21 Savage arrested by ICE (Immigration Agency) and they claim He’s a Illegal immigrant from the UK!

Written by on February 4, 2019

Check it out now say days so say it ain’t so don’t tell me my nigga 21 savage or 20 waited maybe I should call him 21 bloke now maybe 21 lad oh maybe there’s 21 above actually word Bennett no no no when you mean my nigga said fall out maybe he was talking about full London I don’t know Bravo ladies and gentlemen if you guys haven’t heard the news is all over the place ice okay ice arrested 21 Savage okay if you don’t know what ice is basically ice is the u.s. immigrations and Customs Enforcement and basically that agency they get all the illegal immigrants the fuck up or Nadia now that’s all time we thinking that you’re 21 Sampson from zone six and maybe he from my priming hanging like you lady UK because according to ice they arrested him today cuz he was staying in the United States with a expired visa that was expired over 10 years ago they said in fact it expired back in 2006 and they said because of that he’s been illegally staying in the country and it’s time to give him the fuck out man you tell me that also Trump going after hood niggas they’re just labeling them as illegal immigrants and that’s the way to get them the fuck out of here regardless let me cut the jokes the guys I know I rock with 21 sabes rock with 21 Savage and I spoke to his team exclusively they talk to me because they fuck with me and they said bruh let’s give you the real story and by the way there is a real story which they didn’t want me to put out there yet because they want to make sure he gets out and everything is good but I will say this cuz again he’s locked up the agency is talking to CNN say yo his whole rap persona is fake this that and the third and if you look at it it looks quite crazy because a lot of people in Atlanta know 21 status from being a stick-up kid let’s just keep it trill he was a wild nigga in the a doing his thing and basically how could that nigga be someone that was an immigrant who was here like when he came as a team especially when he grew up while he was in the six okay zone six that is now again I spoke to his team can’t say everything they told me but what I can tell y’all is this all right to be honest this is the real story behind all this shit is a very relatable story for every u.s.

Immigrant okay by the way the timing of how they’re trying to make it seem like when he came over here that’s not true okay also if you don’t know he was born in Dominica that’s a very small island in the Caribbean which is a UK like property or whatever they call if you don’t know a lot of the Caribbean islands includes Jamaica they were dominated by the UK or the British and they had slaves going up and down him and basically once each Island got emancipated got their freedom papers Great Britain aka the UK aka like fucking England they still have some type of dominion over those islands so in reality the true story isn’t about the UK the true story kind of revolves around his immigration here to United States now doesn’t mean that all the other shit his rap personas make no okay dude came there’s a little kid we’ll figure out more later I can’t say much and now but I listen to the whole story the full story that is not out they told me and I said I could identify if you don’t know I was born in Jamaica I came over here and gotten citizenship because my mom came over here earlier marriage some dude and I got citizenship it’s a very complicated situation of how people get censorship now I know you’re probably and how the fuck could he have moved around and did all this type of shit if he was an illegal immigrant also he called felonies how could he have still stayed in the states if he was an illegal immigrant we’ll find all this out I got all the answers but I respected them they say act we just want to give you the truth we wanna you know we fuck with you he fucks with you we gonna let you know ahead of time cuz there’s gonna be a lot of people we gonna expose all the Goofy’s now everybody who’s gonna be saying shit about him oh yeah we knew this wasn’t that Senators they gonna know that niggas never liked it from the get-go also there’s there gonna be nobody in Atlanta who really grew up in Atlanta that will be disputing that 21 savage is not from Atlanta or zone 6 so again this is the information I have and I wish I could give you more but out of respect for them will allow the process of them getting them free to happen I by the way it’s a real simple like it’s actually some government shit while he actually got locked up it’s a real simple answer to why he got locked up and when I get the green light to share it I will share it but I don’t want to ruin that opportunity for them and also they’re still going through they have a hearing tomorrow to kind of figure out what’s what so listen my prayers goes out to 21 Savage the whole foiled gang the jokes are gonna fly let’s keep it real and by the way I talked to them they say they’re not offended by none of the jokes the only offended me if actual people who actually have been around them or people who really think they they want some fake shit and then they’re trying to like make it seem like their whole life that they’ve been wrap it about and living it’s been fake you don’t have a problem with that but of course the UK jokes they know the internet jokes is gonna fly ok so again all my prayers goes out to 21 savage and his whole team listen the next episode of the documentary I did with him is dropping tomorrow if you want to hear the real story about his life it’s called a mile in my shoes episode 2 jobs tomorrow in this channel make sure guys subscribe if you want to get a notification about that documentary and other news coming up whether 6-9 or toriel savage and definitely turn notifications on okay make sure hit the like button comment as well alright so where these academics gonna come on switch guys like never subscribe son she did I that I would like to rap about I can’t rap about never really painted like that any cousin of police of Monday just because it’s like the pain that came behind that is like yeah I can’t even find words to describe that she like I want to make a song about my partner so bad but it’s like I can seeing your best friend I’d like why you getting shot just like a difference in just one of your homies died and it’s a difference one is like a gripe done you experiencing the shit like it’s like a bad I’m like it’s a different it’s a different experience it’s an experience that can’t be made into a song I can’t make it into a song cuz it hurt to it I used to have nightmares and shit right are you that’s why I go to sleep I go to sleep to a seven o’clock every night I go to I live my life like everybody one kid that’s I just walk around I’m always even though even now you get some don’t think like that get killed we didn’t shoot anybody to do that nothing you only got a half heart so we got to have a lot of heart to kick him to go down knowing the heat behind his dope and he got a gun just like you they took a lot of heart like it’s like a different level of craziness I know when I was a kid like I always want to be again that was a little boy like the captain I don’t have easy captain if I was just any type of captain you can think about my money since I was a young nigga like I sir my little boy like that now and then he met my best partner down I got shot



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