50 Cent Talks 6IX9INE Ratting On Treyway In Court & Announces Sean Penn To Star In POWER Spinoff

Written by on February 4, 2019

There’s a floodgate thing where does power go from here pal pal right now i’ma do 12 million 12 me this next season I feel like I would do 12 million multi-platform viewers and I got plans for spin-offs are we and that’s the back story right right okay that’s already in the works tge actually Sean Penn Sean Penn is gonna be in there yeah fire so I got that going and then Sean Penn ever done television before so what I doing what I did was tge the golden ever it’s the things that influence can’t try to be funny when you did that no no the golden hour you know at that point where the hustling right was just right here and it’s those guys and developed who Kanan was in his behaviour he was a little guy around them so I think I think Goodfellas mm-hmm how do they tell a story from ray Liotta’s character and so it’s gonna be fire yeah there’s a bill that’s one really good projects on a day and I got a Isaac right project it’s it’s picked up on a BBC so they don’t was on the pilot with that now they’re straight okay that one dude and then in February is the second season of the whole is the number one the highest rated show on Sony crackle mmm I’m betting on it what are you thoughts on six nine right now in his situation uh you know I feel I don’t I don’t see how like six nines not from the street I I looked I liked him because like I like Soulja Boy like when he came I looked and I was like he’s 16 years old he produced the record made the dance got his homeboy and then shot it you suppose I want to see him have a hit that I got it does it like I couldn’t do that at 16 you know I thought he had something like that I was like yo he’s special you know I’m saying they did all that and then it was six nine his imaging was stronger than the music mm-hmm because the middle America people actually purchasing hip-hop music they can dye the hair blonde didn’t I to hear those colors mm-hmm he said I’m saying and then they sent him an element that dip in hip-hop allows you to be on the Safari and get close enough to the animals without being in danger and they seen him in the Safari in the middle of the whole Oh Pat can you cooking in the low homies did ya around him and I said because when I use little only because they like like my my crews baby brothers you know I was saying little they younger mm-hmm the next litter gotcha of it was around the day don’t don’t go so why he was talking that’s why was he would say something up mm-hmm anybody see something on this you know for sure they going do you know that was giving them the confidence to do that but you know looking gone I look the guys actually chose that lifestyle the conscious of it I mean whether they did deter did you ever have a combo in line you know cuz I mean I’m sure you it was interesting to you because I think about what would it would have been like if social media was around in 2003 so I’m sure you saw my eldest really my son like I’m looking like a whole blueprint so but you knew what came with that like you stop saying and and what he saw for me it was over time he was doing it in such a short window yeah that was commanding a different level of attention culturally there going gang gang gang when I get on the record with Drago I am NOT gang gang look John guy walk out the corner successful three times they start calling him Teflon done homicides and then they come with there we go and then you don’t win one Mary it’s done you know it crazy sir like that that those laws were designed for you not to escape him you know so it be a tough that turn when I saw what I saw in the paper mmm-hmm I feel like he’s gonna tell on everything that was the part that wasn’t even in indictment the stuff that they’re saying and he’s talking about it’s not an indictment so he’s offering that along with mm-hm anything else and then they added those new people to the indictment so 2019 and 2020 ken @ken this whole situation happened with six nine and then him come home and still have a successful music career because we’re in a different day and age so I’m just look I think he can make music and people can hear it but original core and bass that he tapped into won’t even even though that original core based the fans they didn’t care if he really came from that buy and everybody was entertained didn’t look at it wasn’t built for that he would say little rainbow Kate say that to you and you know gonna do nothing like he’s saying that to you like that’s what the humor like the if you had a personality character if he’s like he cook it’s interesting the wise right and then you know with really different and the different space is so confused I don’t know I don’t know what happens because but look Richard Simmons the publication promoted that he was transitioning it’ll be a transgender ok court and la ruled that there’s no defamation then them reporting is he was transitioning mhm because it’s not the negative about transition but that’s like me saying that you’re a man and then people believe in that you got your man or did you just you cut it off you cut off this is like I’m like the corset what we somewhere new gear wave terrorized.



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