BREAKING: 6ix9ine Pleads Guilty to 9 Counts of Racketeering. Will Be Sentenced Soon..

Written by on February 1, 2019

Get up check it out now it’s all over people Takashi six nine just pled guilty in federal court clearly he’s taking a plea deal with the United States government and basically he’s copping out two nine counts of racketeering conspiracy firearm charges and also narcotics trafficking okay according to them he was moving heroin fentanyl ecstasy marijuana the crazy thing is I’ve never even seen on they can take it a drink however here’s the thing because I know what you’re probably saying damn I think it took a deal early he has a trial that’s upcoming in September but to be honest what this actually means is that he may have been cooperating with the cops the the government now did he cut a deal for the chief keef shit did he cut a deal for this entire shit is this the deal what’s gonna happen what’s his sentence gonna look like is it right that he took the deal keep in mind him and other guys he was charged with he had to be isolated from them because allegedly they wanted to kill him before I’m just reporting the news okay he pled guilty and that plea is now entered into court and it’s been accepted so we will see what his sentence will be honestly he might get five years he might get ten years I don’t see him again 20 if you’re gonna take a deal at this point okay by the way recently people noticed that there was new indictment I was a superseding indictment his name was not on it clearly this news follows up that and also people are wondering if he was telling on niggas which again we still have to wait to see the official paperwork but hang on line once you see this to keep it a hundred percent once you see this he was probably cooperating somewhat to have pled guilty okay we don’t know how much to what extent what he said well you ain’t say hopefully we’ll figure that out as this whole trial goes on I’ll tell you this though guys you know this is a very difficult case for me to even report home he’s been my friend when he was free who were very cool I didn’t know all this criminal side of him and honestly a lot of stuff like I’m seeing for the first I never even sort of thing with drugs ever ever in my life right now what I do say is this because I don’t know all details even with this coming up I said this and this is my stance you know a lot of the crimes that these guys the tre wave members are charged with a lot of this shit is retaliation or aggression or like assaults over rap shit a lot of rap shit that he sparked either on social media or unnecessarily beefing I mean some things kind of came to them they may have defended themselves but in a lot of cases yo you are kind of the reason why a lot of these guys are locked up you get me because they’re shooting shit up they’re doing whatever to make sure your name is what you’re saying it is in songs and online now if that’s the case I’m not gonna lie this is not a respectable move you can’t really say it’s respectable move okay because as much as you want to talk about those guys whatever whatever if they’re doing the crimes that they got charged with just to make you look good and you take the easy route out mmm sucka shit right however there’s another side to this they decide that you could look at and say well in reality they kind of separated they took advantage of him quote-unquote and also why would you ever really stand in a line of fire for niggas who were really trying to kill you leading up to you getting locked up you don’t owe somebody who’s trying to take your life any loyalty it’s every man for themselves okay now again that’s another way to look at it some people who also looked at like you listen it was a mutual beneficial situation all I know is a very fucked up situation not only for him but for everybody else involved okay I meant a lot of these guys none of these guys I ever saw like you that’s a bad person all these guys look like they wanted to make money they all came from from backgrounds that were poverty-stricken and they were trying to do it any way they could and of course yeah they’re talking about militant shit so they got act on it and listen do I agree with the things that I heard that they did of course not but I don’t think there’s any bad people that’s involved in all of this but we’re bad things done if we’re reading the charges and shit like that clearly all right we probably can’t just account 269 at this point we can’t you know why because we have to see why did you check out like you bended you folded okay you broke okay stop fucking trailer anymore I get it but everybody else who caught charges for doing shit that was either getting at Casanova Chief Keef other people that were in the mix robbing people this end third you basically were the the main figure in terms of going at the niggas or at least talking shit and listen maybe we could even say yo they had to do that shit to keep the money flow still coming in because if he looks pussy everybody loses money regardless man if you wasn’t rapping if you wasn’t Takashi 6-9 these niggas ain’t had to be beefing with some of the people they beef with which led to charges again our judgment on his character will probably be coming in the next couple of months as we see how everybody else’s case unfolded and also when we see how he went out okay and again I’ve spoke to him in a while I just speak to him when he was locked up before but clearly he has now pled guilty don’t know when i’ma talk to him next you know it’s a very it’s it’s I don’t know it’s one of those things I don’t even know how our first conversation is gonna be afterwards because as much as I fuck with them I want to make sure he didn’t do some shit that is dishonorable and really sold everybody out we will see though and time will tell sweaty Jackie that makes I know a lot of you guys I get it you know your body’s the center listen I understand that to the max because listen I’ve been cool and very cordial with him I know a lot of Sighs of him that you guys don’t know but also I’m trying to be fair and also like to keep it real man I would feel pretty shitty if I’m backing up some dude who just sold everybody out okay so listen allow me the chance to try to figure out more I know you guys want me to just get on hands and say one way but more will be revealed as time goes on Thank You out listen man I love y’all it’s fucking check niggas okay like I think that’s only that this ain’t no war all right I used to say this fucking trailer when I’m playing for now I’m done saying that actually I’m not anyway gonna cut my crews guys light and subscribe very sad unfortunate situation many men are gonna go to jail for years tens twenties and a lot of them won’t be out till they’re old and it’s very sad we’re academic in comics Oh….

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