscriber first phone call thank
you have a good one thank you hey yo yeah all right all right hold on a
second Ronnie let me um see if I have everything worked out here got a brand
new system got the iMac finally working and I got your banner coming up next
Ronnie thank you for your time tonight Ryan catch up tomorrow if you’re
available and uh anything you want to say imparting or what no it was a great
discussion um you know with regards to snoop I did get his age he’s 47 years of
age I know I sent you a link about him and Selena Powell she had some receipts yeah I don’t know you know why he wasn’t
smart enough like why would you be on a FaceTime with a girl who’s known for
outing celebrities but you know whatever so yeah I guess I will speak with you
soon okay have a good night okay bye now all right boss – Claudia helping me out
there tonight all right I’m getting some rest I’m trying to get up early and go
to Lake Lanier here in the Atlanta area all right guys be safe let me see if I
can get this new system working have a good night

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