Bill Cosby’s First Night In Jail… No ratings yet.

Written by on September 28, 2018

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Bill Cosby has everybody talking! Some people are supportive and others are like “f##k, Bill!” I am not saying anything – if you know, you know! Bill Cosby’s first day in jail was not dope at all. He first said that the food was “gruesome,” but perhaps there is another side. I am hearing that they are already calling “The Cos” the nickname “OG” in jail. They are seemingly respectful of him, despite the title convicted rapist and sexual assaulter. You know, the Cos once dissed Black folks that didn’t wear their pants up and whatever so I don’t know that he will continue to be safe in there. It only takes one wacko.

For now, RadarOnline is reporting that the 81-year old disgraced comedian, actor, philanthropist and all-around-inspiration is being saluted. “Prisoners are excited that Cosby is there,” a source close to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections told Radar. “Even the toughest cellblocks showed respect for him.” WOW! Cosby is facing three to 10 years in jail for drugging and raping a woman. He maintains it was consensual. He is appealing the sentence, but for not it looks like he’s going to stay in the bing until the final FINAL decision is rendered.

He might be ok in the jail, but he’s not OJ. They are looking to eventually put him in Gen Pop, which is where he may meet his demise.

Hopefully the food gets better so he can make this face again.

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