50 CENT Goes For YOUNG BUCK’S THROAT Seemingly

Written by on February 1, 2019

What’s going on YouTube come back at you another video man that’s kind of crazy so if you haven’t been paying attention it seems like 50 cent and Young Buck is heating up the situation between them basically Young Buck was on live recently he was making some allegations that somebody was threatening him with defamation and he was alleging that he wrote music and wasn’t paid things along those lines he never put any names on it but 50 cent now is responding a lot of people speculated he was talking about 50 cent now 50 cent is responding he put up this picture of what looks to me like the transgender the young buck was caught with allegedly and he said you know whose side joint this is defamation lol so 50 is going in I mean he’s going for the throat um when this whole young buck allegations of being caught with a transgender popped up 50 cent seemingly was staying quiet he took a little shot you know just to address the situation because it was like the elephant in the room he kind of had to say something everybody was waiting to see what 50 cent was gonna say he made a little comment a joke or whatever I don’t remember exactly what he said but now this is just full all-out going for the throat um it crazy I don’t even know what to say this whole situation is crazy I don’t know what’s going to come out of this if anything I don’t know if young bucks gonna respond or what the deal is but 50 cent now straight all out addressing it but he’s not naming names the same way young buck wasn’t naming names this shit is crazy let me know what you guys think though um hit the like subscribe share all that I need you guys on my other channel as well if you like the content over here I’m gonna put a link up and pin it as the top comic that’s my other channel hip-hop classic daily news I need you subscribed over there let me know what you think though leave some feedback I appreciate you watching peace

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