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Written by on February 1, 2019

For comedy hype news I’m Jay will over the weekend it appears that actor Ted Cruz wanted to get a few things off his chest in regards to the lack of support he received from black men regarding his sexual assault incident if you can recall back in 2017 during the wave of me to allegations Cruz would open up about being sexually assaulted by a male Hollywood executive at a party in 2016 now many would assume that Cruz who clearly has a muscular build whatever use his strength to physically give the executive a lesson on violating him instead he would decide to take a more legal approach now DL Hughley will catch one of the story and like many men felt indifferent about Cruz’s response if they were put in that position an interview with lassie VBAC 2018 he will be going to tell the cameras God gave you muscles so you can say no you can’t touch my dick in front of my wife if I pay you that’s me that’s where I come from that shit and you’ll never do to me during his Twitter rant over the weekend crews were going to call out Hughley and others over their comments the comedic actor would even go in the ass hugely if he should slap the shit out of him now today on his show the DL Hughley show deal would go on to address Terry’s threat and the exchange on Twitter so over the weekend of course a sawfish or many of you saw the Twitter exchange between Terry Crews and myself maybe it’s a coincidence that earlier that week he had been getting a lot of heat for his defensive Gina Rodriguez and black woman and come after him on Twitter to the extent that he deleted his tweet and then apologized and then said you know I was speaking from my perspective and then 12 hours after that there is a he brings up the article of an interview I did a year ago maybe it’s a coincidence that he talked about slapping me but not the dude who violated Terry apologize for pinky speaking from his experience I do not I spoke for mine even in the Vlada interview I never said what he should have done I said what I would have done because in my experience the way I grew up if you let people violate you they kept doing it I’m not victim shaming you call it toxic masculinity I’ll call it survival that was the way I grew up that was my experience matter of fact when I was growing up you wanted to get big memory that I can’t wait to get big so people stopped bothering me when we were growing up the only reason to go to a gym or take karate a box was either to toolless to have people stop messing with you or to get somebody back that was all you wanted people off you look at Muhammad Ali you could add any athlete they went and got physically strong because they were tired of being victims and so that was the perspective I was speaking from I’m saying to you I would have done not use not you I wouldn’t let somebody I paid touch me but let alone let anybody touch me from my wife let alone somebody else pain you’re not gonna find on me and give me an invoice that’s just not gonna happen that’s not gonna happen but I find it interesting that people there who would never defend anybody it’s interesting to me now because we live in the intersection of me two and barbecue bacon like it’s interesting that the people who rush to his defense it’s interesting the things they say it’s interesting I am I find it refreshing that you can see black men as a victim because Society for a long time couldn’t for it for that movement he works well because he’s big he’s black he’s strong and they can look at him and say even him even he can be a victim look at even him that is great when it works for your narrative now that you know that black man can be a victim apply it more even now that you see that we can be victims to the next time something happens speak out just as loudly as you are now you can speak loud when somebody’s father when a black man is final but not when he’s shot as of now there’s no word if the men were able to speak about this matter in person but let’s talk about it more in the comments below whose perspective are you siding with more and for more news and comedy head over to comedy hakam and follow us across social media for comedy hype news I’m Jay will



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