Cardi B Talks Illuminati

Written by on March 6, 2019

If something happened to me just note that the government try to kill me because I’m just I’m just being real like six years six years so um six years so he turn like sixty and then my mom she got about like 15 more years into no I’ll say about nine like no no way like yeah my mom had there’s nothing to yeah she got about like you know 13 more years so I could poor my parents to the islands because I’m starting to notice something like you know what I’m saying and uh the gut if something happened to me just note that the government try to kill me because I’m just I’m just being real like like all right like when my dad turned 60 I am making him move to the Dominican Republic I don’t know where my mama gonna want to move I don’t know she’s gonna want to go to tea and tea or where her husband is Dominican so she might gonna have to move the Dominican probably won’t taste you want to move out there but I want to move my parents out of America and I want to move my parents out of America because my grandmother like let me tell you something like my grandmother for my mother’s death sigh she died when she was 75 because she used to live here in America and my grandfather for my mother side he died when he was like about 89 and then like my grandparents for my dad side they still alive and um that’s because they spend so much time in the Dominican Republic because I believe that America be trying to kill you I feel like first of all shit don’t be making no sense to me because it’s like how to lettuce and how to fruits last so long out here how how does it travel from places to places and lasts so long I don’t give a fuck if they say that the chicken and the food is organic I don’t believe it’s organic like I don’t believe nothing here is organic I feel like they trying to kill you sooner like let me tell you something I getting really bad headaches and when I take about six to seven etc ins a day I feel really I feel my stomach gets really fucked up my shit different I get really nauseous so like my grandmother was she was diabetic right and it’s like I like they used to go for 10 to 12 pills a day how is that normal how is that normal to get centers or pills a day how how is that normal like how can a doctor give you so much um drugs for one day so that’s why I feel like this country just just they be wanting to kill people so I’m gonna force my parents to move out of here like I want my parents to kill a chicken and eat at the same day I want them to be able to eat a real organic chicken that they raise I want them to use vegetables that they grew like and that’s what I’m gonna do because I don’t know what I would do without my parents like I wouldn’t like you know like like you know there’s certain things that my parents can help me I gotta call my godfather back in a few anyways it’s just so many things that I just don’t be understanding and I’m and I’m realizing it and I don’t know like I just feel like every the food out here everything out here is artificial light and I just can’t and yeah like that’s just all I’m saying I’m just trying to educate people like like look for example so many people in America they eat so healthy a lot of people out here is vegan a lot of our people out here are vegetarian a lot of people out here just only eat greens and they still die early out here like these two I died earlier if you go to the to the two island country people be a hundred and five years old 100 and some shit years old and then motherfuckers could outrun a young nigga like they can over here like the people would just just they look so scrawny they look so scrawny and I really believe is the food and I really believe is the way that um that we just just I don’t know I just I just don’t like I just been noticing shit and I’ve been telling my parents I listen yeah got into yeah 60 years old cuz I’m moving you out of here and I told him to shit all the time because I’m so paranoid I’m really paranoid I love my parents but yeah I’ll talk to you guys later bye he never acts uncomfortable and he just don’t he just don’t care and then when I asked him like when I started seeing though this fuel and I was even talking to him not cool my like yo what the fuck is going on why would you use that word he literally told me I believe even know that was a word for years that he just really saw me like I didn’t and it has a different vocabulary it has a good purple Cavalieri on the dictionary now that’s a word that you guys said is a bad word for gays I’ve never even heard that word in the first place why don’t cha educate people about it a lot of people are not aware about what’s wrong or right in the LGBT community and that’s the thing like it’s like why don’t we make it why don’t we do things so advocate instead of bashing and China label somebody that they not if you go to uh if you let me tell you something you go to a country like where my parents is from so I’m on a diet and they bring this to the table and she slides me this no skull do tonight laughs well I said stand it up an imam fucka man and we standing up oh oh we don’t form of the same we just tell my mom what I ain’t working for song no care o work I’m gonna put up a new name open it’s going I said why don’t women yes sir I said Tim can’t float that long so yeah you are okay yeah there we back here man million dollars get that one day water stop trying to shit nigga yes sir stand up man and nobody want to bring food rations we down my father a vet can fuck off at 25 yes sir yes sir who want to bed 50 rats yeah bet on the fathers nigga what’s that yeah Betty

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