Faith Evans Exposed For Her Lies About 2pac! 2pac Did Have Sexual Relations With Faith Evans!

Written by on February 19, 2019

first and foremost I want to say I did this research not to defend tupac shakur but to separate fact from fiction and for every Tupac fan who listened to his music and understood his passion I did this for you and for the truth I don’t know if you ever heard of the book a million little pieces by James Frey he went on The Oprah Winfrey Show and she had recommended his book for her book club and it was a memoir about his criminal history and drug use I’ll confer the research it was proven that he lied and it became a national scandal but faith evans wrote in her book which is also considered to be her memoir is even worse as it relates to Tupac Shakur alleged sexual harassment and gorilla pimp tactics in his hotel room on October 19th 1995 you ask yourself how do I know the date I was playing to you in a minute Faith Evans feeble attempt to play Jedi Mind Tricks with dates and times to fit her wildly exaggerated wholly embellished Tupac story is shameful I’m not sure Faith Evans wants to tell her gorilla pimp story about Tupac or do not destroy Tupac’s iconic acting and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legacy I really join him like shit on his legacy you know what I’m saying so to speak in terms of just my personal experience don’t be ashamed I think the truth is more important listen carefully number one safe Evan said if I had known that Suge Knight had anything whatsoever to do with Tupac and hiring me as a vocalist I would have never in a million years have agreed to do it what that quote establishes the fact that Tupac was signed to Death Row Records safe knew that Death Row Records was hiring her as a vocalist and shared night and not Tupac for his so-called manager would be responsible for payment number two safe Evan said before long Shields night came in and made a beeline to where I was sitting in the studio meaning shields Knight came into the studio and introduced himself that quote would establish the fact that faith actually met face to face with the individual who would be responsible for paying her but yet she did not mention nothing about her so-called $25,000 feet or the fact that she would quote need her money up front like her memoir said number three safe evidence said Tupac was done with his session and had led me to a waiting limo in the parking lot where’s my check I asked this quote would establish the fact that she hadn’t mentioned the so-called $25,000 feet prior to rendering her service as a quote hired vocalist that would also establish the fact that she had not quote got clearance from her label prior to rendering her services to Death Row Records as she clearly understood that she was under an exclusive recording contract with Bad Boy Records number four Faith Evans claims that Tupac said my manager is bringing it to my hotel right now he said I could bring it to you later on this evening or we can swing by there right now and pick it up that quote would establish the fact that Faith Evans had not informed her manager mark Pitts nor had she given to pop more pizzas number like she told drink chance because if she did there would be no reason to go back to to Pop’s hotel room to pick up or wait for any check number five safe Evan said and of course when we got there no manager was in sight there were two dudes in tox room smoking drinking and listening to music after an hour waiting for the manager I was ready to leave this establishes the fact that there were two witnesses who saw faith in two Tupac’s hotel room and the pun writing a book she needed to establish a legit enough reason as to why she as a married woman would begin to pox hotel room with two witnesses number six faith Evan said his two friends left the room we were now in his hotel room all alone this would establish the fact that the $25,000 service fee that had not been mentioned to Suge Knight according to her memoir would be that legit enough reason / excuse for her being in Tupac’s hotel room all alone with him remember there were two witnesses number seven Faith Evans claims that Tupac says the situation with the money is like this he said if I give it to you then you might bitch what this establishes is the fact that their allegations being made that cannot be corroborated and until the deal learns how to write or to pop comes back to life we’re only going to hear the Lions side of the story number eight safe Evans claims that Tupac says well I then fuck you bitch you want to leave tell the driver to take you home the limo is still out there get the fuck out once again this establishes the fact that there are allegations being made that cannot be corroborated and until the deal learns how to write or to cop comes back to life we only going to hear the line side of the story so basically the $25,000 is a myth that can’t be corroborated it was created as a motive or better yet a justification for when it came to write her book for the fact that drew down and rest in peace Big Sight witness face evidence going into Tupac’s hotel room that’s the reason why I know defamation lawsuit was filed against Tupac for him saying that he had sex with face evidence because there was two corroborating witnesses who could testify on to Fox behalf to say what they really saw Faith Evans going into Tupac’s hotel room we’ve all heard the same it’s easy to remember the truth but it’s hard to remember a lie because elijah changes all the time on June 1996 se7 said in an interview that she never even went to the studio with Tupac and she only recorded a reference track for another girl group who was thinking about giving her vocals on that track and it was in business with him and once again there was no mention of that mythological $25,000 check for supposedly a studio session that she never attended but according to her own words wine that back if you didn’t hear it but now all of a sudden on July 26 2018 for drink chance se7 said when she got back to Tupac’s hotel room she claims the Tupac said this wait you know it was just when I’ve heard about it and the big time it was right after me coming back from LA experiencing that session with him invite him kind of breaking on me saying I gotta suck his dick to get my check thank you it’s interesting how a willful participant can all of a sudden turned into an innocent manipulated naive sexually harassed victim when it’s time for the publisher to cut that check to write that book in which faith Evan so vividly all of a sudden the details of the salacious conversation that took place that night at the Peninsula Hotel decided cuz I was pregnant and refused to do him record with the label you know that’s the only reason I did it and the guy was like asking me for years to write a book and I’m like okay that’s a cool couple hundred thousand that’s why I did it now let’s separate fact from fiction or better yet her sensationalized truth from the truths that can actually be corroborated on Wednesday I told the 18th 1995 was the night I witnessed Tupac talking his face outside of the Hollywood Athletic Club while she sat in her cherry red BMW the very next day on October 19th 1995 LA Times reporter Chuck Phillips did a recorded interview with Tupac at approximately p.m.

While Faith Evans and Tupac we’re Canon studios recording wonder why they call you bitch can-am studios and whatever you doing you doing you did 13 tracks 13 tracks in four days back-to-back sighs we’ve heard a couple of what what’s with the Jennings herd alright the big dog once it’s already be hub dance man big ones two of America’s wealth warning premieres new that’s gonna be hunting I sure do what it’d be a thought that’s gonna be a big one for him and one do I to call you bitch okay that’s gonna be a big one pitching and rolling lumpy abyss this is one fag artist is different than any other Mike and so far this will might throw a lot of people off because I just I just blacked out and after the studio session Faith Evans according to her memoir went back to Tupac’s hotel room where she said Tupac sexually harassed her among other things as it is a fat safe clean and her memoir that she never saw Tupac again after that day in the studio and he never paid her her so-called $25,000 then why on November 14th 1995 with pictures with Whitney Houston and Tupac and also faith efforts into pot as undeniable proof why would Faith Evans share a table at the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack release party and then allowed to pie to share her limo back to his hotel where they both attended an after-party for the same soundtrack release party you must understand and her memoir she explained it like this after the party at the hotel we hung out a bit more with Tupac and his friends and shared a blunt and discuss the specifics of my guest appearance according to Faith Evans in her memoir the song the wonder why they call you bitch was recorded and completed on the same day and that day will be October 19th 1995 approximately between p.m.

And p.m. according to the Chuck Philips recorded interview we can now confirm that these allegations that were made are 100% completely and utterly false and mathematically impossible they are better known as a lie Tupac Shakur has now been vindicated from allegations that have now been proven false and been proven false with dates times and independent witnesses and pictures which are worth a thousand words because in her book she tried to make it seem as if the song wonder why you called you bitch with Tupac was recorded after the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack release party on November 14th right when actually it was recorded before on October 19th as confirmed by Chuck Phillips interviewed wow that’s crazy oh so she lied about never going into the studio with Tupac and in 1996 interview and she lied to biggie about what happened after the studio according to her memoir and then she lied again about the encounter and to pops hotel room on October 19th and after because she said she never saw Tupac again after that night now we know that’s not true because of the pictures from the party on November 14th at the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack release party I don’t think she’s never thought that anybody would ever bother two dates to really put this story together that it’s all a fabrication furthermore we believe two parts version of the story that he did have sex with Faith Evans and after his death Faith Evans attempted to capitalize on that truth by denying it and making salacious allegations against to pop that had now been proven to be untrue and unfortunately to pop could not be here to defend himself what we know for a fact is that faith did go to the studio on that day in question and that was corroborated by Natasha Walker and the details she explained in this interview too thoughtful because me and her was sitting by each other to fart cane and fit in between us you know but okay and yes you put her leg in between two pots laid like on top of his leg like oh he’s got a rubber leg after summer later on me as hot a lot of it was idea I got that bitch I got his bitch second line ain’t nothing to say not just you know I’m showing me come on okay the studio incident can also be corroborated by actor singer and reality TV star Ray J in this statement also Tupac’s bodyguard Frank Alexander rest in peace who also was there that night at the Hollywood Athletic Club who also followed Tupac and things to and from the studio back to his hotel that day he said in an interview when asked about faith and Tupac sexual escapades he said this dude Park are sleeping three tenants yes and also last but not least the person who actually opened the door when Tupac and faith reached the hotel room West Coast legend rapid rule down who also said Big Sight rest in peace a member of the outlaws was also present and he confirmed the sexual encounter in this interview yes this is true this is true fuck down knock down bang yes peace big side – he was there also you feel me that’s a whole story wrapped in the self remember the two guys face confirmed in her memoir that was there in Tupac’s room yup those were the two guys drew down in Big Sight the mythological $25,000 can’t be corroborated but what can be corroborated has been done so by four independent witnesses who have no ax to grind but basically was just saying what they saw I’ll leave it up to you to decide what happened in that hotel room for the hour or longer that face said she was there in her memoir when biggie axe face and then what happened after she recorded the song with Tupac that she said didn’t actually happen in that infamous 1996 interview but happened in her memoir place was dishonest and said nothing I swear to God nothing happened but something having she were back to Tupac’s hotel room and never told big eagle cording to her memoir and also in that infamous 1996 interview faith mentioned none of those salacious details because she claimed it never got that far and in 1995 at the Hollywood Athletic Club when faith clinging Treach introduced her to Tupac for the first time I know that wasn’t true because I was the guy that told Treach to to poppers outside talking to faith right after watching them pull up at the Hollywood Athletic Club as to what happened in the hotel room that night at the peninsula I’ll let you decide for yourself as for me I believe to pop because he said he had sex with at once and his story never changed until the day that he died I believe Tupac did give her some of that thug passion I also believe it wasn’t about the money and it wasn’t about the fame Tupac Shakur was a real boss player in the game and in 1993 at Boone State University I watched with my own eyes Tupac Shakur stopped the show and let an unknown emcee by the name of Biggie Smalls take over the stage and rock the mic sharing his platform because he really had love for biggie I was there at that concert and witnessed it with my own eyes shout out to my homie pompous and big butch I did more for the East Coast than the East Coast did I put more guns and East Coast niggas and East Coast niggas did when they came out here I put them niggas on the more we games and we spots and safe havens and safe spots than the East Coast I put more rappers on one AD I gave biggie is first zones I also know that Tupac was upset because he felt like biggie knew who set him up at the quad studio incident and wouldn’t tell him who did it or didn’t warning what I also know is when you write books and make movies sometimes you need a villain so when Fay throws her book Tupac was cast as one of those villains after all he was controversial and one of the greatest rappers of all times who sold over 75 million records and tapping into that fan base what a story about to pop wouldn’t be a bad idea even if the supposed detailed salacious conversation that didn’t happen and wasn’t mentioned in that infamous 1996 interview couldn’t be corroborated because Tupac was no longer here to defend himself at the end of the day we all make mistakes because we’re human do I think faith will ever tell the truth about what happened at the peninsula that night with Tupac no because she’s already ticking the check from the publisher to write her memoir and it would put her in legal jeopardy I get it I’ll never forget these words from Tupac unrelated to faith evidence or any other female in particular he says there’s a lot of real genes doing time because the group you bent the truth and told the lie I mean personally I don’t have an axe to grind I just wanted to set the record straight because the guy who wrote dear momma Brenda’s got a baby baby don’t cry and oh yeah one day at a time one of the songs that I co-wrote with him he’s not here to defend itself so I just wanted to separate facts from fiction pigs rest in peace biggie smalls and Tupac Shakur it’s time for the truth to come out

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