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Well in May forbes said this guy was worth 150 million bucks but now fitty cent doesn’t have two quarters to rub together I remember reading headlines about 50 Cent’s financial troubles and thinking there was something incredibly tragic about the man that released get rich or die trying’ going bankrupt however on last check 50 cent was actually still alive which did make me think that maybe there was slightly more to the bankruptcy story than meets the eye in order to truly understand what happened we need to go way back to 2008 at the start of his feud with everybody’s favorite wing slinging fake drug-dealing rapper Rick Ross it was actually Rick Ross that started off the beef by saying that 50 cent and looked at him some kind of way at the Beatty Awards Awards not what little kid made an expression on his face that carries disappointing me what kind of expression 50 responded saying he didn’t even see Rick Ross at the awards which i think is hard to believe considering the Rick Ross weighs 350 pounds now Ricky Ross made the beef official when he released the song of mafia music which fired a few shots at 50 cent for allegedly burning down his baby mamas house January 29th 2009 and 50 cent comes out with a response to mafia music his own disc called officer Ricky the next day Rick Ross calls in to Angela Yee show and says that that response is trash and 50 has 48 hours to respond with something Feder 24 hours later well i’ma fuck your life up but fine I paid for the transcripts to your court case and now that I got you address will be on your doorstep Ricky on that same day 50 also releases the first episode of his officer Ricky cartoon series damn because I said your mama look like the Klumps a couple of days later 50 of sticking true to his promise of fucking up Rick Ross’s life for fuck 50 starts out the video by saying that what you’re about to see is something is a little bit more sophisticated than what we’ve been offering in the past which I think’s a massive disservice to 50 Cent’s car work I mean this video is so lowbrow it makes candy shop look like the Beethoven symphony in the video the mother of Rick Ross’s child calls out rot for having rented jewelry and leased cars and he takes her first shopping whilst isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder plays you cannot make this shit up 50 also takes the opportunity to call out Rick Ross’s other baby mama for being a cool girl a few days after that Rick Ross releases the diss song kiss my pinky ring curly this song is accompanied by a music video of Rick Ross hanging out in New York with some miscellaneous goons the song also featured what felt like several hundred lyrics accusing 50 cent of being gage an allegation which seemingly becomes a big part of this beef from both sides two days after that it’s the 8th of February and 50 cent is dropping more content than Netflix he puts out officer Ricky episode 2 which shows how Rick Ross got a deal from jay-z he then drops the first of a series of new comedy segments featuring a character that he’s created called pimping curly curl this is basically just 50 cent wearing a curly wig while shrieking about how much of a pimp ears and threatening Rick Ross on with a knife Oh Livie without you I’ve got you then along with his crew g-unit 50-cent releases I’ll be the shooter which features so many shout outs of different types of guns the song might as well have been recorded in TI’s trunk in response to this Rick Ross essentially coffees fifties idea of the animated this video and releases his own version called gay unit workouts which I’m sure even the slowest of viewers can work out what that means this entire video is basically just calling out g-unit members for being gay it also disses 50 cent for allegedly using steroids and also for some reason Rick Ross decided that this video was the perfect place to debut his new single with John Legend magnificent over visuals of a cartoon g-unit having a three-way gangbang that same day Rick Ross dropped the diss track push him over the ledge which is basically a two minute juice freestyle mainly consisting of you guessed it oh hey he mentions one specific rumor of g-unit member Lloyd Banks being in a gay porno dick on Google which I did a lot of digging on I couldn’t seem to find any evidence for that but there was one a guy that looks a little bit like Lloyd Banks appeared in a gay porno the next day 50 cent puts out a video that’s probably the most menacing thing I’ve ever seen in a hip hop beef I mean this thing makes the story if added on look like the story of Balamory he releases the video a psychic told me this little poem / dj khaled check this shit out right it’s cool I just wanted to tell you what it’s like you told me your car tires gonna stare down now you know I know will you be and or will your mama house it and all your mama work it now look at sleep to make this even more spicy we later found out that the person actually filmed this was French Montana he’s even seen in one of these videos wearing him this is 50 t-shirt which he can’t blame on his stylist over the next month these two trade shots back and forth over disc tracks and animated videos 50 goes on to drop several more cartoons which don’t just clown Rick Ross but also go after Ti DMX Suge Knight and Chris Brown but it’s on March the 17th that 50 made the ultimate mistake that would eventually wind him up in bankruptcy 50 cent actually leaks a sex tape starring Rick Ross’s other baby mama Brooke with an introduction of himself in character as pimp and curly and commentary throughout the entire video I personally don’t think it’s right or legal to show you any of that tape so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna play you some of 50s commentary over some very innocent six days after the sex tape leaked on March 23rd Rick Ross came out with a very unusual video essentially saying sorry not sorry to the gay community I heard a knife in the homosexual community I apologize I’m offering a record will openly gay artists such as City sing we all know he’s gay so now all the gays good later Rick Ross drops his long-awaited album deeper than rap now the album is out and there’s very little to be gained from beefing these two kind of lose interest in each other during that time fifty seems to get closer to Rick Ross’s baby mama Tia helping her release her own tell-all biography but things get really Savage in November where seemingly out of nowhere fifty decides to take Rick Ross’s baby mama and his kids to Floyd Mayweather’s house I’ve got to say it’s pretty painful to watch I mean it seems like 50-cent treats Ross’s kids better than his own February 25th 2010 and Rick Ross’s baby mama Brooke brings a court case against $for Leake in that sex tape this court case takes an entire five years to get resolved during that time the 50 and Ross beef simmers and a few things happen here and there that are quite interesting Ross publicly suffers from some seizures gunplay from Rick Ross’s Maybach Music crew gets beaten up by g-unit at an award show and 50 cent is pictured wearing his Maybach music chain er of bowling alley a few days later 50 pounds Rick Ross for getting his car shot up and Rick Ross gets accused of pistol whipping his groundskeeper who is later pictured on Instagram with 50 cent five years go by and it’s in July 2015 that that court case finally gets resolved and fifty loses the court order 50 to pay five million dollars to Brooke for the sex tape leaked and two million dollars in punitive damages three days after losing that case fifty Cent files for chapter 11 bankruptcy now it’s important to realize that there’s a big difference between filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy and filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy chapter 11 is more about reorganizing your assets so that you can then end up making the payments that you owe whereas chapter 7 is a lot more about admitting that there’s no way you can pay your payments however this didn’t stop Rick Ross and the whole world from clowning on 50 my first album was time Richard and I’ve bankrupt I guess he’s 50 cent even got in on some of the action mocking the idea of him being bankrupt which actually caused him to get hauled back into court to explain himself 50 told the court that the money in the pictures and his whole lavish lifestyle was actually Fae 50 cents money woes didn’t last very long by 2017 only two years after losing that court case 50 was actually able to pay off his entire 22 million dollar debt five years herb so if you think 50s broke 50 ain’t broke but how the hell did 50 suddenly get all of this money to pay these debts 50 didn’t just go bankrupt from losing the sextape case he’d also been in and out court with slick audio based on a dispute around the SMS audio headphones deal that he had going on 50 had originally partnered with sleek to engineer the headphones but he later left them and ended up doing a deal with somebody else slick sued him and won and he ended up owning them 17 million dollars for the development of these headphones and that to the outstanding amount that he had to pay Brooke for the sex tape lawsuit in December 2016 50 actually won a court case against the lawyers who had represented him in the original sleek audio case that he lost by winning that case against his lawyers he got 14 and a half million dollars which he then combined with his own funds of million dollars to basically pay off the entire outstanding debt and get out of bankruptcy put off the hill to that when he decided to sue the lawyers from his sex tape case as well specifically he argues that they failed to interview Rick Ross about leaking the sex tape before 50 did furthermore he claimed that there was actually a conflict of interest between an old lawyer that 50 had in 2004 and Rick Ross’s current lawyer as far as I can tell that Court case is currently unresolved but what I could find was that 50 is looking for thirty two million dollars from this case even though 50 beat bankruptcy we can assume that he learned his lesson and he will never leak a sex tape ever again okay I hope you enjoyed that video make sure that you like and scribe below hit that notification bell so you can see every single time I upload and if you’ve been enjoying my work lately I definitely recommend that you go and check out the patreon account I’ve started there’s some really cool benefits on there that I think you will definitely like and I would really appreciate your support so I can keep making these videos and hopefully I can upload more often thanks very much and peace out

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