EXCLUSIVE: Feds Seize Rapper Ralo’s Jewelry Collection.

Written by on November 3, 2019

Atlanta rapper Ralo is accused of making millions through an illegal marijuana drug ring.

The Feds continue to target Atlanta rapper Ralo.

A few weeks ago, prosecutors with the United States government asked a judge to let them seize his pricey jewelry collection.

The rapper amassed millions in diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and Rolex watches.

The DEA claims the flashy jewels are the fruits of Ralo’s multimillion-dollar drug empire in Atlanta.

In April of 2019, Ralo was booked on a felony count of conspiracy to distribute marijuana. He has pleaded not guilty.

The Famerica founder allegedly tried to smuggle almost $2 million worth of pot on a private plane.

The bust was the culmination of a two-year investigation that kicked off in 2017.

The cops found over 520 pounds of marijuana worth $1 million in a vehicle near the Fulton County Airport.

The Feds also snagged another shipment from another private plane in April, which was hauling over 444 pounds of marijuana worth $840,000.

Shortly after his arrest, the government started seizing millions of dollars and assets Ralo had acquired.

The feds went after 20 apartment units five other properties the 23-year-old had acquired.

They also confiscated two Lamborghinis, a Corvette, two Dodge Chargers and four other vehicles.

And now the government has Ralo’s jewelry collection.

a. One Rolex President white gold watch with diamond pave setting;

b. One white gold necklace with “Famerica” diamond pendant;

c. One white gold “dog bone Ralo” diamond pendant;

d. One white gold Avianne diamond pendant;

e. One white gold “BMG” diamond pendant;

f. One white gold diamond tennis necklace with 120 diamonds;

g. One white gold diamond tennis necklace with 96 diamonds;

h. One white gold ring with 34 diamonds;

i. One pair of white gold diamond cluster earrings;

j. One white gold diamond “Allah” pendant;

k. One white gold grill with diamonds weighing 5.00 carats;

l. One white gold grill with diamonds weighing 8.00 carats;

m. One white gold three-row diamond bracelet.

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